View Full Version : Suspended player wants out because of lack of first team action

13-02-2012, 16:33
Just started playing as Ajax and I signed Gaston Rameriz on loan. Then a couple of players one being Siem De Jong was concered about signing this player. I told him he was first team as I intend to play Ramirez AML and De Jong ST. first league game I play De Jong and he gets sent off for violent conduct and a 3 game ban and then in training he gets injured for 4 weeks. I play the next 3 games obviously without De Jong and then he wants a request beacuse I haven't been playing him.

Surley this is a problem, you can't play a suspended or injured player. I intend on playng him, hopefully he will play well and this will correct it self.

Anyone else had this problem?

13-02-2012, 16:47
I've never experienced this myself. But during the last editions of FM I've read that others have faced this problem. So I guess SI are aware of this but don't know how to fix it...

lil ole me
14-02-2012, 07:25
Maybe it is his way as saying that he wants to leave as he feels pressured that signing other players in his positions. Or maybe he just dislkikes the the new guy, as this happens.
I loaned out one of my young star fullbacks and one of my players voiced his plessure at seeing him leave on loan as he was bringing down club morale but i didn`t see anything at all that said this. Needless to say i got rid of him.

14-02-2012, 08:32
It does seem to be a common proble but never seen it myself.

I don't think you have a choice other than to tough it out and refuse the transfer requests.

14-02-2012, 11:21
They are simply not programmed to notice that they couldn't play, both for suspension and injury reasons and if there were no matches (for instance mid-season break). The only solution I can think of is to reduce his squad status. Set it to Rotation or Backup and he shouldn't expect to play so much, but then you may have even more trouble with him since you changed his squad status. I doubt it will go away since players with this kind of problem are generally difficult to handle.

The problems will probably not go away so you should consider selling him sooner or later.

14-02-2012, 13:03
This is an old chestnut Jonny. Not just your problem but players (even youngsters and those contracted as "back-up" players) complaining about lack of first team football.
You just have to accept that someone up there thinks this is "realistic" and live with it.