View Full Version : 25 year old regens - AMAZING....

Jamie Sains
14-04-2012, 20:21
I'm in season 2020 and all of a sudden I see these two guys banging in goals for England who play for Liverpool. They are 27 and 28 respectively and have ridiculous stats. Can't do any of that uploading stuff but stats are just ridiculous.

1 guys has since scored 92 in 105 in 4 seasons and he is now 28.

Are these guys both modern day Ian Wright's and became pro's at a later date?

Also, can I all of a sudden get 24 yr old regens that are amazing?


14-04-2012, 20:26
I take it you added the league using the "Add League" feature, which is as far as I know the reason for this. Something about needing numbers to fill out the squads, depending on database size, which I am assuming you have on "small". So alongside the top names like Gerrard, Suarez etc, they have to add players to make the squad big enough.

Jamie Sains
14-04-2012, 20:34

Mr Eastwood you are indeed correct.

Weird how these 2 guys in particular are like the ne best players on the game now.....

14-04-2012, 20:36
Yeah there was a thread before the patch about this, and thought it had been agreed to at least make the players more average, getting a lot of Messi-esque players, but not sure I just try to stay away from the add league feature anyway to avoid things like this.