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25-12-2011, 00:03
how do i offload players on loan, i offer to club with 0 wage and 0 fee. and the following happens

A) no club wants my player - when in certain leagues would be a regular, and reputation would suggest they would say yes
B) the only offers i get are one, from a club who says he will be a back up, and ends up playing 3 games as a sub
C) i get an offer, valuble member of the sqaud, ends up rejecting, for some strange reason

i cant get no1 off on loan

best example, i send young joe mason on loan league 2, scored for fun, no1 wanted him on loan

then MK.Dons mid table league offered, he rejected with no intention

25-12-2011, 02:42
Same problem with me. I put players up for loan and no one is interested, but they do ask for reserves on loan that I didn't make available. Then a reserve let's me know he needs first team experience. I promise to let him go on loan. No fee, I'll pay all the wages, no recall clause. He'd be an outstanding player for any team below my league. No interest whatsoever.

25-12-2011, 19:53
Loans have been broken for many years in FM.