View Full Version : Clubs with suger daddy on shopping spree.

18-05-2012, 09:42
I've reached the year 2015 on a save with Liverpool and it's pretty obvious that teams with a lot of money, like Man City and Chelsea, signs a bit to many top class players.

I know that this is a iphone/ipad game and I do understand that it might be a bit tricky to get the home grown player rule or the future financial fair play rules 100% affective in the game.

But got to say to you should look at this as it ruins the game a bit.

If a club got about 36-37 top world class players in their squad and about 12 of them are offensive midfielders, would they actually go on and sign another one or would any offensive midfielder be that keen joining the club as the competition of the positions are so fierce?

Alari Naylor
22-05-2012, 16:21
Hi - we'll have a closer look at squad sizes long-term at some point, I can't say this is something I've specifically noticed though. Do you have an example of a save where a club has an excessively large and high-quality squad and is still looking to sign more top-class players? Cheers.