View Full Version : Team talks in 12.1.1 update.

07-01-2012, 19:17
Hi, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on how the changes in 12.1.1 have affected team talks when managing a high reputation team with a Sunday League reputation?

I have started a new game managing Liverpool with a Sunday League reputation and I just can't seem to motivate my players no matter what I say. My assistant manager's team talks seem no better than mine either? Does my reputation effect the assistant manager's talks too?

I'm happy that it's harder to motivate players but I wouldn't mind knowing if my rep affects the Assistant Manager's talks so I can work on what to say and when to say it?

07-01-2012, 19:34
having a lower starting rep will make It alot harder for players to be motivated by you, your assistant probably has a higher rep and has an easier job then you

07-01-2012, 20:51
If you've got a low reputation then players don't pay much attention to what you say, for the simple reason that they have more experience than you do.

Let's be honest, if you are a top level footballer and some 25 year old who has never managed a team before takes over you're club you're not really going to care what he says are you.

Yeah I understand and I'm quite happy for that to be the case. What I don't understand is if my reputation affects the team talks of the Assistant Manager? I never get my assistant to take team talks but if my rep is so poor it might be worth getting him to do the talks but I don't want to deligate if it isn't going to make any difference.