View Full Version : The new scouting system

11-01-2012, 21:58
Right, I know that my Argentine scout has a maximum knowledge of Argentina and that if I ask him to scout Argentina, he'll just return within a few days as he already has a strong knowledge base there.

Now, all I want to do is scout Argentina for young goalkeepers of high potential. How would I do this? I don't want him wondering off to Chile or elsewhere in South America, just Argentina.

The Welsh Lad
11-01-2012, 22:04
If you go to add assignments, a window will open in the option go to nation -> Argentina. Then there should be a filter option like in the search screen go down to GK for position then add another filter option go down to potential ideal 3 starts should be enough anything higher he will come back with none because 3.5 stars is a messi

11-01-2012, 22:13
Won't he just come back after a few days though?

11-01-2012, 22:16
Yeah - he came back the next day recommending a 31-year-old...

The Welsh Lad
11-01-2012, 22:20
Well he would come back quick because he already has full knowledge.

The players he suggests are the most likely to want to come to your team. If you want to look for youth with potential, if your scout has decent JPA send him to scout the youth league during the season with the same parameters in the search.

scott MUFC
11-01-2012, 23:04
just send him to search max age 18, that usualy works