View Full Version : Mistakes in commentary

14-04-2012, 10:20
I've seen a couple of different lines of commentary where the same player name is displayed twice.
e.g: "Papa Bouba Diop was backing in to Papa Bouba Diop" (Diop picked up a yellow card for this - so the second name is wrong)
If you could sweep the commentary files for other instances, that'd be great!

There's also a grammatical glitch whenever the referee is mentioned. He's always referred to as "The ref" (with a capital T) which is incorrect in some places. For instance (these are paraphrased): "But The ref has blown his whistle", "Smith is given a talking to by The ref"

Alari Naylor
14-04-2012, 14:56
Hi - we're already aware of both of these issues and they're under review internally, but thanks for bringing them up!