View Full Version : Managing directors, directors of football etc - what do they actually do?

30-12-2011, 19:03
what do these guys actually do within the game?

do they have any influence over a club or team at all???

in football currently, we see Leonardo having a massive influence over PSG in france with the signings and now hiring Carlo Ancelotti as manager.

What do they do in the game?

30-12-2011, 19:10
Nothing as far as i can see

31-12-2011, 03:21
In real life thay do a lot; in FM nothing. They are purely cosmetic. Only the chairman's attributes are used in the game when it comes to board members. Maybe this is one for the future.

31-12-2011, 07:27
For the Vancouver Whitecaps this year, our Director of Football Operations doubled as our head manager and coach for the interim after our initial one was fired. So they can definitely hold jobs that are even relevant in current FM.

31-12-2011, 20:25
Isn't it that in an internal takeover, one of the directors might take over as chairman? So they might have a small impact in that their personality will dictate how the club is run (i.e. patience and interference).

01-01-2012, 01:19
I guess your transfer budget is based on their hidden attributes. Am I right?