View Full Version : screen on sony tablet s after later update

04-05-2012, 21:21
After the last update i can only start the game when i have the screen on portret mode. After that i can switch to landscape but is my screen a lot smaller then before the update. The update has added a skin for 1280*786 but a sony tablet s has a resolution of 1280*800. An i the only one with this problem or is there a solution for this?

Marc Vaughan
05-05-2012, 08:51
What happens when you attempt to launch the game in landscape mode? - the game should ALWAYS start in landscape regardless of the way you're holding the device according to the code.

Could you indicate your OS version and whether you've done anything 'clever' to your device? (ie. is it rooted and running anything unusual - often I've discovered people are fooling their systems in some manner and this confuses the game as how it should behave, this is especially the case if you're messing with screen density).

05-05-2012, 10:25
Hi Marc,

Thanks for the info that is must works. What i did was deleted all files except save gaves and installed the game again. Now the game is starting in landscape mode and full screen. So I can play the game full screen. Fantastic. Tnx for the fast support!