View Full Version : [FMHi 2012] A few bugs

21-12-2011, 07:20
1. Sometimes the commentary might say that a player fouled himself. For example, "Player X pushes Player X." and the referee will give a free kick to the opponent team.

2. Durin pitch view, when a player is fouled within the opponent's penalty box, a penalty isn't always given. Instead, a freekick is taken at the edge of the box.

3. Sometimes, players with the ball would make illogical passes to the opponent. One example is when my forward had the ball and went one-on-one with the keeper, and instead of shooting, he back passed the ball from within the box to outside of it to the opposing defender. There are no teamates nearby, so it is hardly likely to have been a mis-aimed back pass, and even if there were any teammates it would have been much wiser to shoot than to give up an excellent goal opportunity and pass back. Also, the commentary says that the defender "made a good last ditch tackle" when he clearly didn't tackle at all, rather just recieved the pass.

4. Custom formations that aren't saved will not be loaded when you load the game after exiting. Your last preset formation will be used instead.

Peter Phillips
21-12-2011, 09:43
The intended functionality is that your tactics will reset if you have not saved a custom tactic before exiting the game. We may consider changing this at some point in the future however.

With regards to the issues surrounding the match engine and commentary we are aware of these issues and it is something that is being worked on.