View Full Version : Argh! Has My Success Killed My Chance Of Managing My Favourite Club?

10-05-2012, 15:43
I'm playing a "career" game where I start at the very bottom and try to become the Manager of Norwich City and lead them to European Glory.

Now my career has progressed really well, mainly outside of England, but at no point have I been linked to the Norwich job and I've been turned down after applying four times. Those four times I was turned down they basically laughed me off even when I was managing Ajax and performing well in the Europa League at first then the Champions League and finally winning three Eresdivisie titles in row. After winning the hattrick, Norwich were relegated and the job became open but for reason I didn't end up as Manager, I think my reputation and Wage were too high for a Championship club. Dortmund offered me a job and I moved to the Bundesliga and won the title there and after a poor Champions League in a hard Group I made the Europa League final but lost, but I picked myself up and won the German Cup two days later.

After signifcantly strengthing the squad and starting the new season the Norwich job become available as Michael Laudrap left to join Ajax (which is exactly what he did 11 years earlier the first time he managed Norwich). I saved the game, I'm not getting sacked again for applying for the Norwich job :(, and applied. Norwich appointed some Chinese guy who had been first team coach and favourite for the job despite never managing anywhere and only being a coach for 4 years, the message rejecting me was some rubbish about going in a different direction. So I reload, resign from Dortmund and apply. Norwich appoint the same Chinese guy, with the same different direction rubbish. It's only then that I realise that I'm rated as a World Class manager only bettered by Mourinho and Guardiola and most clubs in the game think they I'd have no interest in managing them or be too expensive, there are only 13 managers with higher wages.

So within four years I've gone from being a no hoper who would never be offered a Premier League job to someone who would only be offered a job by a team challenging to win the Champions League and I can't get the bottom to mid-table Premier League job I want. Is there anyway to reduce my reputation and wage demands, preferably one that doesn't involve me getting sacked and going on holiday for years? Or is my only hope that Norwich improve enough to able to afford me?

10-05-2012, 15:49
I find it quite stupid that Norwich doesn't even want to negotiate with you even when you're unemployed and asking for the job.
If the reason really is that you're too reputed then I guess you'll have to start being a crap manager at top clubs :)

10-05-2012, 15:59
Guess you could try getting a team relegated or being sacked a few times

10-05-2012, 16:07
join a big club and negotiate your contract down to a really low amount. This should mean norwich can afford you and will offer you the job

10-05-2012, 16:16
join a big club and negotiate your contract down to a really low amount. This should mean norwich can afford you and will offer you the job

The game doesn't let you do that any more.

Guess you could try getting a team relegated or being sacked a few times

I could get sacked this year as I'm expected top win the league again. As for getting relegated, beyond getting relegated on purpose I have no idea how I would manage that.

10-05-2012, 16:25
I can't help you find the cause, but it can be done.

In my current save, I managed to win 3 CL in a row with Chelsea, then resigned when I saw that the Llanelli job was available, and I was appointed.

This was in FM11, but I don't think they changed something.
Perhaps you had to save/reload in a slightly earlier date than you did?
You could also add/retire a new manager, then apply again, if you felt ok with that.

10-05-2012, 16:43
Ah so it isn't completely beyond the realms of impossibility. I'm sure that Norwich have a beter reputation then Llanelli ;).

12-05-2012, 09:42
It'll be because norwich won't be able to pay the compensation to take you from your club,your best option would to be resign as Dortmund boss,apply for norwich and you should be getting the job

12-05-2012, 10:40
He said he tried resigning too.

Anyway, on my originally Truro save, on FM2011 I had won everything (including some international competitions with Brazil), and I resigned and went on holiday asking for it to apply for jobs in the meantime, I luckily got just the job I wanted - a Dundee Utd Job in scotland - they even seemed to sack someone for me to be hired. So I was going from a 9800 rep team to one a bit under 7000, so you can make steps down, at least in FM2011. I dont know if Fm2012 has some issues or something.

12-05-2012, 13:37
It can be done some one in the career forums left Real Madrid as a world class manager having won a load of trophies and then managed a French 2nd division side.

12-05-2012, 14:33
I think you have to resign and give Norwich enough chance to ponder the decision on whether to hire you or not. The game effectively has already chosen this Chinese manager.

12-05-2012, 15:01
If it helps, I left Barcelona after winning La Liga, previously having won leagues with Boca Juniors, and managed Tonbridge in the Blue Square North. I don't think having too high a reputation is a problem in the game, only if they can't afford compenation.

13-05-2012, 16:44
I think Mattyboy is right. By the time I had got the news item that the position is open the game has already decided on the Chinese nobody, most likely because a season in the Championship has depleted the bank balance and he is the cheapest option his assistant manager is on three times his wage :). I'd do it for free, but the game doesn't know that :D.

Hopefully next time the position becomes open I'll get it. Thanks everyone who said they have got "lesser" jobs when they had a high reputation.

01-06-2012, 16:17
*&#! They've done it again. The Chinese guy left to manage Swansea. I resigned and applied and they promoted their new first team coach from the Ivory Coast.

Luckily I saved the game when the Chinese guy declared an interest in the Swansea job so I'm going to test by loading that save up, resigning immediately and see if I can get the job. Then I'll go back to proper save, only need to beat Bayern (or failing that win two of eight remaining games) to win the Bundesliga for the second time with eight games remaining.

01-06-2012, 17:40
Okay after reloading six times I managed to get the job. The most stupid thing is I was offered jobs by Kiel and Walsall every time I reloaded who are virtually relegated from Bundesliga. 2 and mid table in League One, amongst the offers (also every time I reloaded) from Boca, River, Sparta, Hercules, Swansea, couple of teams with names I can't even spell with the game loaded up :D, but Norwich employed the same first team coach with no experience five out of six times :confused:.

Ah well back to complete domination of the Bundesliga and see what happens next time the job becomes available.

01-06-2012, 17:58
That's strange, I just won the treble with Real Madrid and became a world class manager. I resigned and when I applied for a job as manager of Kaizer Chiefs I was offered the job.

01-06-2012, 18:18
I can't work out why Walsall were offering me the job every time but not Norwich. They are both in the red, both over their wage budgets, so in financial terms neither can afford me even without paying compensation but the League One side want me but the Premier League side don't.

On a slightly related note, when does the game credit you with winning a league? I've won the Bundesliga but their are still seven games remaining and it I don't appear to have been credited with the win.

02-06-2012, 05:23
Maybe you hit on the Norwich Chairman's wife by accident? ;)

02-06-2012, 05:58
I Had a similer problem managing Ajax, Won 3 titles in a row, 3 pres season cups and the main cup what ever it's called, I has also got Ajax to semi in Champions league first season, The Quaters the season after and beat a host of top clubs in Europe..

I applied for the Liverpool when my reputation was national and they gave it to that guy that has now got the Wolves job in real life, he slagged me off so i slagged him off saying they made the wrong appointment. he's done ok but not won any thing.

i thought it was a rep thing so i took the England job and its now gone upto Continental, i have since been offerd jobs from Milan, Everton, Dortmund and linked with Arsenal but Pulis managed to save his job there some how..

my win percentage in 5 seasons is 67%..

02-06-2012, 06:48
I keep getting laughed at when I apply for national team jobs. It's kind of realistic, I have only been managing 3-4 seasons at Dortmund but my rep is continental and I'm pretty successful. Even the smaller nations, laugh me off and the media says "smacks of desperation". I remember it being a lot easier in previous FMs.
I ended up getting the under19 France job, which sucks but hopefully will give me more international management recognition. Good story wise though.

02-06-2012, 12:10
Not sure if this counts but I managed for years at top clubs like Valencia, Real and LFC. I won everything. Newcastle had been relegated from the prem and were struggling so I resigned from Real and got the Newcastle job without any problems.

02-06-2012, 12:46
Well the new guy at Norwich doesn't look like he is going to last very long. Since taking over he hasn't won a single game and they've only stayed up as there are three other teams that have had awful seasons. Meanwhile in Dortmund, unbeaten in the League and Cup the whole season, and preparing for the Champions League Final having beaten along the way Porto, Arsenal, A. Madrid, Barcelona, and Marseille. Board made the right choice :p.