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10-04-2012, 23:45
When trying to find a suitable feeder club today, I realised for the first time that there are a lot of academy clubs in the game who often have a lot of players retained and usually high facility ratings. They usually also have a low reputation which might hinder them in generating a world-beater each year but then again they seem to be a good opportunity when managing a lower league club.
I haven't checked all clubs (there are 109 in total) but these two might be decent choices as feeders (I play in the 3rd division):

- RB Soccer Academy (Ghana)
- Shaktar Football Academy (Ukraine)

Has anybody experience in having such a club as a feeder club? Is it worth it? Which academy clubs can you advise?

11-04-2012, 04:42
The best two true academies in the game are the national academies of France (INF Clairefontaine) and Belarus (RGUOR Minsk), there are others like the AIS. I'm pretty sure that you should never be able to affiliate with an academy side, be it a national academy or a club academy, because any affiliation would be at odds with their goals, but I have heard of people having successfully done it in-game.

11-04-2012, 20:13
Thanks for mentioning those two. I will have a look at their players ;) You are right, my board wasn't able to establish an affiliation with RB Soccer Academy. If anyone knows about Academies that one can add as a feeder club, please share!

11-04-2012, 21:16
No you cant, people were able to before the patch, but SI stopped it because as said above it goes above the ethos of the academys for that to happen, plus people who got them as feeder clubs had access to a non stop wave of amazing youth. Also i dont think the youth academies produce players in the same way, before Clairefontain and AIS would produce top players and you could get them for nothing, i took advantage i have a striker from AIS and ive had 3 ex Clairefontain players, again tho SI changed it after the patch and i think these players now go to clubs rather than appear in the academy player lists.

Johnny Drama
11-04-2012, 22:07
Yeah I have raided AIS and Clairefontaine a few times as it was a very easy and cheap way to boost the squad