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12-06-2012, 23:47
Been playing this for a couple of months with no problems. Now when I load a save or start a new game I have a problem.

When I look at the First Team I can only see the "view" of the last save as when I click "view" the screen is blank with no options to alter it to "value" or "Morale" etc.

Any ideas?

I'm playing on a Galaxy S2 running 4.0.


Marc Vaughan
13-06-2012, 00:40
Sorry to hear of your issue - I've never heard of anything even approaching this before - nor am I sure how it could happen tbh ...

Could you possibly forward me your save game if at all possible (marc.vaughan@sigames.com):

Regardless of that - The issue itself is probably fixable by reinstalling the game, obviously I'd recommend you backup your save game first and then restore it after the reinstall, but frankly at present I'm at a loss as to how/why that might occur.

To reinstall the game - look on the root of your SD card, if there is a fmh_data directory then delete it (having backed up any tactics, shortlists, save games etc.) you might want to keep from there first). Then uninstall the game and redownload/install it from GooglePlay (look under the area at your 'owned' applications and just install it from there).

13-06-2012, 05:42
Thanks Mark. Had tried reinstalling but didn't know about backing up / deleting the data . All fine now I've done as you said.

Have forwarded one of the saves I backed up before reinstalling.

Cheers! J

Marc Vaughan
13-06-2012, 11:24
Thanks - much appreciated (and very happy to hear its all working now :D).