View Full Version : Match sound

29-12-2011, 00:51
Apologies if repeating earlier thread, where is the , match sound? Big part of it is the noise, cheering booing etc but nothing on the iPad?

Is it just me or can this be turned on?

If not, anyone else miss it?

Alari Naylor
29-12-2011, 02:32
We don't currently have sounds in the game, it has been something that's been requested but not sure if it's something that's likely to go in any time soon to be honest.

I'm going to have to close this as it's not a bug and doesn't really belong in the bugs forum.

Marc Vaughan
29-12-2011, 02:47
Match sounds aren't presently in the game - when it was first designed download size was a very big factor in its viability meaning that it wasn't sensible to include, it might be however that these days people are less resistant to large downloads so I'll consider looking at adding it for a future version at some point (do bear in mind it'd be quite a big change so not something which will happen until a later iteration).