View Full Version : Playable J Leagues

30-11-2011, 20:12
it is possible to play as a Japanese team in the game? cant find the league to add

30-11-2011, 20:14
It's not in for licensing reasons. You should have a look in the editors hideaway to see if anyone has created it though.

30-11-2011, 20:15
so all of the J league is not in? i also heard somewhere about lack of real players for Japanese and Germany national sides...

30-11-2011, 20:19
There's no J-League for reasons given above.

Similarly, the German and Japanese national teams use fake players, again for licensing reasons. This can be gotten around, but we can't speak of it here.

Jack Rudd
30-11-2011, 20:54
Widehawk's done a fantastic J-League database. I think that his download also contains playable J-league files.