View Full Version : FM2011 - How can I have max number of players in game? Please, help.

14-04-2012, 11:42
Sorry my english.

My computer:
2,2 GHz and 2 Gt RAM

I want to play a very long time with one team. I am not going to change team.

I want to have as much as possible players in game (because I want to find good ones around world) and I want that if my team goes to CL or other European competitions other teams are realistic (there is real players and qualified teams are realistic, not random).

How should I choose when I start game?

Firsth phase I have to "choose nations to play". What should I do? Take all?

Next phase is "final configuration". Because I want to play with one team in one country my whole career I take that one country "playable"? What I do with others? Should I choose all nations in first phase at all or choose them all and take now view only? If I take view only, calculator says, that there is less players than "playable"... why?

And finally: database... large?

Please help me. What is the best way to have a lot of players in the game?

15-04-2012, 11:08
What makes game slow? Is it number of players or is number of playable/view-only leagues?

What is the point to have many countrys "playable" if you are going to play only in one country?

Why there is recommended limit of 75 000 players?

Is it stupud idea in my case to choose only one country playble + large database + then if I use "custom" system to choose:
- players who have national reputation: all continents
- players based in nation: Europe
and then I have 214 000 players.