View Full Version : How can i get my strikers to score?

28-05-2012, 01:28
in my 8th season now just took over leeds after 7 seasons at lincoln took them from confrence to championship ... leeds in div 1 now last 8 games dominated teams poss and shots etc haveing 15 to 25 shots per game and getting beat by teams who have 2 to 5 shots per game leeds is my fave team keep getting sacked and reloading does the game do this on purpose? or how can i get my strikers to score ? as in cup beat prem team 6 .1 and 4.0

28-05-2012, 10:19
No the game does not do this on purpose. Try analysing what type of chances are being created, for example, 25 shots from outside the box means nothing if the opposition is converting good chances close to the goal.