View Full Version : I will not buy FM 2012 since it uses Steam.

29-01-2012, 14:58
I will also not buy any future FM titles that require it.
Looks like I'm stuck with FM2011 (where I don't need Steam since I bought the disc version, not a digital download).

I know that you're afraid of piracy and all that and that many people don't have an issue with using steam, some even think it's great. Good for them, good for you. Still, not only does steam nothing to prevent piracy, you're also losing at least me as a customer. Others probably as well. I don't want to rant, I just want to let you know.

Should your games ever be available without steam, especially as digital download (which I absolutely do prefer), I'll be happy to buy again.

29-01-2012, 15:06
Did Valve kill your family or what?

If you are capable of posting on these forums,then I'm certain that you are perfectly capable of supporting steam.

29-01-2012, 15:08
Thankyou and goodbye then. Enjoy FM11.

29-01-2012, 15:11
I used to feel like that about Steam as well to be honest until I brought FM2012 and found it to be pretty useful. In terms of piracy one of my mates tried to copy the game on to his computer from anthers but couldn't due to Steam. So stops piracy and it's pretty good to be honest.

29-01-2012, 15:21
For every person who will not buy FM because of Steam there are probably at least 10 people who only buy FM because its on Steam, myself being one of them.

It is primarily a distribution platform and FM constantly ranks in the top games sold on it. I think from a business perspective it is one of the best things SI have done, it has almost certainly raised sales and therefore revenue which they can pump back into improving the game.

29-01-2012, 15:22
thanks for letting me know

29-01-2012, 15:31
Thanks, but what makes you think we care?

29-01-2012, 15:36
I don't like Steam and wish I didn't have to use it, but there is still no need for this thread. What do you hope to achieve?

29-01-2012, 15:38
Thanks, but what makes you think we care?

Steam is one of the classic topics to throw up a heated discussion... Some people like to be involved in them as they have passionate or extreme views.

I am confident things like steam are the future of gaming, I think its the best way to buy, support (ie patches and game/file issues) and and share my gaming experience with a community.

That's my view but others may differ and they have their right to like dislike Steam. I think if set up properly it can run silently in the background and not interfere with an FM playing experience unless a fault needs fixing or a patch needs downloading.