View Full Version : Response options need a complete make-over..

06-03-2012, 14:38
All the response options, for all the eventualities (player wants 1st. team football, this player needs tutoring, praise player's performance, etc. etc. etc.) have hardly changed in the last 4/5 versions of the game. They are all now over-tired, boring and, if you read a lot of these threads, some are just plain inadequate to cover the topic satisfactorily. I for one am heartily sick of them. It is high time SI prepared a complete re-hash to freshen up the next version of the game.
This is not rocket science requiring many expensive hours of "computer geek" programming. Mostly it just needs a knowledgable, literate, employee who can sit down for a week or two and come up with completely different (more realistic) responses to player gripes and moans.
I for one, would really look forward to the next incarnation of the game if I knew this was included.