View Full Version : Crashes

26-02-2012, 03:34
I can only play one season. At the end of the first season when doing the end of season update the app just switches off and my phone goes back to it's normal screen. I have tried deleteing and re-installing the app but exactly the same thing happens after the first season update. Please help

16-03-2012, 13:36
I too have the same problem of game doing to phone 'desktop' when it is loading a new season. It happens when going from season one to two, when the loading bar has finished and it reads something about "club finances".

Using version 4.0.1 with 1.6 gig of free room.

Have tried multiple times including two different seasons. Also various changes on the preferences screen including turning of the autosave.

Incidentally it also dumps to Phone desktop when it's finished a manual 'save game'...although this doesn't cause a big problem as the save still works.

Anyhelp would be much appreciated!

Alari Naylor
19-03-2012, 12:34
Hi - apologies for the slow reply,

Can I just check - you both have the iPhone 3GS? And you are both running the most recent version of the game?

First thing to try here is to fully power off the device by holding down the power button on the side for a few seconds, and then swiping to power off when prompted. After this, turn the device back on, and let me know if the issue still persists.

Thanks for bringing this up and we'll look to get to the bottom of why it's happening.