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18-12-2011, 20:10
Is there other teams in the game with transfer restrictions, like Athletic Bilbao?

Sangju Sangmu Phoenix in South Korea is another.

18-12-2011, 21:09
Portsmouth come to mind.. (Not sure if its still there though)

18-12-2011, 21:26
Queen's Park in Scotland dont let you ever become professional, so that is a restriction.

What restrictions are there on the Korean team? edit - sorry I *forgot* about search engines

18-12-2011, 21:31
What restrictions are there on the Korean team?

From Sangju Sangmu Phoenix's wiki;

"Sangmu's playing staff is made up of young Korean professional footballers serving their compulsory two year military duty. Fifteen players join up at the start of every season and spend two years with the side before returning to their previous professional club. Sangmu are not allowed to sign any foreign players because of their military status."