View Full Version : I'm not sure what sort of challenge I want from FM12 anymore...

28-12-2011, 00:01
As I'm getting older, I'm finding harder to find what sort of challenge I really want from this game.

I always seem to buy the game on release day, but then once the January Transfer Window opens in real life, I find myself wanting to start a new save with updated squads, then I think I'll do a Man United save (my supported team) but that never lasts long as its too easy, but since FM12 via Steam, once an update is available, I have to re-install the game to update (apple mac).

So, my main question is, if I start a save now, and end up in the Hall of Fame on my game, if I have to re-install the game come any January update, will I lose my Hall of Fame status, even if I back up my save file? Also when is the January update patch usually out?

I'm reluctant to start a game until any Transfer Patch is released, but that could be 6-8 weeks.

28-12-2011, 00:54
One thing you could try which I love doing is taking over a team in a tiny nation and turning that team into a world class side, and making the national team one of the best, using only your own youth players.

It avoids any problems to do with the transfer market, is a great challenge, and gives you a long term save that you can play over 30/40/50 seasons.