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16-05-2012, 21:00
hey guys when i go to training have something call rating so how do i get 5 stars on them ? my is

strength 4*
aerobic 4*
gk shot stopping 3*
gk handing 3*
tactics 2.05 *
ball control 2.05*
defending 2.05*
attacking 2.05*
shooting 2*

so how i get them to 5 ? when 1 more thing does ur training make u win games? or fomation, good players i know these sound stupid but is cause in 15 games i only lost 1 draw 2 win 12 and my tem have 16 shots up every game and my opponent max i remeber 7. one game i had like 25 shot my opponent 3 that why im asking just to know if is the training ,my team is controlling all games (thanks )

16-05-2012, 21:29
5 seconds after searching in Google I found this http://www.fmscout.com/i-1176-5-stars-training-in-Football-Manager-2011.html

Works for fm12 as well

16-05-2012, 21:36
hey what does these >270mean thanks

16-05-2012, 21:38
Sorry, I don't know how to explain it better than what the site already does...

16-05-2012, 21:43
do u have 5 stars rating?

16-05-2012, 21:57
hey you know if u go traning then on the coache name on the left side is click on ur rigth side will show the coach stars for all traning i thinks that is what it make u get 5 stars but how do u see that before u hire him do u know ?

16-05-2012, 22:10
yes thanks so much

Things Could Get Messi
16-05-2012, 22:24
I have to say thanks Mack4life. A very good method for finding staff that I didn't think of.