View Full Version : Updates?

05-06-2012, 09:09

Is the project still alive? Version 3.5 was announced a few months ago and still no news. I'm really looking forward a battery consumption fix, this game is definitely a battery eater and hand warmer on the S2 :)

P.s.: i have to report a small bug in translation in Italian. There's a message when the market opens that should say "The Italian teams can now buy players" but it got translated to the italian version of "The Italian teams cannot buy anymore players", the same message that appears at the CLOSING of the market. Minor, since you can still understand that it's opening and not closing, but just worth reporting.

Jamie King
06-06-2012, 11:10
Hi Kaizen,

Yes it's still very much alive, not to worry. :) It's a fairly big update and of course, a simultaneous update for both iPhone and the Android games - so it does mean it will spend quite some going through QA. Obviously we won't be releasing it until we're all happy with it.

Thanks for raising the translation issue, that is a fairly misleading string so I'll raise it. Can't guarantee whether it'll be fixed for the update or not.

Cheers. :thup: