View Full Version : errrrrrrr frustrating....

27-01-2012, 22:21
Have been a huge fan of CM/FM for years and have never really felt the need to point out any flaws in the game....Usually they dont wind me up enough to do it.

However this has really annoyed....discovered a thoroughly exciting french regen whom I thought I had in my grasps! Honestly could be one of the greatest players ive ever seen on FM, however Arsenal stroll in a make an offer and he goes there. Fine I can deal with that part....However when the lad comes out and says the move is down to wanting Arsene Wenger to develop his career I lose the plot.....Mr "I didn't see it" retires in six days surely the regen should know this and therefore shouldn't have a say over his move in reality.

Grrrr rant over!

27-01-2012, 22:53
It's a small bug. It's something that wasn't taken into consideration by SI probably because it was such an obscure and rare circumstance. You can report it in the bugs forum if you'd like so they can fix it for future editions.