View Full Version : Auto-Manage Reserve Friendlies

12-01-2012, 21:37
Is there anyone way you can auto-manage friendlies being arranged for your reserve team, as they never seem to play at the moment?

The Welsh Lad
12-01-2012, 21:43
Do you mean automatically arranging friendlies for you reserves?? If so, in your team policy section you tick Assistant Arranges Friendlies and if he sees fit he will arrange games for your reserves, seniors and youth teams.

If you mean you want to manage your reserve team friendlies, then in the team policy section under reserves untick the option that states the assistant will control friendlies.

12-01-2012, 22:05
I meant automatically arranging friendlies for you reserves, so thanks for the answer :)

The Welsh Lad
12-01-2012, 22:32
No Problem