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08-08-2008, 00:19
Yea. Oversimplified is an understatement. On that rule, Every fan of football would not know anything about any player ever, because they've never scouted them :)

08-08-2008, 08:43
Yea. Oversimplified is an understatement. On that rule, Every fan of football would not know anything about any player ever, because they've never scouted them :)

exactly. the rule isn't realistic tbh in my opinion. if for one, for example, read World Soccer magazine, so i'm sure plenty of managers would do too. it's a big world out there.....

and on top of that, there is something called the 'Internet'.... anyway, going off topic now. :D

good signings there by the way Dava, high hopes for you now this season.

dave safc
08-08-2008, 11:54
Legend FC - Update


Peterborugh 1 - 3 Legend FC - League Cup 2nd Round
Yeovil 1 - 0 Legend FC
Legend FC 3 - 3 Luton - JPT 1st Round (3-4 P)
Legend FC 4 - 2 Doncaster
Legend FC 1 - 1 Barnsley
Bristol Rovers 3 - 0 Legend FC
Legend FC 2 - 0 Grimsby - League Cup 3rd Round

A bit of a hit and miss month. 2 defeats in the league, one a heavy one. Although nice to progress in the league cup.


Oldham 1 - 0 Legend FC
Legend FC 0 - 1 Lincoln
Legend FC 3 - 0 Dorchester
Legend FC 2 - 0 Wycombe
Stockport 2 - 1 Legend FC
Northampton 2 - 1 Legend FC

Not a great month, with 4 defeats. To be fair, we didn't really deserve to lose any of the games that we lost. But, I can't blame bad luck and we need to turn it around quickly.

We currently sit 16th in the league. We have drawn Everton of the Premiership in the 4th Round of the League Cup.

dave safc
08-08-2008, 12:32
Legend FC - Update


Legend FC 1 - 1 Everton (3 - 1 P) - League Cup 4th Round
Legend FC 4 - 0 Accrington Stanley (who are they?)
Exeter 0 - 2 Legend FC
Legend FC 2 - 0 Stevenage - FA Cup 1st Round
Bristol City 0 - 3 Legend FC
Legend FC 4 - 3 Crystal Palace

Great month, knocking Everton out of the League Cup 4th Round, setting up a home tie with Plymouth in the quaters. Along with that, 5 games won in a row. Giacomelli is on fire with 8 goals in his last 3 games.

The table looks like this - http://img411.imageshack.us/my.php?image=table1ld7.jpg

08-08-2008, 12:49
pains me to say it, but a good month there dave_safc. Great win over Everton by the way.

08-08-2008, 13:45
Fair enough on the rule changes, although I am almost positive european players were signed in past seasons?

Bermy, I did re-sign Galloway on loan for the entire season. In the friendlies he has been excellent.

Fairly confident of a good season, will probable get some games in and up-date tomorrow if the weather is as poor as predicted.

dave safc
08-08-2008, 14:59
Legend FC - Update


Millwall 0 - 0 Legend FC - FA Cup 2nd round
Legend FC 1 - 3 Plymouth - League Cup Quarter Final
Luton 3 - 3 Legend FC
Legend FC 2 - 0 Millwall - FA Cup 2nd round replay
Legend FC 2 - 0 Chester
Legend FC 3 - 0 Billericay
Wolves 1 - 2 Legend FC
Legend FC 2 - 0 Rotherham

Excellent month bar the league cup exit. 4 wins out of 5 in the league and progress to the next round of the FA Cup to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge :thup:


I decided that no new signings were needed in the transfer window.

Legend FC 3 - 0 Southampton
Dag & Red 3 - 4 Legend FC
Chelsea 4 - 1 Legend FC - FA Cup 3rd Round
Legend FC 2 - 0 Millwall
Barnsley 0 - 2 Legend FC
Legend FC 0 - 0 Grimsby
Legend FC 0 - 0 Yeovil
Doncaster 2 - 2 Legend FC

Another good month for Legend FC, as we notched up an 8 game winning streak and are currently on a 16 game unbeaten run :D

The Chelsea scoreline is misleading as we matched them for possession and shots on goal, but maybe their class told in the end.

Top scorers -

Christian Giacomelli - 25
Peter Sifter - 14
Asparuh Nyagolov - 10

Table - http://img392.imageshack.us/my.php?image=table2tp3.jpg

08-08-2008, 15:03
Great stuff, any chance of a league title?

08-08-2008, 15:09
KUTGW!! Looks like I might have a Championship team to manage when I get my chance!

dave safc
08-08-2008, 15:20
I would love to win the league title, although I would more than happily accept 2nd place :D

We've probably got the strongest team in the league on paper, if we hadn't have had such an inconsistent start we'd easily be top now. It was probably my fault messing about with formations near the beginning, however I stuck with one that worked in the past at this level for me and we haven't lost in the league since :thup: .

08-08-2008, 15:23
don't like the look of that league table... in need of some sort of collapse i think... ;) :D

Frazza Pee
08-08-2008, 15:29
I predict the Softies will lose all the rest of the games in the league, get relegated and Roberts get sacked. Just a hope but it could happen ;)

09-08-2008, 10:39
Minor up-date, on the deadline day of the transfer window Birmingham City made an offer of £1m + 50% sell on for No.1 Cook.

Board felt it too good to turn down and he was gone within two clicks. I personally think it was good business.

P: 10 W5 D4 L1 in the league and was recently KO by Sunderland AFC in the 3rd round League Cup.

Really struggling for goals, getting chances a plenty. I have noticed I have conceeded tons of deflected free-kicks and corners so far, so I will have a play with my player instructions.

09-08-2008, 10:42
By the way im 5th, 4 points off top and a game in hand.

09-08-2008, 10:53
On a positive note Petrov, the Bulgarian striker, has just scored his first goal in 11 hours of competitive football. Great signing...

09-08-2008, 11:23
Decent start Dava, looks like we're well placed. I'm wondering if you now actually have too many options up front...

I also found we lost a lot of goals at corners. No idea what to do about it, but partly put it down to the lack of uality headers of the ball in defence.

09-08-2008, 11:24
Just beat Watford 11-2 at home, come the next game everybody superb confidence and I destroy Lincol away 19 shots but no goals, they have a chance score and I lose 1-0..... I don't get this game sometimes..

dave safc
09-08-2008, 13:02
Legend FC - Update


Legend FC 1 - 1 Bristol Rovers
Legend FC 4 - 1 Oldham
Lincoln 2 - 1 Legend FC
Crystal Palace 2 - 1 Legend FC
Legend FC 2 - 2 Stockport
Dorchester 1 - 3 Legend FC

A dodgy month, one in which we looked like conceding in every game. Which we did. 8 points from 6 games has allowed teams below us to catch up, just to make the promotion race a bit more exciting...


Wycombe 1 - 1 Legend FC
Legend FC 5 - 0 Northampton
Accrington 1 - 3 Legend FC
Billericay 0 - 1 Legend FC
Legend FC 4 - 2 Bristol City

A very good month, with 4 wins and a draw. Teams placed 3rd and 4th have hit some bad form as well, so that has enabled us to build up a bit of a lead.

6 games to go and the table looks like This (http://img112.imageshack.us/my.php?image=table3rp3.jpg)

As you can see, we're in a very strong position :thup:

In other news, unfortunately Peter Sifter (http://img370.imageshack.us/my.php?image=siftergonedo0.jpg) has played his final game for us. He wouldn't sign a new contract, so I accepted a bid and managed to get it to go through at the end of the season rather than straight away. However he's picked up a serious injury ruling him out of the run-in.

We'll also have to play the final 6 games without the awesome Christian Giacomelli (http://img55.imageshack.us/my.php?image=giacomelliinjureduj6.jpg) as he's picked up an injury, ruling him out for 2 months. Can Jermaine Blackburn roll back the years and fire us to the title??

On another note, Marco Rinaldi (http://img368.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rinaldiassistswv3.jpg) has broken the record for most assists in a season. :D

09-08-2008, 13:05
Looking good :thup:

How much did you get for Sifter?

dave safc
09-08-2008, 13:13
I got 600k and some clauses (can't remember what they were :D ) for Sifter, which wasn't too bad as I got to have him for the rest of the season and still get some money for him.

09-08-2008, 13:31
I got 600k and some clauses (can't remember what they were :D ) for Sifter, which wasn't too bad as I got to have him for the rest of the season and still get some money for him.

That's a pretty good deal then.

It still baffles me when clubs pay good money for a player they could get for free, it's not as if they are getting him any earlier.

dave safc
09-08-2008, 13:55
Legend FC - Update

Game 41

Legend FC 2 - 0 Exeter

A good solid win, 3 more valuable points as the season draws to a close. Both 2nd and 3rd place lost.

Game 42

Millwall 2 - 2 Legend FC

We were lucky to draw to be honest. They outplayed us, although every point is vital at this stage. 2nd place drew and 3rd place won.

Game 43

Legend FC 0 - 0 Luton

"Luton will take this!" sums it up perfectly. Both 2nd and 3rd place lost, with Rotherham (3rd) getting hammered 7-0!

With just 3 games to go, the table looks like this....

Table (http://img205.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3togojm0.jpg)

09-08-2008, 14:09
You surely can't mess it up from here

09-08-2008, 14:37
Well done dave. Looks more than promising. Just hoping Dava can follow in your footsteps now...

dave safc
09-08-2008, 15:05
Legend FC - Update

Game 44

The big one, a win here and we would be playing Championship football next season..

Chester 0 - 1 Legend FC

Jermaine Blackburn, poignantly, slotted in the winner as he has done so many times over the years for Fisher to take us to not only promotion, but the also the league title! Champions! :D

Champions (http://img529.imageshack.us/my.php?image=championsyv9.jpg)

The next two games are irrelevant but I still want committed performances.

Game 45

Legend FC 2 - 2 Wolves

Surrended a 2 goal lead to a side in 23rd position in the league, which isn't good enough.

Game 46

Rotherham 1 - 0 Legend FC

A lacklustre performance, shame to go out on a loss. But all in all, an irrelevant game!

Final League Table - Final League Table (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=championsfinaloq0.jpg)

This was my first choice team - First 11 (http://img369.imageshack.us/my.php?image=first11oa2.jpg)

Also, Danny Roberts has just signed a new 4 year contract :thup:

Tips for the next manager;

Absolute Keeps


These 3 are the core of the team and all are rated as good signings for the championship or better.

There are some other very good players at the club, but I'll trust your judgement on them ;) .

Any other screenies you might want to see, give me a shout...

I enjoyed that season, put me to the back of the list please :D

09-08-2008, 15:13
Congratulations :thup:

Interesting to see Minca not doing too well, he was solid for the previous two seasons.

09-08-2008, 15:15
Well done although it just makes my season look even more terrible now.

dave safc
09-08-2008, 15:27
Congratulations :thup:

Interesting to see Minca not doing too well, he was solid for the previous two seasons.


I think Minca is way too slow to play in my system, so he was second choice DM. He was pressed into action quite a bit with injuries and suspensions. He's only rated as a decent signing for league 2, so I think he's finished. Along with Driver, Williams, possibly even Blackburn. 3 of the main players of previous seasons. Changing of the guard is well in effect.

09-08-2008, 15:29
I'd forgotten how old he was, I think he was in his early thirties when I bought him.

Hopefully promotion to the Championship should expand the club's scouting knowledge across Europe, I love raiding Eastern Europe for talent.

09-08-2008, 15:30
It hurts me to say it, but that was a damn good season dave, well done and I hope Dava can get us into the Championship like you did with The Softies :thup:

dave safc
09-08-2008, 16:43

There's the game, good luck to the next manager. You've got a Championship side to manage, with a decent amount of money in the bank. The squad is very thin at the minute, which is partly my fault, so you'll probably be very busy looking for players ;)

And yeah, put me at the back of the queue :thup:

09-08-2008, 17:58
Well done Dave.

Mini up-date

P25 W12 LD7 L6 - Position 5th

We lie 8 points off top and 2 points from 2nd.

So far the team has been very inconsistent, thumping teams one week and being unable to score the next week. Probable put this down to 4 or 5 new first teamers in the squad. Had a patchy spell where the oposition converted near enough every opportunity and my 10-15 on target was getting nothing. I am very unimpressed with the goalkeepers 6.6 average rating (Dixon, I sold Cook) and again the strikforce has been very underwhelming. Petrov and Manechella both went 10 hours plus with no goals.

Miles (Bermy's wonderkid) appears to be the business he has 18 in 30 games and I have had £2mil plus offers during the window.

All in all I think the team is more than capable of pushing on for the second half of the season, with play-offs being my minimum expectations.

Just got into the final of the JPT and still in the FA cup 3rd round.

09-08-2008, 20:14
congrats dave safc - top performance. Monkeys need to fight back quickly.

09-08-2008, 20:20
Come on Dava!

Damn you dave.

Also, very unlucky bermy, gutted.
Some good signings though.

09-08-2008, 20:26
Well done Dave. Quality performance. :(

10-08-2008, 00:15
History so far and order of play

At last, one of our famous sides has made it to the Championship. davesafc was the man who lucked out (;)) and got them there. Grudging congratulations coming your way.

If anyone else would like to take part, let me know. Newcomers are welcome.

Northern Monkeys - Paul Wallace

2007/8. bermybhoy - BS North - 7th
2008/9. aaberdeenn - BS South - 1st, promoted!
2009/10. NepentheZ - BS Prem - 21st, relegated!
2010/11. Gundo/rlipscombe - BS South - 17th
2011/12. bermybhoy - BS South - 2nd, promoted via play-offs!
2012/13. NepentheZ - BS Prem - 14th
2013/14. PaulHartman71 - BS Prem - 7th
2014/15. aaberdeenn - BS Prem - 13th
2015/16. NepentheZ - BS Prem - 13th
2016/17. Dava - BS Prem - 1st, promoted!
2017/18. PaulHartman71 - League 2 - 19th
2018/19. aaberdeenn - League 2 - 18th
2019/20. Frazza Pee - League 2 - 2nd, promoted!
2020/21. Rlipscombe - League 1 - 10th
2021/22. bermybhoy - League 1 - 6th, play off final runners-up
2022/23. Dava - League 1 - mid season
17. NepentheZ
18. GazTheDoood
19. PaulHartman71
20. Frazza Pee

BSS Champions: 2008/9 - aaberdeenn
Promoted via play-offs from BSS: 2011/12 - bermybhoy
BSP Champions: 2016/17 - Dava
FA Trophy 2016/17 - Dava
Setanta Shield 2016/17 - Dava
Promoted from League 2 2019/20 - Frazza Pee

Southern Softies - Danny Roberts

2007/8. Robert_296 - BS South - 1st, promoted!
2008/9. dafuge - BS Prem - 5th, play off semi-final!
2009/10. elf_30 - BS Prem - 17th
2010/11. Spc1485 - BS Prem - 11th
2011/12. Robert_296 - BS Prem - 17th
2012/13. PoopyPants - BS Prem - 15th
2013/14. dafuge - BS Prem - 5th, promoted!
2014/15. Spc1485 - League 2 - 11th
2015/16. Robert_296 - League 2 - 22nd
2016/17. dave safc - League 2 - 6th, play-off semis
2017/18. MikelLUFC - League 2 - 4th, promoted via play-offs!
2018/19. Ridleys - League 1 - 6th, play off final runners-up
2019/20. dafuge - League 1 - 5th, play off final runners-up
2020/21. Robert_296 - League 1 - 14th
2021/22. dave safc - League 1 - Champions, promoted!
2022/23. MikelLUFC - Championship - season starting soon
17. Ridleys
18. OrientMartin
19. dafuge
20. dave safc

BSS Champions: 2007/8 - Robert_296
FA Trophy: 2008/9 - dafuge
Promoted via play-offs from BSP: 2013/14 - dafuge
Promoted via play-offs from League 2: 2017/18 - MikelLUFC
Johnstone's Paint Trophy: 2018/19 - Ridleys
League 1 title 2022/23 - dave safc

10-08-2008, 00:21
Mikel LUFC gets to be the first Championship player for either side, lucky guy :D

Frazza Pee
10-08-2008, 09:04
Come on Dava you can do it, get us promoted.

10-08-2008, 12:34
I'm going on holiday 2mo so if dave safc finishes while I'm away the person behind me can then go infront (if they want of course)

I just spotted this. This was on the 5th so imagine he'll be gone a bit longer. Is Ridleys around and does he want to take over instead? Will give him a couple of days and if not then it's our new man OrientMartin....

10-08-2008, 12:50
He's away till Thursday I think

10-08-2008, 12:53
He's away till Thursday I think

Hmmm. Should we wait for one of them or hand over to OrientMartin? If he's not away as well of course.

10-08-2008, 12:57
I'd wait to see if OrientMartin posts in here before Ridleys and MikelLUFC get back as that will not only mean that he can play but it will also tell us that he is still interested

10-08-2008, 15:00
I'm still interested but I can't start until tomorrow afternoon guys, sorry if that's a problem.

11-08-2008, 11:52
Looking forward to my go, as i'm free for the next three weeks, I should be through it quite quickly.
KIU Dava, and good luck Nep.

11-08-2008, 16:35
I'm still interested but I can't start until tomorrow afternoon guys, sorry if that's a problem.

That's fine, I think you can go right ahead.

11-08-2008, 16:55
OK, I'm just going to download it now and make a start on it now, I should be finished fairly quickly since I'm off school and have a whole day to commit to FM.

11-08-2008, 17:01
If that day is today, then actually you only have 6 hours

11-08-2008, 17:04
A whole day, every day.

12-08-2008, 15:19
Legend FC

June – July

On 31st May 2022, Danny Roberts underwent his annual transformation. Controlling his every move for the next season would be me, and what a challenge it would be.

When taking over the body of Danny I set out assessing the squad, there was a good core of players who were well capable of achieving safety in the Championship but the squad was worryingly lacking on decent backup players and had a lot of deadwood.

The next thing I set about doing was clearing out the deadwood, 4 players I deemed surplus to requirements were released when their contract s expired: Simon Holgate, Sergiu Minca, Jon Williams, and James Hooper. Also 3 players had already agreed contracts with other clubs when I arrived: Peter Sifter went to Wigan for 625k, Paul Marshall to Dag & Red for 6k, and David Peel to Inverness for free. After this there was only one more departure, in the shape of Russell Hodgeson moving to Motherwell for free. I’d wanted to keep him but his wage demands were astronomical and I refused to meet them. His departure was a blow but I was confident I could replace him with quality.

Before the transfer window opened I had already agreed in principle 4 transfers plus another the previous incumbent had arrange. So on the 1st July as the transfer window opened 5 players clambered through. Firstly young forward Vlad Neagu arrived on a free from Dynamo Bucharest, then a double capture from Plymouth of goalkeeper Andrew Watson and versatile attacking player Ricky Harris. Right winger and striker Tony Hales arrived on a free from Charlton and Dan Laws was captured for a bargain 30k from Brighton to shore up the right side of the defence. Three days later I dipped into the transfer market again to pick up versatile left sided player and former England international (2 caps) Michael Wilson, and young striker Moses Keeble who were both available on free transfers after being released from Coventry and Arsenal respectively. I was to make 2 more transfers before the end of July with on the 6th Nicolo Destro arriving on a free to bolster both wings, and the final transfer of July was one that excited me the most. Nineteen year old centre half and right back Lukas Covarik was one of a few players uncovered by my scout in eastern Europe and the promising young defender was snapped up for 230k from Sparta Prauge.

The pre-season matches my assistant arranged were generally against quite low quality teams from lower down the leagues.

11.7.2022 Legends 3-0 Atherton Collis
16.7.2022 Hitchin 1- 3 Legends
21.7.2022 Finn Harps 0 - 2 Legends
24.7.2022 Silgo Rovers 4 - 0 Legends
29.7.2022 Garforth 0 – 4 Legends

With one friendly left going into August, I’m generally quite happy about how things have gone; we’ve made some good signings got rid of some deadwood and impressed for most of pre-season (one aberration against Silgo Rovers aside). I may make one or 2 more signings in August but the squad is relatively strong and there’s not much else to do to it.

Vlad Neagu http://i34.tinypic.com/xcunf7.jpg
Andrew Watson http://i38.tinypic.com/2i7w9yt.jpg
Ricky Harris http://i35.tinypic.com/20ferdc.jpg
Tony Hales http://i37.tinypic.com/1zbcwol.jpg
Dan Laws http://i35.tinypic.com/2rpteud.jpg
Michael Wilson http://i37.tinypic.com/ddlyz7.jpg
Moses Keeble http://i36.tinypic.com/jgmmhl.jpg
Nicolo Destro http://i37.tinypic.com/10xass2.jpg
Lukas Covaric http://i36.tinypic.com/xkni2a.jpg

Note: First league game is at home against Leyton Orient, who would have thought it!
Note: If screenshots of outgoing players are asked for I will oblige

dave safc
12-08-2008, 15:33
Got some decent signings in there mate. I had the same problem with Hodgson, he wanted £10k a week or something! He's replaceable. The only real loss was Sifter, he was class but wouldn't sign a contract :(

Neagu looks ok, I brought him in because he was free and had pace and strength, as well as finishing.

Good luck for the season buddy :thup:

12-08-2008, 15:37
Thanks, I'll hopefully have another update posted later tonight.

Also Neagu looks good and will hopefully be a capable back up to Giacomelli.

12-08-2008, 15:55
Any news Dava?

12-08-2008, 16:02
Shame to see Williams released, he'd been at the club since the BSP. He was getting on a bit though.

Great news that the club can scout abroad now, I imagine there will be a fair few Eastern Europeans joining the club soon, especially when it is my turn.

12-08-2008, 16:44
Any news Dava?

Beat me too it. How's it going now, Dava?

12-08-2008, 17:03
Beat me too it. How's it going now, Dava?

By a mile. ;)

12-08-2008, 18:32
Looking to get alot done tonight, starting up now. The beer was calling all weekend.

12-08-2008, 18:43
Good news, first game back Miles has ended his 10 hour + goal drought.... thats the third first team striker to accomplish this, so far.

12-08-2008, 20:25
Good News (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn222/davafish/JPT.jpg) - Although the board expected it..

12-08-2008, 20:46
Good News (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn222/davafish/JPT.jpg) - Although the board expected it..


Brilliant stuff. Who scored? That's our first trophy outside of non-league...

You're hogging the Monkey's honours list now. Promotion / title to add to it now? Where do we stand?

12-08-2008, 20:50
I'll post a shot from the game.

Up date

Hanging on to sixth place for dear life and suddenly it all clicks.

Last five games all won in a row, all of a sudden I am 3rd place (with a game in hand) and only 3 points off second.

Four games to go and I'll post the result of each and an up-date of the position.

12-08-2008, 20:51
Dava easily the Northern Monkeys dafuge :D

12-08-2008, 21:01
Away at Oxford...

First half, John Miles hits the bar twice... 0-0 HT



FT 1-1 first draw in god knows how long. I outshot them 3-1 (19 - 6) buggar...

12-08-2008, 21:01
Sounds good. Got to love the end of season tension

12-08-2008, 21:03
Post media, Monkey's punished by controversial goal, same old same old..

This game really makes me sound like a bitter twisted fellow (which I'm not)

12-08-2008, 21:05
Away at Charlton up now

Win this i'm second on goal difference (it's the game in hand)

12-08-2008, 21:13
Away at Charlton

First half - storming ten minutes tons of chances missed





HT 1-1





12-08-2008, 21:17
Two more wins! Get in there.

12-08-2008, 21:18
The girlfriend has just told me to calm down, woman do not have a clue.

12-08-2008, 21:21
Blackpool at home, won't change a winning team.



This ones in the bag, will post the FT when finished

12-08-2008, 21:28
FT 5-1 really easy game.

Just realised my last game is away at Hull, the league run away winners who were crowned champions 7 games ago..

Grays (3rd place) have also won all the remaining games and we are tied on points but the Monkey's are ahead on goal difference.

Will be tense, don't fancy my chances at Hull.

12-08-2008, 21:31
FT 5-1 really easy game.

Just realised my last game is away at Hull, the league run away winners who were crowned champions 7 games ago..

Grays (3rd place) have also won all the remaining games and we are tied on points but the Monkey's are ahead on goal difference.

Will be tense, don't fancy my chances at Hull.

Have faith, play it tight and hit them on the break. They've nothing to play for anyway.

12-08-2008, 21:32
Away at hull

37 seconds in dixon makes a howler (tried to skin the striker) and hull take the lead

12-08-2008, 21:33
10' minutes in and Hull score a second


forget keeping it tight!

12-08-2008, 21:34

Halft Time team talk 'I want a win at any cost' All or nothing I feel

12-08-2008, 21:36

12-08-2008, 21:36

We are only bloody winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-08-2008, 21:38

12-08-2008, 21:41
FT 3-3 Man so close, but so far


MONKEY'S ARE PROMOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Love it

12-08-2008, 21:44
FT 3-3 Man so close, but so far


MONKEY'S ARE PROMOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Love it

Woohoo!! Congratulations!

12-08-2008, 21:46
Ill be managing at least in the Championship (presuming nobody is relegated) :D

12-08-2008, 21:47
Ill be managing at least in the Championship (presuming nobody is relegated) :D

Nep has previous ;)

12-08-2008, 21:49
We have a good group of players, I was just flicking through Hull's team, who ran away with it, and I'd prefer our team.

I haven't signed anyone for next season because I have just flied through the second half the season tonight.

I will try and up load tonight as I won't have time to until late tomorrow night.

12-08-2008, 21:56
Bermy, Miles is capped at U19's mate, really good signing.

Frazza Pee
12-08-2008, 22:12
YES!!!!!! Softies get promoted then we get promoted. Love it.

12-08-2008, 22:15
Planned extension of 2019 for the stadium announced. Seems an odd number but take what your given I suppose. Will take 8 months!!!!!!!!!

We are being relocated to the Bescott Stadium, any ideas which club the stadium belongs to and how big the stadium is?

12-08-2008, 22:17
an extension is an extension, not heard of the Bescott Stadium though

12-08-2008, 22:31
The Bescott Stadium is Walsall's ground, holds around 10000 I think.

12-08-2008, 22:44
That reminds me, the softies have also expanded their stadium to 17658 and improvements to the training and youth faclilities look likely soon.

12-08-2008, 22:47
End of Season - hand over

I have pretty much abused this forum tonight, so it explains how I did although not very well.

The team is pretty much OK I wouldnt be in a hurry to get rid of any first team squad members, although if the price is right..

Stand out players

Filip - might want to tie him to a longer deal, but is good in the 'hole' and not bad on the wing (bit slow)
Miles - Great prospect stats are steadily increasing and has a good eye for goal
Petrov - is unhappy and wants to leave and only has 1 year left on his deal, might want to cash in?
These are the guys with easy names to remember, the other good preformers are heavily wnated and deeply unhappy. (Sorry mate)

Goalkeepers, not great Dixon is flattered by his stats, you should invest in a good GK.
The defense is fairly solid, few good players and I really liked my centre half/mid centre combo of Thomas and Smith. Probable need some strengthing though.
The midfield is fairly strong, if not lacking depth. I would definitely look to replace Perry on the left wing ASAP he is not good enough for the step up.
Strikers - Only two 'good uns' mentioned above, the rest (and theres a few in reserves) can do one, in my opinion anyway.

I'd say avoiding relegation will be a good result, make it so.

THE SAVE FILE (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MTSQTBNQ)

12-08-2008, 22:57
Onto NepentheZ....3/4 times he's taken over just after a promotion...we're not making it easy for him.

Sounds like we're better off at the Bescott than our own ground. At least this is the start of some increases. Still plenty of money in the bank?

12-08-2008, 22:58
That reminds me, the softies have also expanded their stadium to 17658 and improvements to the training and youth faclilities look likely soon.

I could swear someone said it was almost at 25,000 before? Bizarre....

13-08-2008, 00:48
Excellent work Dava. I'm downloading it now. Will have a look about tonight, then crack on with the game tomorrow.:thup:

13-08-2008, 00:55
First Impressions of my team : Not bad. I think I can definitely work with this squad and not getting relegated should be easy.

I'm stunned that we STILL cant scout outside of the UK. In my own Save, by time I was at the Champs I could scout most of Europe.

13-08-2008, 01:26
Ten Ton FC - End of June Update.

The transfer offers for the Ten Ton FC players were coming in think and fast.
Roger Seynhaeve was the first person to have an offer made under my management, and I felt it was one that couldn't be refused. £1,000,000 + 50% of next fee for a guy that I genuinely didn't see in my first team plans, and I don't think can cut it in the Championship.
Mikhail Melnikov was next, with a £100,000 offer made for him. This was rejected pretty swiftly, with Paul Wallace seeing Melnikov as a key figure in the heart of Ten Tons defense.

Derek Burns left the club on the 1st July, after accepting a contract from Oxford, after his contract at Ten Ton FC was left to run dry.

Saturday 24th June, and West Brom come knocking on Wallace's door, offering him a contract. After spending many, many seconds deliberating the offer, he duly rejected, due to his lifelong ties with Ten Ton FC.

Dean Thomas was one of many Ten Ton players to reject new contract offers, but the odd player did accept a 1 or 2 year extension. Hopefully the promotion will help some players change their mind before its too late.

There wasn't much time to do anything else in the month of June. I took a few players on trial, but none were too amazing. Theres a few players in sight for me to sign, but I think the lack of funds could prevent any real investment in players, and looking for loans would be better.

June Transfers

Players In - NONE
Players Out - Seynhaeve (£1,000,000 + 50%) / Derek Burns (Free Transfer)

[BOLDED TEXT is the info in basic, for people who don't have time to read the whole update, or just cant be bothered. I will continue with this format throughout my tenure at Ten Ton.]

13-08-2008, 08:35
Good start Nep.

I think there should be over 6 million quid in the bank after that sale.

All the best with the season buddy.

13-08-2008, 09:10
Which Real London players are these Nep? ;)

13-08-2008, 09:16
Which Real London players are these Nep? ;)

Force of habit there :D

13-08-2008, 09:34
first off, great season Dava!! congratulations. great result and good to see us still neck and neck with those 'softies'... good news on expansion - desperately needed. hopefully we can get a good crowd in at the Bescot too in the meantime.

good luck Nep - survival is the key next season. if we can achieve that then i think the only way is up from here. i reckon the hard part has possible been done to an extent now.

13-08-2008, 09:41
Well done Dava, congratulations mate.
And what a way to do it as well.
A stadium expansion is good news, definitely.

Good luck Nep mate, survival would be a great achievement, I'd love to have my first stint in the championship, it's my favourite league to manage in.

dave safc
13-08-2008, 11:40
I could swear someone said it was almost at 25,000 before? Bizarre....

That was me. The way I read it was that our capacity was around 19,000 and we were getting an expansion of 5779 seats, taking it to just under 25,000. Don't know what has happened there??

13-08-2008, 12:46
Which Real London players are these Nep? ;)

Force of habit there :D

I stopped myself writing Real London about 10 times too. Missed one :(

13-08-2008, 13:48
Legends FC


Two more signings were made in August, firstly left back Jan Zeman from Milda Boleslav for 200k, he’s young and an excellent player to provide competition for McDermott over the next few years. Also joining was Gary Lynch for 400k from West Brown. He’s a left footed centre half and left back who would balance out the defence.

Legends 3-0 Leyton Orient

Goals from Giacomilli and Pallesen either side of an Essien own goal sealed a comfortable opening day victory which Orient practically handed us on a plate.

Legends 1 – 1 Stoke City
We were pegged back early on but McDermott managed a second half equaliser from a penalty in a match that Stoke dominated and we were lucky to get a point from

Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 Legends

Wednesday took an early lead and scored again within 15 minutes to set the tone for a first half they dominated. Straight after half time they scored again and despite dominating the second half the we only pulled one back with Hale’s first for the club.

Legends 3-0 Barnet – League Cup 1st Round

We powered to victory over a lacklustre Barnet side with two headed goals from corners by Nyagolov and Moses Keeble’s first Legends goal.

Leicester 0-1 Legends
Back to the league and we got a narrow win away at Leicester with Giacomelli getting his first goal since the opening day which would signal an upturn in his form

Southend 2-2 Legends

We took a first half lead with goals from McDermott (penalty) and another excellent finish by Giacomelli and looked to be cruising to victory before two quick second half goals from the struggling shrimpers came out of nowhere to grab a draw.

Legends 0-2 Portsmouth – League Cup 2nd Round

Two quick second half goals either side of the 70th minute mark knocked us out of the cup in a match where we matched our premiership opponents in everything but finishing.

Reading 2-0 Legends

We suffered our second successive victory with goals scored in the 6th and 61st minutes in a match where we never really got started

Legends 4-0 Hull City

We got back to form with a thrashing of Hull with goals from Destro (his first for the club,) Pallesen, and two from Giacomelli

Legends 3-3 Dagenham and Redbridge

We continued our good form in this match, storming into a three goal lead with two goals from Nyagalov and one from Giacomelli before the Daggers pinned us back with three goals out of nowhere in 13 second half minutes.

Plymouth 2-2 Legends

In this reversal of fortunes league leaders Plymouth took a commanding lead before two goals in 7 minutes late on from Wilson and Giacomelli sealed a morale boosting draw.

Overall it has been an excellent start to the season, in a top half placing we look well placed for an assault on the play-offs and even a sensational promotion to the premiership. Before I get carried away I’ll point out that our defence has been shaky at times but Giacomelli’s form has covered up those cracks and Nyagalov has weighed in with some important goals from corners.


League Table – http://i36.tinypic.com/10icdmt.jpg
Gary Lynch – http://i36.tinypic.com/21bnekx.jpg
Jan Zeman – http://i33.tinypic.com/34h8f7l.jpg

13-08-2008, 13:53
Looks like a great start, I think even a mid table finish would be an excellent achievement.

dave safc
13-08-2008, 13:57
I would echo the sentiments of Dafuge :thup:

What formation are you playing?

13-08-2008, 14:06
good to see Sheffield Wednesday beat you!! :D

13-08-2008, 15:35
Dafuge: Playing a 4-1-3-2 with a few run arrows, I'll post a screenie with the next update.

13-08-2008, 15:51
Ten Ton FC - July Update

Wallace' first, and possibly only transfer target of the summer is 17 year old Striker Billy Palmer. Palmer is valued at £875,000 - but Wallace is under the impression that he may have to spend his entire budget on the 17 year old. Palmer has a lot of potential, and is a very fast forward with a great career ahead of him.

The same day that Wallace allows 2 of his players to depart, the Ten Ton board offer him a new contract. The contract will be a 2 year deal on £2,100 per week, which was immediately accepted by Wallace. The board was "delighted" with the decision, and was sure it would please the players and fans. Wallace was caught by the media leaving the meeting and had these words to say....

"I'm overjoyed at the new contract. It guarantees me 2 more seasons at the club I've spent my career with as a manager, and I couldn't bare the thought of leaving here"

In the monthly board report, despite the positives of the new contract for Wallace, the board don't seem overly keen on the performance. The "satisfactory" job Wallace is doing is clearly enough to keep them happy, but the fear of a bad run of results could result in a little bit of a sterner report next month. The club lost £179,000 in the month of June, which doesn't seem to bother the board too much.

In the transfer market, Stoke City seem hell bent on destroying Ten Ton, offering for no less than 3 of their players on the same day. Lukas, Lefevre and Miles were all bid for, with all three bids being rejected. Lukas got many more offers over the weeks too, with all bids being rejected, despite the Full Backs demands to leave.

Just a few days into the month, and Ten Ton get a surprise financial reprieve, receiving £100,000 + £75,000 over 24 months for a 50% sell on fee in Stephen Harris' contract when he was sold to Stockport. The Striker's new club is SPL outfit Inverness CT.

Wallace' first, and possibly only signing this season was complete on Friday 7th July, with young Billy Palmer signed for £1,300,000. Some say this is risky from the manager spending his whole budget on a player with no experience, but the young striker has proved deadly for stokes reserve team last season, even scoring against Ten Ton Reserves in a 2-2 draw and Damson Park.

Stoke City have further thrown up some trouble at Ten Ton FC - Offering £1,200,000 for Bulgarian Striker Nik Petrov. Although the manager wanted to keep the striker, the board have greedily accepted the offer on Wallace' behalf, dealing Ten Ton a massive blow to the upcoming season.

However. The wily manager that Wallace is, he managed to reverse the fortunes, and keep petrov at the club. For now. When the bid was accepted from the chairman, Wallace offered Petrov's services out to clubs for NO FEE. Many clubs offered for petrov, and when the deal was ready to be confirmed, Wallace canceled the deal, and Petrov was going no where.

Ten Tons Pre-season got underway in the month of July too, with the following results.

Ten Ton 2 - 0 Motherwell
Petrov (30,58)
Att. 4683

Cambridge 2 - 1 Ten Ton
Constantine(53) Petrov (21)
Varney (61)
Att. 1615

Galway Utd 2 - 1 Ten Ton
Joe McMahon (9) rlipscombe (33)
Patterson (22)
Att. 1026

With the Championship start coming ever closer, the Bookies (Sky Bet) have drawn up some rough odds on who they believe will be the eventual winner.

Reading seem clear favorites to take the 1st pace spot, at 6-4 - but Bristol City, Leeds and Rotheram aren't far behind. Amazingly, Ten Ton FC are rated at 40-1 shots, giving them a somewhat fortuitous chance of Play Off Spots. This came as a surprise to the Manager and fans alike.

Frazza Pee
13-08-2008, 15:55
Wow, what an update. Just finished reading it.

13-08-2008, 15:58
Great update Nep.
Looking forward to seeing Palmer.

Also, well played on keeping Petrov, nice bit of business there.

40-1, not bad.

13-08-2008, 16:07
great update Nep. well done on keeping Petrov. let's hope Palmer is as good as you reckon! sure he will be...

13-08-2008, 16:26
Good update, glad you got Stoke back for trying to nick our players by signing Palmer. Any chance of seeing the new wonderkid's profile and how Jim Miles has developed to compare them both? We could be sorted up front for years...

There's a whole stack of 50% sell on clauses just waiting to come to us btw...hopefully more of the same, particularly from the guys who left for big money.

Bolding rocks.

13-08-2008, 16:41
It really does.

13-08-2008, 16:58
Btw, Nep, what tactic are you going for?

13-08-2008, 17:00
Great Update, Nep

13-08-2008, 17:30
Btw, Nep, what tactic are you going for?

I've got my own 4-4-2 Tactic with AML / AMR. IT focuses highly on the wings, with the right striker being more dominant.

Good update, glad you got Stoke back for trying to nick our players by signing Palmer. Any chance of seeing the new wonderkid's profile and how Jim Miles has developed to compare them both? We could be sorted up front for years...

There's a whole stack of 50% sell on clauses just waiting to come to us btw...hopefully more of the same, particularly from the guys who left for big money.

Bolding rocks.

I'll get screenies etc up throughout the night.

13-08-2008, 17:32
Great update Nep

All the best for the new season buddy.

13-08-2008, 18:03
I've got my own 4-4-2 Tactic with AML / AMR. IT focuses highly on the wings, with the right striker being more dominant.

Sounds good mate.
Similar to the one you used at Knockbreda at all, IIRC?

13-08-2008, 19:10
Sounds good mate.
Similar to the one you used at Knockbreda at all, IIRC?

Yea, pretty much :)

13-08-2008, 19:36
Yea, pretty much :)

Sounds good to me.
Reckon you'll get a 200 goal season out of Billy Palmer? ;)

14-08-2008, 00:12
I very much doubt that :)

Seynhaeve quits Ten Ton (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/SeynhaeveGone.jpg)

Billy Palmer - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/BillyPalmerP.jpg)
Billy Palmer - Report (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/BillyPalmerR.jpg)

Jim Miles - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/JimMiles.jpg)

14-08-2008, 00:49
Palmer is one for the future - don't imagine youd play him too much this season? Miles looks absolute class. He was a brilliant signing, if I do say so myself :)

14-08-2008, 00:54
just wondering Nep, hows Edwin Knight been doing since he left Ten Ton, seems like a lifetime ago I signed him as 20 year old free transfer

14-08-2008, 01:06
Palmer is one for the future - don't imagine youd play him too much this season? Miles looks absolute class. He was a brilliant signing, if I do say so myself :)

I will play him some games. I'm a firm believer of youth. :)

Edwin Knight - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/EKP.jpg)
Edwin Knight - History (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/EKH.jpg)

14-08-2008, 01:12
cheers Nep, he's certainly changed since I signed him as a 20 year old :D

14-08-2008, 01:40
August Update

To begin, we'll start with the board confidence. With not a lot going on in July, the thoughts of the board hasn't really changed much. The club made a tidy profit of £229,000 in the month. The assistant manager also came to Wallace regarding players contracts. Wallace was shocked to find that 26 players were in the final 12 months of their deals. A lot of new contracts will be offered over the next 6 - 8 months to try and get a few of these players tied down onto longer term deals.

The squad wrote a collective letter to Mr. Wallace enquiring the win bonuses for League and Cup. Wallace, being the generous man that he is is offering £1,300,000 for the league performance and £450,000 for the cup performances. With a realistic shot of mid-table, this fee in the league should be no more than six to seven hundred thousand pounds.

The first round of the League Cup was drawn, with Ten Ton looking to get an easy passage through, and thats exactly what the draw has seemingly given them. They will play at home against League 2 outfit Notts County.

As the transfer market continues to barrow on without Ten Ton, they still seem to be reaping the benefits of past sales, receiving another £40,000 from the sale of Michael Bently, who joined Ipswich Town after spending 2 seasons at Preston, but only making 11 appearances for the club throughout his spell.

There was no change to the captaincy this season with Scott Smith still far and above the best captain, and Dean Thomas his vice captain.

Community Shield Result

Newcastle 0 - 3 Liverpool

August Pre Season Friendlies.

Ten Ton 1 - 2 Birmingham
Chris Clarke (60) John Paton (15)
M. Sheppard (90)
Att. 5214

So alas, the first game of the season is upon us. Ten Ton begin in front of their home fans against Southampton, who finished 11th in the Championship last season. Southampton go into the game as slight favorites, but on the opening day of the season, anything is possible. Although a new season, Palmer is the only man to potentially make his debut in a Ten Ton shirt, and the chemistry already established between the team could prove vital in Ten Tons fight for survival.

Game 1 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 1 - 2 Southampton
Palmer (90) Jankowski (54, 66)
Att. 11258 (Rec. Attendance)

In an even game, Southampton were some what fortuitous to come away with the 3 points after a hard fought out battle between the clubs. Palmer was bought on at half time, and had a massive impact on the game, and scoring on he Debut in the dying seconds. Petrov was very unlucky to have not scored too. The striker had 6 attempts at goal, but with only 2 of them hitting the target he made it a lot easier for the Southampton Goal Keeper.

In other opening day news, Swindon are leading the way, thumping a sorry Reading side 7-1. Plymouth were the other big hitters of the day, knocking 5 past colchester in a 5-2 home win.

Despite the loss to Southampton, the fans are still clearly delighted to see Ten Ton in the Championships, as the club has sold out of all 2296 available tickets for the second season running now.

In some shock transfer news, Ten Ton manager Wallace has taken on trial a 19 year old American winger, Paul Watson. Paul has already been capped once by the US of A, and even managed to score in the game. Unsure as to weather or not Watson will become a permanent signing at Ten Ton, Wallace will give him 1 week to prove his talents. Rated highly by the scouts, the young man could have a bright future. This will come as relief to Ten Ton fans, who currently feel the club is struggling to hold on to its top players.

League Cup - First Round

Ten Ton 3 - 1 Notts Co
Petrov (21) Curle (68)
Clarke (23, 62)
Palmer Inj (18)
Att. 7588

A nice win against a poor Notts County. Wallace was brave in giving palmer his first start, but Palmer was injured just 18 minutes into his full debut. Clarke, who came on to replace him scored 2 goals. Fortunately, Palmer is only sidelined for 1-2 weeks, with a bruised thigh.

Although not the biggest crowd to grace Ten Ton, the 7588 fans still payed good money to see the victory, setting a new record of £170,000 gates, demolishing the previous record of £75,000.

The league cup 2nd round draw was made shortly after this win, and Ten Ton were given a very tough tie, away to Prem outfit Blackburn. The next league game however saw them take on a Cardiff side, who were slightly favored in the bookies eyes.

Game 2 - Championship

Ten Ton 2 - 1 Cardiff
Clarke (7, 35) Lock (86)
Att. 11271 (Att. Record)

So, the first 3 points on the board for Ten Ton, in a very convincing win over Cardiff, despite the final result. Clarke continued his fantastic form hitting another brace.

Paul Watson eventually done enough to convince manager Paul Wallace that he was worthy of a full time contract. Although Watson was signed, he was reportedly told by wallace that he would have to work hard to develop his technical side, as it is some what lacking for the division he is in.

International Update

Pavel Lukas - Solid for Czech Republic.
Mikhail Melnikov - Solid for Estonia.

As the transfer window draws to a close, Ten Ton get some further financial benefits from the 50% sell on clause, when as Danny Cook moves from Birmingham to Leicester, earning Ten ton a massive £450,000. With 6 days left until the window closes, Wallace actually has almost another Million pounds to spend after all the windfalls from the sell on fees. Unfortunately, there are currently no targets for the manager, so perhaps the January window will be a better option for the manager to look to spend the money.

Game 3 - Championship

Slight fave's Sheffield Utd will entertain Ten Ton today, as Wallace looks to build on his previous result, and start excelling the club up the table.

Sheff Utd 4 - 3 Ten Ton
Peel (2, 50) Petrov (8)
Reynolds (Pen, 41) Pedro (11)
Smelt (80) Menechella (66)
Att. 27706

An absolute goal fest. Unlucky to be on the losing side after turning an early deficit into a half time 2-2 draw. New boy Paul Watson got on the park a little after half time, only to be carried off on the final whistle, after being the second man injured by the Sheff Utd hard knock players. Jim Miles was the other injured player. Palmer got his 2nd start in a Ten Ton shirt, but got a heavy knock early on and had little fitness up until half time when he was taken off.

League Cup - 2nd Round.

Blackburn 5 - 2 Ten Ton
Halonen (7, 16) Clarke (66, 76)
Grayson (33, 45)
Arnison (41)
Att. 13533

At half time, I was worried we could be seeing a cricket score. 5-0 at the break, and more goals were on the cards. However, my half time team talk inspired my players, who completely outplayed Blackburn in the second half, rewarded with Clarke scoring his third brace of the season.

August Financial Balance - £5,527,235

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Aug/League.jpg) - A healthy start, sitting mid table, even with just the 1 win.
Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Aug/TS.jpg) - Clarke destroying the team with goals. Prolific, hitting 6 in 5 games. Perry is playing well on the left, with 4 assists, but Lefevre is yet to make any impact at all.

Paul Watson - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Aug/PaulWatson.jpg)
Paul Watson - Report (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Aug/WatsonR.jpg)

wow. didn't realize it was that long. :D

14-08-2008, 01:49
Great report. That's more than some people write in the entire season :thup:

14-08-2008, 08:31
Brilliant report Nep, season going pretty good so far :thup:

14-08-2008, 09:54
great report Nep. sounds like things are going pretty well. disappointed you could be Sheffield United though... ;)

14-08-2008, 12:04
Great reports Nep.

What do you make of the team I left you? almost all the players had teams interested from a higher level. Do you think they are good enough? or a bit of work to be done in January?

14-08-2008, 12:44
They're pretty good. After comparing them to the team I had in my Daf's Challenge, I honestly thought I'd struggle in the division. But after looking at the rest of the league, they all seem to be of a similar quality, and consolidating shouldn't be a problem.

There is a lot of interest from bigger clubs for the players, and some of them are shocking. Herve Lefevre, for example. He is currently first choice AMR (Although will be challenged by Watson) - but I don't rate him at all. Yet still, there are 13 clubs interested in him, and he has 2 U-21 french caps. That just amazes me that a player who wouldn't even get in my Daf's Challenge League 1 squad, is being touted by Premiership clubs.! On the same note, I find it odd that the Ass man rates so many layers at 7* and 6* - I would assume most, if not all of them to be around the 4* mark, with the odd player 5*, and perhaps Miles 6*. Its all very odd :)

Anyway, should hopefully get a few more months and updates done today.

14-08-2008, 13:08
with regards to the Ass Man's ratings, it might be that our Ass Man isn't that good at judging players. maybe it's time we found a new Ass for the team...??

14-08-2008, 13:48
Ass Man is arguably better than the scouts in the JPA JPP departments. He has 15/16 in those categories respectively, and seems an overall decent member of the staffing team. I certainly wouldn't condone gettng rid of him.

14-08-2008, 14:03
fair enough then. was just speculating as to why they were maybe a little high. obviously not that....

14-08-2008, 14:45
Fantastic updates Nep, nice to see an early win on the board.

Palmer looks inspired, as does Miles.
Looks great with all the money in the bank as well.

Decent start mate, well, better than decent for our first season in the division.

14-08-2008, 15:47
Yeah, I thought it really strange so many players were being bid for by 'big' clubs.

I noticed the Ass man seemed to rate the squad highly, although I would rate it in the same terms as you. I thought it might have have been the new regens have simple not being very good on this save?

Although some of the very top valued players are immense...

15-08-2008, 01:08
September Update.

To begin...

To Wallace' delight, the player of the month reports came in, and found that Carlos Pedro had been named Player of the Month. The young center back scored 1 goal in his 5 games, with an average rating of 7.40. In goal of the month, Pedro also found himself on the sheet, coming in 3rd place with a "fantastic freekick" - from the edge of the area. Another Ten Ton player found them self in with a shout of Goal of the Month, but unfortunately, Chris Clarkes Curling Shot only managed to get him Runner Up spot to Ashley Simpson of Leeds. (Not Ashley Simpson, of Jessica Simpson & Co.)

Cardiff were glutton for punishment last month, with the Goal of the Season, and the Runner Up Goal of the Season both being scored against them.

Game 4 - Championship

Reading 1 - 2 Ten Ton
Grishin (61) Palmer (37, 41)
Att. 23225A fantastic win, in a game wholly dominated by reading. Palmer scored 2 goals from 2 shots in the first half, and reading would have been kicking themselves as to how they weren't in the lead. A strong second half performance from Ten Ton keeper Dixon kept Ten Ton in front, and won them the 3 points after making a string of fantastic saves. Every win at this stage of the season is vital for Ten Ton so they don't get dragged into a relegation battle, and this was no different. Reading were favored heavy at the start of the game, but Ten Ton come away as victors.

After losing the game to Ten Ton, the Reading manager Chris Sykes was sensationally sacked. Paul Wallace has been linked to the job, but firmly denied interest, which delighted his board.

Player Contracts -

Chris Clarke - New 5 year deal.
Mark Menechella - New 5 year deal.
Mark Perry - New 3 year deal.
Courtney Hindmarch - New 4 year deal.
Kevin Scaife - New 5 year deal.
rlipscombe - New 3 year deal.

International Round Up

Pavel Lukas (Czech Rep) - Played Well.
Mikhail Melnikov (Estonia) - Solid Performance.

Game 5 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 1 - 2 Derby Count
Palmer (54) Gibbs (45)
Bell (88)
Att. 11260A late goal won this for Derby, in an even game. Palmer scored his 4th league goal in as many games, and continued to defy beliefs that he's too young to perform at this level. Yet again, Lefevre failed to impress, and I'm starting to think him not staying with the club isn't such a bad thing after all.


Manager Paul Wallace has become fed up with Herve Lefevre's attitude at the club, and has decided to cash in on him while he still has the chance. Lefevre, with 10 months to run on his contract was offered out to all clubs for a fee of £1,600,000. Cardiff were the biggest bidders, with £120,000 upfront, 50% of next sale and £1,200,000 over 24 months, which was graciously accepted. Swindon also had a bid of £1,200,000 upfront accepted by manager Paul Wallace.

Lefevre decided to join Cardiff, after little deliberation, and will sign for them on 1st Jan 2024.

Game 6 - Championship

West Brom 2 - 1 Ten Ton FC
Faraoni (25, 30) Petrov (45)
Att. 17659Yet another close defeat. If Ten Ton are to think seriously about staying up, they need to turn these close games in their favor. Everything in this game was evenly matched, but the more potent strikers fro West Brom is what won the game. Ten Ton still sit mid-low table, safe from the bottom 4 spots, but points must be accrued faster to be secure coming toward the end of the season.

Game 7 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 0 Sheff Weds
Petrov (8,18,39)
Att. 11274 (Record Attendance) A fantastic performance. Completely dominated the game, and Petrov finally showed that he's the number 1 striker. A brilliant hattrick, and it really could have been more. Sheff Wed's were restricted to just 1 shot on target.

Game 8 - Championship

Coventry 4 - 2 Ten Ton FC
Haslam (15,66) Petrov (61,81)
Yuming (30,Pen80)
At. 28405 A woeful performance from Ten Ton FC. Despite two goals from Petrov, they never really had a chance.

Game 9 - Championship

Bristol City 0 - 1 Ten Ton FC
Menechella (65)
Att. 26751Wow. What a performance. Completely outplayed by Bristol City, who were sat 3rd in the table. Bristol finished the game with 21 shots, even thought the only hit the target 4 times. They did manage to hit the woodwork about 4 times too. Ten Ton on the other hand, had 5 shots, 2 on target, scored one and had one disallowed for offside. This was a vital win for Ten Ton, who were beginning to slip down the table, but should keep them mid table for the end of the month.

End of month summary :

September Financial Balance : £5,169,296

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Sept/League.jpg) - A very healthy 15th, although it could have been very different if it wasn't for the 2 victories in the last 3 games. Petrov started to show his worth to the team, free scoring towards the end of the month. Amazing how tight this league table is. I'm only 6 points ahead of safety, but only 2 points away from a play-off position.!

Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Sept/TeamSheet.jpg)- The team is starting to finally come together, after taking a while to adapt to my new tactic. Pedro is proving to be a demon centerback, scoring a goal and setting up 6 - with his deadly free kicks.

Palmer - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Sept/BPP.jpg) - Its always nice when your new young striker comes in and fits straight into the team. 4 goals in his 6 starts, which I think is a great return from the young lad.

15-08-2008, 01:10
Sorry its taking me a while to get through this. I've been exceptionally busy at work recently, but hope to get through quite a bit over the weekend.

15-08-2008, 02:19
No worries. Going well so far. Anything like the same position at the end of the season is a great achievement.

15-08-2008, 02:46
Don't worry about it Nep.

Form looks solid enough, keep it up mate.

15-08-2008, 08:50
don't worry about it Nep - your updates more than make up for it. you did the right thing selling Lefevre. No one is bigger than Ten Ton FC (except Paul Wallace ;) )

keep it up.

15-08-2008, 10:55
Legends FC

October – December

Legends 1-4 Blackburn
We went down to an early goal and despite matching our opponents for the rest of the match; we conceded 3 in the last 10 minutes and only managed one in reply.

Crewe 3-2 Legends
Nicolo Destro scored twice in the first half of this match as the Legends took the lead twice before being pegged back and Crewe winning it late on.

West Ham 2-1 Legends
We suffered our third successive defeat after going two goals behind in the first half and despite Wilson’s goal just before half time we couldn’t get a result.

Legends 2-1 Watford
Goals from Giacomelli and Iacob gave the Legends a deserved lead before Watford pulled one back with a rebound from a penalty.

Brighton 4-1 Legends
Wilson’s 41st minute goal was little consolation in a match that Brighton dominated and could have won by more.

Legends 1-2 Bradford
Bradford took an early lead in an uneventful match until the 90th minute when they increased their lead before Iacob scored a consolation with a diving header from a corner

Man City 3-1 Legends
An early Christian Giacomelli equaliser was the only thing the Legends could take from this crushing defeat where Man City scored in the 1st, 31st, and 81st minutes to condemn us to our 3rd successive defeat

Legends 2-0 Ipswich
A first half own goal by Andy Creany was the only thing to brighten up a dull first half, the defender put through his own net in the 39th minute. We sealed the win with Giacomelli’s second goal in two games in the 54th minute.

Swansea 3-0 Legends
We went down to a disappointing defeat in this match with a 26th minute goal and two in the dying seconds of the match., despite the scoreline we dominated most of the match and really should have done better.

Legends 3-0 Cardiff
In a match we dominated from start to finish, Nyagalov scored early on before an own goal just after the break made the lead more comfortable before Giacomelli sealed the win late on

Crystal Palace 2-0 Legends
Two Dean Thomas goals, one in each half, sealed the win in drag match where neither side managed to create anything.

Burnley 3-1 Legends
Early on in this match Giacomelli scored to take the lead for the Legends, but within 10 minutes Burnley were ahead and in control of the match, they scored one more in the second half and we never threatened to get back into the match.

Stoke 0-1 Legends
Christian Giacomelli’s late goal just nicked a slender victory for the Legends to end a run of two straight defeats

Legends 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday
We snatched our second straight victory with a disputed penalty from Steven McDermott in the 52nd minute.

Overall it’s been an up and down few months with there being more downs than ups, the defence has been leaky and the attack hasn’t fired all the time either. These three months have been all or nothing, in 14 games we’ve won 5 and lost 9 with no draws at all. I have to say some of this has been my fault; I’ve been a bit tactically naïve and have not been able to change a match tactically or with my substitutions. Although these 3 months haven’t been great we’re still comfortably clear from the relegation zone.

League Table- 13th

(I'll post the screenshot later, tinypic's not working for me at the moment)

15-08-2008, 11:00
13th is a decent position to be in at Christmas in our first year in the Championship, looks like you are picking up the odd win here and there which should keep us away from the relegation zone.

15-08-2008, 14:29
Mini Update

After clubs sniffing around him at the start of the transfer window, I offered Frank Pallesen a new contract on £8,750 a week to 2026 and he accepted.

At one point I had offers of over 3 million from Chelsea and Plymouth, but I rejected them both given the clubs excellent financial position.

dave safc
15-08-2008, 16:23
Good stuff OrientMartin :thup:

Good move tying Pallesen down, he's quality and only going to get better. :D

15-08-2008, 17:24
Mini Update

After I've rejected 20+ offers from 4 or 5 different clubs, some as high as £4million, the chairman steps in and accepts an up to £2.4milion offer from Plymouth for Pallesen.

I'm really ****ed off!!!

I'm going to try and offer him another new contract and just hope I can keep him.

15-08-2008, 17:31
Mini Update

After I've rejected 20+ offers from 4 or 5 different clubs, some as high as £4million, the chairman steps in and accepts an up to £2.4milion offer from Plymouth for Pallesen.

I'm really ****ed off!!!

I'm going to try and offer him another new contract and just hope I can keep him.

Try this....

However. The wily manager that Wallace is, he managed to reverse the fortunes, and keep petrov at the club. For now. When the bid was accepted from the chairman, Wallace offered Petrov's services out to clubs for NO FEE. Many clubs offered for petrov, and when the deal was ready to be confirmed, Wallace canceled the deal, and Petrov was going no where.

15-08-2008, 17:43
Aha, I'll have a go.

15-08-2008, 17:55
Nice one Nep :thup:

15-08-2008, 18:01
Is that not cheating?

15-08-2008, 18:25
He accepted another offer, and I cancelled the deal!!

I've now bumped the asking price for him up to £10million.

15-08-2008, 19:00
Is that not cheating?

No. Offering your player to a team for free is not cheating.
Nor is changing your mind at the last minute and canceling it.

15-08-2008, 19:16
Ahh right I get it, I thought he had already agreed terms with the club the board accepted the offer from.

15-08-2008, 21:50
Right, as you may or may not know early tomorrow morning I will be going away for a week, which as you may or may not realise, means I will not be able to post in this thread until I am back.

If my go comes up and I'm not back then whoever is behind me can obviously go before me

15-08-2008, 22:45
You may or may not enjoy your week away.

Have a good holiday mate.

16-08-2008, 12:43
October Update

To Begin ....

Paul Watson, who was one of only 2 signings Wallace made this season was awarded Young Player of the Month for his performances on the right wing. He replaced Leferve after Leferve played very poorly in the opening few games, and has proved his manager was right to drop the so called "superstar" for a young hopeful.

Board update - Despite a great start for Ten Ton, the board are only "satisfied" with Wallace' performance. They are happy with the wages control, but disappointed, somewhat surprisingly with goalkeeper Spencer Dixons performances between the sticks. The club made a loss of £208,000 last month, but a lot of that would have been in renewal costs on the player contracts.

Game 10 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 6 - 2 Doncaster
Miles (14) Mason (18,79)
Filip (27)
Petrov (42)
Pedro (Pen 58)
Palmer (60,65)
Att. 11276 (Record Attendance)Wow. Simply, Wow. A great performance from the boys. We dominated from the off, and was unlucky to only knock in 6 goals. Doncaster did manage to bag 2 goals, but they were never in with a chance in the game as Ten Ton took each half 3-1. Palmer did well as a sub, coming on at half time and scoring 2 goals with his 2 shots, but Miles was the undoubted hero of the match, dictating the play, scoring a goal and setting up two. He only misplaced 3 passes the whole game too. A quick glance at the table after this result sees Ten Ton FC at the dizzy heights of 6th place in the Championship, although almost every team around them has 1 or 2 games in hand.

Game 11 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 2 - 0 Preston
Petrov (2)
Clarke (88)
Att. 11262Another solid performance from Ten Ton, but unfortunately we had 2 injuries to major players this game. Petrov was injured just a few minutes after scoring, but will be fit to play in Ten Ton's next match, but Filip will be out for about 2 weeks after taking a knock to the head. The win for Ten Ton lifts them to a massive 5th in the table, defying all odds.


Even with the 1st Jan still over 2 months away, Ten Ton manager Paul Wallace has been searching hard for some new bright young stars. Wallace has bid on a number of players, most notably Attacking midfielder Jamie Bailey. Wallace had an offer accepter from Galway Utd, and the transfer has been confirmed. The 19 year old Irish U-21 starlet will join Ten Ton Jan 1st 2024.

Jamie Bailey - Scout Reports (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Oct/JamieBailyR.jpg)
Jamie Bailey - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Oct/JBP.jpg)

Wallace is also very close on signing another young Irish hopeful in the shape of Steve Graham, currently at Shamrock Rovers. Ten Ton and Graham are in the latter stages of the contract talks and a deal is expected to be confirmed in the next few days. Graham, another with massive potential is a 16 year old Striker already plying his trade with Rovers, making two appearances so far this season.

Transfer Update.

Unfortunately, the transfer of Graham is going to have to be put on hold for a season, as Graham opted with signing a new deal, and indeed a pre-contract agreement with Shamrock.

International Update

Carlos Pedro (Portugal U-19) - Unhappy with his performance.
Mikhail Melnikov (Estonia) - Not a good game, subbed
Pavel Lukas (Czech) - Did Well.
Scott Smith (c) (Bermuda) - Solid Performnace
Paul Watson (USA) - Used as sub, disappointing

Carlos Pedro (Portugal U-19) - Solid performance
Pavel Lukas (Czech) - Did well
Mikhail Melnikov (Estonia) - Solid Performance.

Game 12 - Championship

Southend 1 - 2 Ten Ton
Marshall (41) Miles (23)
Menecella (70)
Att. 15051 A great win. Even though southend were in the relegation zone, they put up one hell of a fight against Ten Ton, and could so easily have won the game. The 4th win on the trot for Ten Ton sees them move up into 4th place now just 2 points off the Automatic promotion spots. The dream world surely cant continue, can it?

Game 13 - Championship

Ten Ton 2 - 3 Swindon
Menechella (10,15) Martin (17)
Taylor (58,84)Att. 11264

Gutted. After 15 minutes this game was going exceptionally well. Two Menechella goals rocketed Ten Ton up into 2nd in the league for a brief period, and the game almost looked sewn up. Some slack defending had it at 2-1 almost instantly, and Ten Ton never recovered. Martin Taylors brace sunk Ten Ton, his second coming so late in the game, with the players surrounding the ref calling for offside.

Game 14 - Championship

Stoke City 2 - 2 Ten Ton FC
Malinowski (45) Lefevre (2)
Maes (57) Menechella(25)
Att. 22291 Yet another 2-0 lead thrown away. A much closer game this time around, and Lefevre finally showed he can play football, after the managers surprise inclusion of him in the squad. Stoke were sat just behind Ten Ton in the table before kick off, and Ten Ton would think under normal circumstance that they had done well today. Amazing as it may seem, but this is Ten Ton's first draw all season.!

End of month summary :

October Financial Balance : £5,091,339

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Oct/League.jpg) - A great month. A fantastic month. The difference between 3rd and 13th is just 10 points. Ten Ton find themselves in an amazing 8th place, and only 3 points of 2nd spot. Whats more shocking is, they are only 3 points off 15th place.! the table is amazingly close, and even though 1st place Southampton have only lost once, they're only 2 points clear of second place.!

Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Oct/Sqaud.jpg) - A lot of goals this month. 4 players have scored over 5 goals, and Petrov has 10. Pedro is still setting an example, with 2 goals and 8 assists from the center back.

16-08-2008, 13:15
Great month Nep.

Bailey looks to be one for the future for sure.
Gutted about Swindon game, but other results were fantastic.


16-08-2008, 13:29
Brilliant stuff Nep. Hugely informative update as always. It looks like right back and nets are our weak spots, hopefully there's better players available and this could be an amazing season.

16-08-2008, 13:37
No. Offering your player to a team for free is not cheating.
Nor is changing your mind at the last minute and canceling it.

I'd say that although it may not be technically cheating, it is exploiting a fault in the game, which isn't really in the spirit of a game like this. If loaning players from a parent club is banned, I think things like this should be too.

Chairman interference is a feature that both managers in this game have to deal with, it is a little unfair if just one of them uses an exploit to get around it.

I think we need a call on whether it is something we are allowed to do.

It's up to bermybhoy though.

16-08-2008, 13:45
Both managers have used the "exploit" once each. However, I have to disagree. Yet, chairman interference is something clubs need to deal with, and I can fully accept that, but my problem is the fact that the chairman accepts bids that just wouldn't get accepted IRL. Equally, instead of offering the player out for free, I could have offered him out for money, potentially more than the chairman accepted for him in the first place, and then still cancel the deal. The problem I have with it is, is that the player, under normal circumstance would not always sign for the club, especially if they are in a worse position than the club they're at, and the fact that a club of my stature should not be selling players for a pittance, when prem glory could be just around the corner.

I fully appreciate it may be seen as a wrong doing, and if it were to be outlawed, I'd accept it.

16-08-2008, 13:53
I wasn't aware that both managers had used it, in that case now is the perfect time to have a judgement call on it.

I agree, there are instances where using an exploit can actually make the situation more realistic, but if it was allowed it could be open to abuse, meaning that chairman interference would no longer play a part in the game.

Maybe it's just because I tend to play the game in a manner similar to the LLM style, but I would never use an exploit like this. I'm happy to play either way though, I just think we need a call on it.

16-08-2008, 13:59
I guess banning it would be wise, if the feeder club thing is banned. Bermy to call it, but at 1-1 in the usage stakes, I'd say now better than any time to ban it.

16-08-2008, 14:09
I have to say that it's not something I'm entirely comfortable with either. I would admit at this point that Ive tried it - once - when the chairman decided to allow Dunn to leave for a pittance, but in general it's something that I don't like. It's not realistic to imagine that a chairman would allow you to do that.

Equally though, we all know it's an area of the game with serious flaws - eg, offers being accepted that are lower than ones which have been happily rejected in the past, which realistically would only happen if there was a serious deterioration int he financial situation; or offers being accepted when the club in no way needs the cash.

Overall, I think a better approach would be to take the chance of offering them out for a higher amount. I agree with what dafuge says, we're playing this in a LLM-ish spirit, and exploiting flaws in the game is probably against that. None of that is a criticism of anyones who's done or tried it - as I say, done it myself - but perhaps in future we should avoid this.

16-08-2008, 14:21
Hopefully this area of the game will be improved for FM09 so we don't need to have this kind of discussion.

I agree that trying to get a better price is the best way to approach it, chairmen will always accept bids but at least this way we can try to get realistic prices for the players.

16-08-2008, 19:46
November Update

Board Summary :

In general, the board now see to be "pleased" with Wallace' management of the team. They are delighted with the tight wages, but are unhappy about the 4-2 loss to coventry, which occurred way back in november. The club recorded a loss of £152,000 in the month of October.

Game 15 - Championship

Hull City 3 - 3 Ten Ton FC

Howard (4,68) Petrov (46,51)
Stockley (36) Palmer (74)
Att. 24418

A great result in the end. Petrov doing what he does best, and I turned a 2-0 HT deficit into out second draw in a row, after 13 games without one. I'm happy though, as these draws are coming against top clubs, where defeat is more likely, perhaps proving that its not luck being up in the play off spots for Ten Ton, and that they are there on merit. Palmer scored after coming on as a sub.

Game 16 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 2 - 1 Leeds

Petrov (42) Leiva (Pen 51)
Palmer (75)
Att. 11279 (Record Attendance)

A sensational victory against 3rd placed Leeds. The game was fairly even, but Petrov and Palmer continued their scoring partnership to earn Ten Ton another 3 points. This result leaves Ten Ton in 4th spot, 2 points behind second and just 1 point off Leeds in 3rd place. Still, the difference between 2nd and 20th is only 10 points. After 16 games of the season I find that quite astonishing.

Contract Renewals....

Lee Gleeson - New 3 year Deal.
Stuart Cairns - New 3 year Deal.
NIKOLAY PETROV - New 2 year Deal.

Fantastic news that petrov has signed an extra year onto his deal. Unfortunately it comes at a price, making him the highest paid player on £11,500 per week, but I genuinely think hes worth it. Holding on to key players will be vital towards Ten Tons impending future no matter the price.

Game 17 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 0 Plymouth

Petrov (15, 76) Watts S/O (55)
Filip (24)

Att. 10975

Another fantastic win. Petrov is on fire currently too. We're now legitimately in 2nd spot in the championship. No one has games in hand anywhere, and 1st place southampton are now only 2 points ahead of Ten Ton FC. Honestly, I don't expect to still be here come the end of the season, and I'm just happy that I'm no where near the wrong end of the table.

International Round Up

Jim Miles (England U-21) - Disappointing.
Stuart Caines (Anguilla) - Did Well.
Mikhail Melnikov (Estonia) - Solid performance.
Nikolay Petrov (Bulgaria) - Did well.
Paul Watson (USA) - Disappointing.

Jim Miles (England U-21) - Off the bench, Scored.
Pavel Lukas (Czech) - Played Well.
Mikhail Melnikov (Estonia) - Solid performance.
Scott Smith (Bermuda) - Disappointing.

Jim Miles talent finally got acknowledged as he was awarded his first U-21 England Cap. Hopefully this will lead onto better things for the Ten Ton utility player.

There was also a debut cap for Anguillan goal keeper Stuart Caines, and Bulgarian hot shot striker Nikolay Petrov, who has been in deadly form for Ten Ton this season got his first international cap.

Game 18 - Championship

Leyton Orient 2 - 2 Ten Ton

Barron (45,52) Palmer (28)
Petrov (88)

Att. 8783

This game can be infuriating at times. 2-2 against bottom club Leyton Orient, who score 2 goal with 2 shots. Only a late goal from Petrov spared Ten Ton's blushes, although the striker needed 6 shots to put the ball in the back of the net. The palmer / petrov partnership continued its good form however, with both players netting. Disappointing that we didn't pick up the 3 points here.

Game 19 - Championship

Rotherham 3 - 3 Ten Ton FC

Jeffreys (32,39,45) Petrov (27)
Palmer (35,37)

Att. 21363

Although I'd consider this a good result, I'm a little disappointed we've thrown away a 2 goal lead. 3-1 up and all to play for. The draws are coming thick and fast for Ten Ton now, this being the 4th in 6 games.! The Petrov / Palmer partnership continued to thrive, as both players hit the net for the 3rd time in 4 games. Ten Ton still remain in 4th place after this result, but it ends the month on a bit of a sour note.

End of month Summary

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Nov/Table.jpg)- Unbelievably, we're still hanging in at the top end of the table. Being the realistic man that I am, I still see every point as one more towards survival in the division, but if we keep up the form we've got, theres absolutely no reason why we can maintain a position like this.

Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Nov/Team.jpg) - The team has been performing exceptionally well, and this has shown in the league results. A lot more players getting international recognition now, and the contract renewals of 2 more key squad players was vital.

End of November Fiances : £4,215,406

A bit of a hit this month due to Petrov's contract renewal fee, but I honestly believe he's worth every penny.

I'm also delighted with the Petrov / Palmer duo, who have 28 goals between them this season, with young Palmer really proving his worth sitting on 11 goals in just 19 apps.

16-08-2008, 20:15
As much as I hate to say it, that's a fantastic season you're having there.

16-08-2008, 20:33
Go on Nep!

Fantastic season so far.
Fingers crossed for the rest of it.

16-08-2008, 21:57
top job Nep.... hoping it continues.

out of interest, how is rlipscombe getting on??

16-08-2008, 22:36
Legends FC

January –February

Firstly there was some transfer activity in the January window, Kenan Popov joined from Saturn in Russia for 400k, he looks an excellent striker and a bargain for that price. Also joining was left winger Petr Jirousek from Brno for 200k, he fills a gap in the squad an will only improve in the future.

Legends 2-1 Leicester
The Legends got the new year off to the perfect start with this win, Rinaldi got the first goal on 6 minutes and ten minutes later Giacomelli increased the lead to send the fans into raptures. Leicester pulled one back in the second half but the Legends hung on for their third successive win.

Legends 1-1 Leyton Orient
Frank Pallesen got us off to another good start with a goal straight out of the top draw, taking on 3 defenders he closed in on the keeper and passed it in to the bottom corner. The lead lasted until the 70th minute when Robbie Little scored the equaliser and we couldn’t get the winner.

Portsmouth 2-2 Legends – FA Cup Third Round
We came up with a stunning performance at home against premier league side Pompey. We took the lead with a 19th minute penalty by Wilson. We kept the lead until half time when almost straight from the kick off when Ashley Watt equalised, and 12 minutes later Pompey took the lead. After that we dominated and we came up with the equaliser to take the tie to a replay in the 60th minute when Giacomelli fired in from a tight angle from Nyagalov’s pass

Charlton 1-1 Legends
We went a goal down early on in the 10th minute with a goal from Stuart Procter, but in an otherwise uneventful match we equalised for the second match running with a goal from the same player in the same minute for our third successive draw.

Legends 3-2 Portsmouth – FA Cup Third Round Replay
New signing Popov got off to the best possible start in a Legends shirt, scoring on his debut within 5 minutes with a brilliant angled shot from the edge of the area after receiving an excellent Tony Hales pass. Pompey got back on even terms in the 23rd minute with an excellent passing move but the Legends were simply imperious in regaining the lead when Popov scored from a tight angle in the 32nd minute. We retained the lead until the 78th minute when Teague scored an excellent equaliser into the roof of the net. Late in the 90 minutes Gary Lynch got himself sent off and things looked bleak for the Legends, but in the 8th minute of extra time a Pallesen corner was sent brilliantly into the net by Giacomelli to secure a historic win for the Southern Softies.

Legends 1-2 Southend
What was the only thing a team fresh from a brilliant underdog cup victory could do? Lose at home to the bottom club. It went wrong early on with Alex taking the lead for Southend in the 10th minute. Frank Pallesen briefly equalised with a brilliant long range effort before 5 minutes later in the 80th minute Jay Hibbert won the match for Southend.

Legends 3-0 Leeds United – FA Cup Fourth Round
A brilliant win by the Legends started with a well struck Giacomelli shot in the 15th minute and got even better as the match progressed, seven minutes later Popov doubled our lead with a close range tap in. The final goal came in the 52nd minute when Pallesen ran in and scored a placed shot from the edge of the area.

Dagenham & Redbridge 2-0 Legends
Goals from Marshall and Baxter brought the Legends back down to earth with a bump, for the second time after a great cup victory, the team were very underwhelming for most of the match and we fully deserved to lose.

Hull 1-0 Legends
A 72nd minute Andy Simmons goal condemned us to our second successive defeat in a drab game that barely warrants two lines.

Legends 2-0 Plymouth
A week before we were due to meet them in the FA Cup Fifth Round we recorded an impressive win over the table topping team. The goals came in the space of two first half minutes. Marco Rinaldi gave us the lead with an excellent curling shot from 25 yards out, and almost straight from the kick off Popov was played through and finished from close range.

Legends 3-4 Reading
Reading took an early lead through a sharp close range finish from Graham Burns. A penalty from Roland in the 11th minute was converted and suddenly the second placed team looked like they were going to run away with the match. In the 37th minute a Marco Rinaldi free kick from out wide eluded the keeper with a wicked bounce to get us back in the match, but ten minutes later Reading had their 2 goal advantage back through Roland’s second, and another 10 minutes later they made it 4 with a goal from Serge Kone. Two goals from Popov in the 73rd and 79th minutes made the scoreline respectable.

Plymouth 1-0 Legends – FA Cup Fifth Round
After the 3 previous brilliant FA Cup matches this match which promised so much turned out to be a damp squib. The only goal of the match came in the 65th minute from David Owens, but in truth neither team deserved a win today,

Blackburn 1-2 Legends
In the 68th minute Blackburn’s Marco Longoni gave the 3rd placed side a deserved lead, but they couldn’t hang on, two late goals from Giacomelli and Destro gave us a brilliant late win.

Legends 4-2 Crewe
Christian Giacomelli got this thrashing of Crewe off to a good start with his 15th minute goal from a tight angle but 8 minutes later Tony Hales was cursing his luck as he scored a cruel own goal from close range. Lynch got his first ever Legends goal later in the half with a header from a corner. Pallesen got the third with a brilliant 35th minute free kick, and then his second on 52 minutes with a long range shot before Crewe pulled one back on 71 minutes.

Overall a great cup run and we were solid in the League and we now look very solidly placed in mid table.

League Table: http://i36.tinypic.com/20pxz49.jpg
Kenan Popov: http://i35.tinypic.com/2h3nfhk.jpg
Petr Jirousek: http://i34.tinypic.com/easart.jpg

16-08-2008, 22:40
Shame the cup run ended there after those fantastic results.

16-08-2008, 22:43
two good signings there - Popov in particular looks quality.

good cup run too.

16-08-2008, 22:43
It's almost my go again :)

16-08-2008, 23:05
top job Nep.... hoping it continues.

out of interest, how is rlipscombe getting on??

I've only used him as a sub, once. He did get an assist that game, but I just don't see him being better than the 3 center mids I've currently used.

17-08-2008, 10:18
Looks like two very good debut championship seasons.

Great news Nep, Petrov signing a new contract, I thought he would leave for sure.

I am surprised Pedro is so higly rated? has his stas improved?

17-08-2008, 11:11
Carlos Pedro - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Nov/CarosPedro.jpg)

For me, he has excellent attributes in vital areas. Great tackling, heading, positioning and marking, and for a center back, he's relatively fast too.

The coach reports say he could become a "Good Premiership Center back in the future" - and is currently a "Good signing for most Championship sides"

17-08-2008, 11:29
Good stuff, I suppose I didn't look to closely or he has improved, as I don't think I ever started him.

17-08-2008, 11:52
Last season he played 3(6) Games, 1 Goal, 1 Assist, 1 YC Av. R @ 6.67

So you played him 9 times :D

I don't think his stats have improved, At least my little statty arrow thing doesn't say so (as you can see in the profile pic) - I just rate him above the other DC's :D

17-08-2008, 13:45
December Update

Board Confidence :

The board have gone from "pleased" to just "satisfied" with my performance, despite moving up the table since last month. They also believe that Billy Palmer was a "very good signing". The club made a huge loss of £801,000 last month, mainly due to Petrov's new contract.

Game 20 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 1 Leicester

Palmer (61) Platt (Pen 49)
Miles (66, 78)

Att. 11268 A great, solid performance. Jim Miles was the star of the show today, scoring a great brace. The team showed solidity and strength after going 1 - 0 down to 6th place Leicester. Still managed to get the 3 points and keeps them in 4th, but more importantly opens up a 4 point game to outside of the play off zone. There was one big scoring game this weekend, with Reading beating Sheff Wed's 7-4. At the end of this game, I was told that this was Ten Tons 7th game in the league without loss.

F.A Cup, 3rd Round Draw -

With a lot of potential banana skins in the F.A Cup, Ten Ton find themselves with a relatively easy draw away to L2 Cambridge or L1 Port Vale. Neither team should pose a real threat to Ten Ton, and hopefully Ten Ton's name will be in the hat for the 4th Round.

Game 21 - Championship

Brighton and Hove 3 - 3 Ten Ton FC

Inglis (Pen, 9) Pedro (20)
Dunn (67, 70) Filip (45)
Miles (90)
Att. 7688Despite Brighton being in the bottom 2 pre kick off, they still gave us one hell of a game. How there were only 6 goals is beyond me. Further more, how my strikers never netted once in this game is astonishing. 3-3 is a fair reflection, although this is the 3rd time this season I've dropped points to a team in the relegation zone.

After the brighton result, The board decided it was time to sack manager Andy Hart, and immediately linked Paul Wallace with the job, who has denied interest.

Game 22 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 1 Colchester

Connor O/G (31) Flack (57)
Petrov (38)
Palmer (90)

Att. 11276 A great result. A real shame we didn't stick more past them, as we were completely dominant from the off. Another win for Ten Ton, and the dream keeps living on. Its now the 4th game in a row that we've scored 3 goals, and are unbeaten in 9 league games. Who'da thought.!!

Game 23 - Championship

Oldham Athletic 1 - 2 Ten Ton FC

Brown (55) Palmer (66)
Miles (73)
Att. 13390 Yet another great win. 10 games in the league without loss now, and a cracking win against 8th placed Oldham. It could have been so different, because at 1-0 to oldham they had a goal ruled out, and Ten Ton capitalized. Since I've been playing Miles on the right, he's proved deadly, and is contributing a lot more to the team.

So, its the halfway stage in the season. I said to myself pre season that if at half way I'm between 15th and 20th I'll be very happy. But I'm not. I'm 4th. Better yet, there's now only 3 points separating 1st placed southampton and 4th placed Ten Ton, with goal difference only 5 apart in Southampton's favor. IF, come the end of the season we're still in the play off places, I can honestly say this will be one of my greatest FM seasons ever. But lets not get too excited, there's still a long way to go, and we need to keep up the wins.

Game 24 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 1 Sheff Utd

Miles (27,51) Smelt (18)
Filip (88)

Att. 11290 (Record Attendance)Despite being 1-0 down, we showed out character by yet again coming through with the win. Miles has been a revelation on the right wing and is almost the focus point of the team. Disappointed with the strikers yet again today, especially Petrov as he didn't net despite having 7 shots and 4 on target. Still, another win, and it sees Ten Ton move up into 3rd spot, 3 points behind Leeds who no occupy Top spot, and on the same points as 2nd place Southampton, with a goal difference of 2 less.


Manager Paul Wallace is going to capture his second player on the 1st Jan, signing Brighton Reserve striker Dean Johnson. Wallace is happy to let go a few of the current Ten Ton forwards in his place, and feels 20 year old Johnson could prove to be a vital player for Ten Ton

Dean Johnson - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Dec/DeanJohnson.jpg)

Game 25 - Championship

Cardiff 2 - 3 Ten Ton FC

Kane (70,89) Palmer (25,58)
Pedro (Pen, 31)
Att. 24261Despite a late scare from Cardiff, Ten Ton dominated the game, and came away with the 3 points. Petrov's lull is continuing, but Palmer has hit a brace to secure another win for Ten Ton. With Leeds and Southampton both winning, this doesn't do much for the table, but it does ensure Ten Ton go into the new year 7 points clear of 7th place. Now 12 league games without defeat, and next up is an away game to 2nd place Southampton, who narrowly beat Ten Ton 2-1 on the first day of the season.

End of December Summary :

What a fantastic month. Unbeaten, lots of goals, great results against big teams, and some solid points accrued. Sat 3rd in the table after 25 games, and the unrealistic dream of promotion is ever closer. 2 new players coming in Jan, that should make the team better, but on this form, I don't see that happening.!

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Dec/Table.jpg) - as you can see, its very tight at the top, and carrying on our good form could see us hit top spot. In the same breath, a bad run of results could see us mid-table and fighting again. The biggest achievement for me this season is the amount of goals I've conceded. In my Daf's Challenge save, I concede so many goals with this tactic, but the Ten Ton defense are resolute, and have aided victories on more than one occasion.

Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Dec/League.jpg) - A few players will be sold in January, mainly the Strikers that I haven't used much this season, but overall the team is performing exceptionally.

End of December Finances : £4,123,214

I'm going to try hard over the next few months to get the last couple of players to sign new deals and make sure this team is good for next season.

17-08-2008, 16:31
January Update

Cardiff have finally captured Herve Lefevre. The winger desperately wanted to leave Ten Ton.
FC Metz have been awarded 5% of his fee, which is £6,000 + £60,000 over 24 months.

Ten Ton sign Galway Utd winger James Bailey for £5,000
Ten Ton sign Dean Johnson from Brighton for £850,000

Ten Ton given £18,000 for 50% Sell on clause of Nathan Andrews, who moves from Motherwell to Cardiff.

Ten Ton given £1,000 for 40% Sell on clause of Andy Wright, who moves from Cambridge to Morecambe

Kevin Scaife moves from Ten Ton to Leicester for £45,000.

Jim Miles, who's contract runs out at the end of the season has had a £2,500,000 offer accepted for him on behalf of the Chairman. Miles was offered out to other clubs for £4,500,000 + 50% of next fee. All clubs rejected, so the bid was changed to £3,500,000 + 50%.

Board Confidence :

The board are "Pleased" with Wallace' performance. Still feel Billy Palmer was an Extremely good signing. The club made a loss of £259,000 last month.

Game 26 - Championship

Southampton 2 - 2 Ten Ton FC

Gray (20) Palmer (1)
Jankowski (38) Petrov (49)

Att. 29278

For me, that result confirms out status as a top team in the division. A superb draw against 2nd place Southampton - and a point I honestly didn't expect. Palmer / Petrov enter the new year with a goal each. Leeds managed to pull away a few more points winning their game.

Player Contracts :

Matt Price - New 4 year deal.

Transfer News

Jim Miles accepted Hulls contract offer, and has moved to the club for a fee of £2,500,000. this is bad news for Ten Ton, as Miles was beginning to shine on the right wing. With Lefevre gone too, the onus is largely on new boy Bailey, who is injured for the next month. Marcel Filip will be played at AMR until Bailey is fit. With the financial boost from Miles, Wallace will use the rest of the month to find another player to replace him.

F.A Cup - 3rd Round

Port Vale 2 - 1 Ten Ton FC

Stewart (79) Petrov (49)
Davison (81) Pedro S/O (4)

Att. 16145.

Gutted. Pedro's Red card after just 4 minutes made this game very difficult for Ten Ton. Despite that, Petrov's goal gave Ten Ton the lead just after half time, but they just couldn't hold on to it, with 2 quick fire goals late in the game from Port Vale. I guess a positive from the game is that we can fully focus on the league.


In some fantastic transfer news, Ten Ton found out they have been given £2,000,000 + £5,750,000 for 50% Sell on fee of Dion Robinson. Robinson, who moved from Ten Ton to Rangers in a £3,000,000 deal has been signed by Italian outfit Roma for £15,500,000. This will be a big help to Ten Ton's future, possibly enabling them to build better facilities, or just strengthen the squad further.

In further news, Ten Ton have confirmed the signing of AMR 19 year old Ian Mead. Mead, capped at England U-19 level plays for Leyton Orient, but will provide great cover on the right wing.

Ten Ton also given £16,000 from a 40% sell on fee for Erik Davis. He moved from Crewe to Oldham.

Game 27 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 1 Reading

Palmer (43) Clarke (47)
Filip (51) Bruning S/O (50)
Petrov (60)

Att. 11280

Wow. Picture this. You've just been knocked out of the F.A Cup, and now you play 4th place Reading. Its possible the loss could have upset the balance in the team and caused a crash in the league too. But that totally wasn't the case. A phenominal performance from Ten Ton. 3-1 is an unfair reflection of the dominance shown, and this win Lifts Ten Ton into 2nd place, 3 points clear of 3rd after Southampton suffered a heavy loss. Palmer and Petrov have 18 and 19 league goals respectively, while the leader is Jankowski of Southampton on only 22, which shows how well the pair have been playing together. Now 14 games unbeaten in the league, only 2 games off the record of 16 set by Watford all the way back in the 2007/2008 season.

Game 28 - Championship

Derby County 5 - 3 Ten Ton FC

Armstrong (2) Petrov (10,20)
Martin (60,78) Filip (62)
Finn (70) Melnikov S/O (75)
Williamson (90) Palmer S/O (89)

Att. 30605.

Gutted. I guess I jinxed myself mentioning the records. The game was very even, even with the score at 4-3, but then the 2 red cards crippled us. The first loss of the new year, and the 1st loss in 15 league games. I hope this isn't the sign of things to come.

Game 29 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 1 West Brom

Filip (43, 72) Stephens (90)
Menechella (61)

Att. 11257.

A tough match against 4th place in the league loomed for Ten Ton. There was some pressure on after losing to Derby and having 2 men suspended for this game, but they came through with flying colors. A superb win, completely outclassed WBA and kept themselves firmly in the hunt for Automatic promotion, moving into 2nd spot.

End of January Summary :

All in all, an average month. Unlucky to get knocked out of the F. A Cup, and unlucky to lose to Derby in the league. Both losses came due to Red Cards. I'm happy with the squad I've got, despite Miles move to Hull.

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Jan/Table.jpg) - Shows a clear desire here. Only 3 points off top spot STILL. I can now safely say Relegation is not an option this season for this club.

Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Jan/Team.jpg) - Palmer and Petriv still destroying teams. Menechella is a great player, but First team exposure to Palmer is vital.

January Financial Balance : £7,875,508

17-08-2008, 16:52
Absolutely fantastic updates Nep, loving it. Have no idea how you're doing so well, but keep it up. An unbelievable season so far.

Gutted at the loss of Miles. I'm sure he was worth more than that, but still represents good business. When I signed him for £675k it was a big gamble but has really paid off. Also brilliant news re Robinson. £3m was possibly a bit low for him given he was only 20/21 and had stacks of potential, but just glad he's moved on again for such big money, means we've now raked in about £10m for him in total - incredible.

17-08-2008, 17:10
top work Nep. fingers crossed we may still make the Premiership first!! good signings too. really looking after the future as well as the present, buying yoth.

keep it up!

17-08-2008, 17:25
Gentlemen, if I could have your attention please.....

Ten Ton's record goal scorer and appearance make James Dunn (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/JamesDunn.jpg) is coming home.

Sold to Burnley for £400,000 3 seasons ago, he will be bought back for the exact same £400,000. Dunn, although 31 is still a class act, and will undoubtedly improve the Ten Ton team regardless of what division they are in.


Frazza Pee
17-08-2008, 17:29
Home, hes coming home again. Brilliant. Maybe he might become a coach for us.

17-08-2008, 17:44
good to see him coming back, even if he is possibly past his best a little now. He deserves to play in the Premiership with Ten Ton, having done so much to get us into a position where we could dream of the premiership.

17-08-2008, 21:28
Dunn looks like he's lost a bit of quality in the last couple of years, but good sentimental signing and should do a job as an impact player. Maybe he'll turn his hand to coaching as well...

17-08-2008, 21:33
I still think we should have got Olly Kenney on a free :mad:

17-08-2008, 22:36
Great stuff Nep, hope you can maintain form for the run in. Incredible to think Premiership football is so close.

17-08-2008, 23:42
Legends FC


Sheffield United 1-1 Legends
We took the lead with a goal from Popov who profited from a Giacomelli knock down to score just before half time. We held on to the lead until the 79th minute when an Oliver Johnson goal broke our resistance

Legends 2-0 West Ham
Nicolo Destro gave us a 2nd minute lead in this match, neatly sidestepping the keeper and slotting home from close range. The lead was doubled in the 77th minute when Popov was cleverly played through by Giacomelli and finished smartly to round off an excellent performance for us.

Watford 5-2 Legends
Twelve minutes into this match and we were in turmoil, three goals conceded and the defence looking decidedly shaky. Things settled down slightly after that, 13 minutes later Watford made it four, but that curtailed their explosive start. The minute before half time we got our first goal with Giacomelli’s deflected close range shot. The second half was a quieter affair. Kenan Popov got our second goal in the 80th minute before a 90th minute 5th for Watford.

Legends 1-0 Brighton
After the 7 goals in the previous game this one was a little disappointing, we got the win though with a 14th minute Marco Rinaldi free kick. The only other thing to mention was two sending’s off, one for each side with the legends Lucas Kovaric being sent off in the 90th minute.

Bradford 4-1 Legends
Our second televised match off the season resulted in a second loss. Bradford took the lead in the 23rd minute, before 4 minutes later a terrible own goal let us back into it. The teams were only on equal terms for 2 minutes before Bradford scored two in five minutes to go back ahead. A 51st minute penalty rounded off the scoring to condemn us to another big defeat.

Legends 1-2 Swansea
In the 12th minute Swansea took the lead in this match before 40 minutes later Frank Pallesen scored an excellent free kick to equalise. In the 90th minute Swansea got the winner to send us to our 3rd defeat in 4 games.

Legends 2-0 Man City
An early 6th minute penalty from Steven McDermott gave us the lead in this match. Popov doubled the lead in the 64th minute from a narrow angle and we held on to the win.

Ipswich 2-1 Legends
Goals from Ryan Bowden and Tom Conner gave Ipswich a two goal lead in the 29th and 76th minutes in a match they dominated. The Legends got their consolation 2 minutes from time with a Gary Lynch header from a corner.

Cardiff 2-1 Legends
For the second successive match we went two goals down with goals from Simon Hill and Nigel Perry either side of half time. In the 61st minute we pulled a goal back with a McDermott penalty, but for the second successive match we couldn’t get the equaliser.

Legends 3-2 Crystal Palace
In the 30th minute we took the lead with a deflected Popov shot before two goals in 4 minutes just before half time sent us in behind. In the 59th minute we got level with Giacomelli’s first goal for over 10 hours of football before Popov won it in the 66th minute with a passed shot into the near post.

Legends 1-1 Burnley
Christian Giacomelli scored his second goal in two games in the 12th minute with another header from a corner. Kyle Walker equalised in the 68th minute before 3 minutes later Van de Zwan was sent off for Burnley. Sensing the win we pushed forward and got a 78th minute penalty which Nicolo Destro missed. In the 91st minute in what looked like it would be his last game for the club, record goalscorer Jermaine Blackburn got his head to a left wing cross and sent it inches wide, he was inches away from signing off with a goal and a win but it wasn’t to be.

So overall it has been a decent season, an end finish of 13th is a good result for a newly promoted team. It was a season of lots of wins and losses but few draws. We attacked well all season and scored plenty of goals but also conceded a lot.

League Table: http://i34.tinypic.com/30hvwrb.jpg

The stand out performers were: Giacomelli, Pallesen, Nyagalov, and Popov
Flops: Harris, Zeman, and Keeble

This is me signing off, the save game as of 31st May 2023 will be uploaded in the morning.

17-08-2008, 23:44
Nice work, a midtable finish is a great result for the first season in the Championship.

17-08-2008, 23:56
February Update

Board Confidence :

the board are still "pleased" with my performance. They're unhappy with Dixon's performance, but the club did make a £3,790,000 profit last month.

International Update :

Paul Watson (USA U-23) - Disappointing.
Paul Watson (USA U-23) - Did Well.
Paul Watson (USA U-23) - Scored.
Paul Watson (USA U-23) - Disappointing.

Carlos Pedro (Portugal U-21) - Disappointing.

M. Melnikov (Estonia) - Solid performance.
S. Caines (Anguilla) - Solid Performance
D. Townsend (Anguilla) - Solid Performance.
Scott Smith (c) (Bermuda) - Solid Performance.

Game 30 - Championship

Sheff Weds 2 - 0 Ten Ton

Richardson (42, Pen)
Kelly (67)

Att. 32347.

I get so angry at these games. Sheff Weds are 22nd in the league, and had 2 shots in the game. We had 19 shots, and lost 2-0. Hopefully this wont cause lasting damage.!

Game 31 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 2 Coventry

Petrov (22,27) Patton (16,72)
Pedro (Pen 59)

Att. 11280

A great result. I'm delighted that we've never lost 2 in a row in the league, as it shows my team have so much strength and character. 3-1 up and cruising, a late goal made the final 15 edgy, but we held on for a vital 3 points. Petrov continued his rich vein of form, and now has 23 league goals.

Game 32 - Championship

Doncaster 3 - 1 Ten Ton FC

Talevski (6, 69) Pedro (88)
Skinner (64)

Att. 19606.

Just so inconsistent recently. A win followed by a loss, followed by a win, followed by a loss. We weren't outplayed in this game, but we had 13 shots, and only 1 on target. Thats just not good enough. Perhaps fatigue is setting in, and the players are just unable to cope at the high level anymore.

Game 33 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 3 - 3 Bristol City

Petrov (62) Harris (12,29)
Pedro (65) Szabo (31)
Palmer (83)

Att. 11269

3-0 down at half time and I thought it was game over. I chose not to use a team talk at all, and the lads pulled it back. Still a little disappointing though. Starting to find wins hard to come by.

Stadium Expansion

Has been completed. An extra 2019 seats added on, making the capacity now 5019 (2519 season). Never again will we hit the dizzy heights of 12,000 in the Championship this season. :(

Game 34 - Championship

Preston NE 2 - 0 Ten Ton FC

Jones (3)
O'Rourke (47)

Att. 24049

It really is falling apart. Amazingly, still sat in 4th spot, although 2nd place is getting away from us now, 4 points and a game in hand. The teams below are catching up, and we need to start putting together some wins. This game was a bad game. 9 shots, 0 on target. Preston dominated and deserved the win.

End of Month Summary :

Not the best of months. Very inconsistent, and dropped valuable points leaving us in a precarious play off situation. A good run in the last 12 games, and we could be in with a shout. More like this month, and mid-table would be more realistic.

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Feb/Table.jpg) - Still there in 4h spot. Still in with a shout, thats all that matters.

Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Feb/Team.jpg) - Suspensions and injuries haven't helped, but I feel that the team is getting fatigued towards the end of the season. I've played a lot of the top half twice now, so a nice run in could really help keep us here.

February Financial Balance : £7,920,735

18-08-2008, 00:12
Fantastic updates Nep, loving the read so far.
Signings look good, and its awesome news about the legend that is, James Dunn.

An unlucky, very unlucky February, but your still overachieving in every sense of the word.

Also, good news on the finiancila windfall.

KUTGW mate.

18-08-2008, 00:13
Good season OrientMartin, well played. MikelLUFC is next, although he was on holiday before, not sure if he's been around. If he doesn't claim it then it would be back to Ridleys instead.

Disappointing month Nep, would have been amazing to keep up that form all season though. Play offs will still be a brilliant achievement

18-08-2008, 01:14
March Update

Board Confidence - The board are still "pleased" with my performance. The club made £45,680 last month, but they are disappointed with the signing of Dean Johnson.

Game 35 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 4 - 2 Southend

Filip (38) Pointon (18)
Petrov (65, 77) Marshall (29)
Palmer (81)

Att. 4993

I had my head in my hands for a moment. 2-0 down after just 29 minutes, I thought it was all over. I thought the season was crashing, and I thought the team had folded. But my lads bought it back, 1 goal before half time, and a cracking second half gave us a massive 4-2 win.

Game 36 - Championship

Swindon Town 1 - 2 Ten Ton FC

Fraser (4) Clarke (26)
Petrov (34, 85)

Att. 24489

I'm getting so paranoid. A goal down after 4 minutes, and I thought yet again that it was the end. I should have more faith in my squad, as yet again they've pulled of an amazing victory.

Game 37 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 2 - 2 Stoke

Petrov (45) Malinowski (50)
Pedro (67) Warner (72)

Att. 4996

A close game between 4th and 6th. A good result in the end, as it could have gone either way. A draw is a fair reflection of how the match panned out.

Game 38 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 0 - 3 Hull

Miles (4)
Howard (36)
Smith (60)
Att. 5007

Its always the way. Jim Miles joins Hull. Here he is in his first game against Ten Ton he scored. 4 minutes in. Disappointed losing 3-0 to a mid table team, but I'm still in the play off places.

Game 39 - Championship

Leeds Utd 3 - 1 Ten Ton

Pope (15) Petrov (59)
Faulds (49) Price S/O (78)
Thompson (83)

Att. 27693

Another loss. It really is slipping away. Another red card too. Leeds are first, so I can't REALLY complain about the loss.

Game 40 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 1 - 0 Leyton Orient

Filip (62)

Att. 4977

Well, a win is a win. Bottom club Orient put up one hell of a fight, but I got a big win. Only 6 games left now, and I've moved into 4th place. At a guess, I'd say I need 4 wins of the next 6 games to secure a play off spot.

International Update :

Jamie Bailey (R.O.Ireland U-21) - Solid Performance.

Dan Townsend (Anguilla) - Got an assist
Stuart Cairns (Anguilla) - Solid
Nikolay Petrov (Bulgaria) - Disappointing
Pavel Lukas (Czech) - Solid
Paul Watson (USA) - Disappointing.

Game 41 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 4 - 0 Rotherham

Palmer (13)
Petrov (43,59,66)

Att. 4990

A great result. Petrov's first hat-trick this season, and a massive 4-0 win. Now 5 points ahead of 7th place with 5 games remaining, and as stated earlier, I've got a rather easy run in. 8 points away from 2nd place and 4 away from 3rd.

End of March Summary

Wow, that month went FAST.! Despite a few off results, it was actually an impressive month, due to the position the club ended up in. Petrov is proving his worth to the team, and Pedro signed a new 5 year deal.

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Table.jpg) - Still up there. I just cant believe it.

Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/Team.jpg) - A better month with injuries and suspensions.

18-08-2008, 02:05
April Update

Firstly, Sunderland offered Wallace a job, with a massive wage and even bigger transfer budget.

Board Confidence

The board are "very pleased" with my overall leadership of the team. The fantastic overall performance in the Championship has been a big factor.

The club made a loss of £344,000 last month.

Game 42 - Championship

Plymouth 3 - 2 Ten Ton

Watts (5) Palmer (33)
Pinnock (75,76) Filip (38)

Att. 16680

I can't believe that. 2 goals in 2 minutes done me over against a low team. I'm so gutted. This should be 3 points for Ten Ton, Amazingly still 4th, but only 3 points clear of 7th now. I'm getting so nervous.!2nd and 3rd don't really look possible anymore.

Game 43 - Championship

A crunch game this. 6th v 4th. A win here could go a long long way to securing a play off spot, and a loss could prove costly.

Leicester 3 - 1 Ten Ton

Hill (32) Petrov (76)
Hilton (43,68) Perry S/O (63)

Att. 27223

Oh dear. 3 games left, and a loss. Perry sent off, and Leicester move up from 6th to 4th. While Ten Ton down to 6th. Ten Ton and Stoke are both on 71 points, but Ten Ton have a 6 better GD. 4th place are only 2 points ahead of Ten Ton, so theres still quite a bit of hope.

Leyton Orient have been Relegated.

Game 44 - Championship

Ten Ton FC 2 - 0 Brighton

El-Abd OG (21)
Petrov (55)

Att. 5007

thank the lord. A great time to get a morale boosting win. 2 games left, 2 points ahead of 7th spot. 1 easy game, 1 hard game. It couldn't be more in the balance.6 of us fighting for 4 spots.

Game 45 - Championship

Colchester 2 - 0 Ten Ton

Flack (9)
Cowling (43)

Att. 17367

This was my banker. This was my 3 points. This was my playoff hopes. This was my everything. And I blew it. In 6th spot, but only on Goal Difference. Fortunately my last game is at home, so that could be pivotal.

End of April Summary :

An ok month. I've fought tooth and nail to stay in the play off spots, and we're still there. Just.

League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/April/Table.jpg) - We've not been outside of the play off spots since Match Day 14. What an effort. It would be devastating if we were to drop out on the last day of the season. I hope it doesn't end that way.

Team sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/April/Team.jpg) - Palmer and Petrov have been such a key influence to Ten Ton's season. 59 goals between them is cataclysmic, considering its Petrovs first season at this level, and Palmers first ever full professional season. Brilliant.

18-08-2008, 02:18
Good luck Nep.
Fingers crossed here.

18-08-2008, 02:30
May Update

Board update

The board are still "Very Pleased" with my overall leadership of the team. The club recorded a £260,000 loss last month.

Game 46 - Championship.

So this is it. This is where the end could just be the beginning, or it could really be the very end. The clubs I'm fighting this out with are playing very lowly clubs. A home win v Oldham for Ten Ton and its the play offs, potentially promotion. A loss, and its pretty much all over. Our entire season is going to be defined on this one game. Heres how it goes......

Bristol City (8th) v Reading (3rd)
Hull City (9th) v Colchester (17th)
Leyton Orient (24th) v Leicester (7th)
Sheffield Weds (22nd) v Stoke City (5th)
TEN TON FC (6th) v Oldham (10th)

So they're the 5 teams involved with 1 game to go.

Half Time Scores

Bristol City 2 - 2 Reading
Hull 1 - 0 Colchester
Leyton Orient 2 - 2 Leicester
Sheff Weds 0 - 0 Stoke
TEN TON FC 3 - 1 Oldham.

At half time, its looking good. Hulls lead lifts them up 1 to 8th place at the expense of Bristol City. Ten Ton's lead lifts them from 6th to 5th, leaving Stoke to drop to 6th.

Full Time is upon us...... Here's what went down.

Bristol 4 - 2 Reading.
Hull 3 - 0 Colchester
Leyton Orient 2 - 2 Leicester
Sheff Weds 1 - 1 Stoke.

And now for the important results. A draw would be good enough for Ten Ton due to the results shown there.

Ten Ton FC 7 - 3 Oldham.

You've read that right. We battered oldham in the most important game. Fantastic result. 3-1 at half time was quickly 3-3. At 4-3 oldham had a goal disallowed, and got a Red card soon after. The flood gates then opened, with Petrov bagging 4, making him the Top scorer in the league before the playofs take place, on 39 goals, with Jankowski on 38, and Flack way off the ace with 33.

Southampton got the Automatic play off spot, with Leeds taking the title. Cardiff and Sheff Weds joined Leyton Orient in the relegation spots.

TEN TON FC 7 - 3 Oldham

Petrov (19,57,83,85) McCallum (5)
Filip (38) Barlow (48)
Palmer (41) Smith (48)
Pedro (79) Davis S/O 78

Att. 4994.http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/April/League.jpg

The rest of the months update will come tomorrow. Its late, and I'm tired :D

18-08-2008, 02:35
Brilliant!! Come on the Monkeys!

18-08-2008, 08:41
that was a wobble and a half!! congrats on making the play-offs Nep. who'd have thought it, the Monkeys may just make it to the Premiership first!!! :D

fingers and toes crossed for you Nep

18-08-2008, 10:31
Uploaded Softies Save: http://rapidshare.com/files/138189034/SouthernSofties.fm

18-08-2008, 10:36
Is it Ridleys up next?

18-08-2008, 10:55
Nep, can i ask why palmer's slightly concerned?


18-08-2008, 10:56
Public Expectation.

18-08-2008, 10:58
Ridleys or MikelLUFC next for the Softies

18-08-2008, 11:07
Well done Nep!
Great last day result.

Best of luck on the play-offs.

18-08-2008, 11:34
I'll go next, I'll start later

dave safc
18-08-2008, 11:34
Good season OrientMartin :thup:

And I hate to say it, but great season Nep :(

18-08-2008, 11:52
Good luck in the play-off's Nep.

Forgot to say, Bermy can you please add me back on the list.

18-08-2008, 16:20
Ten Ton we're told on May 7th that they would Face West Brom in the Play Off Semi-Final.

The teams are even this season, With West Brom winning 2-1 in their home match, and Ten Ton winning 3-1 in their home match. It should make for an exciting tie that could go either way.

Championship Play Off Semi Final - Leg 1

TEN TON FC 3 - 1 West Brom

Petrov (40,90) Faraoni (28)
Filip (77)

Att. 5005

Despite going behind just before the half hour mark, Ten Ton showed resolute to bring the game back, and mirror the result of the league game at Damson Park. After Ten Ton went 2-1 up, West Brom changed to a controversial 4-2-4 , which forced manager Wallace' hands into counteracting that, which was the focal point of the 3rd goal.

Championship Play Off Semi Final - Leg 2

West Brom 6 - 1 Ten Ton

Milton (32) Petrov (23)
Faraoni (38,40,70)
Morris (72)
Montella (90)

Att. 28868.

100% completely outclassed. After going 1-0 up in the game, and 4-1 up in the tie, I honestly thought I would make it to the final, but 3 goals in 8 minutes before half time from west brom evened the match up, and left it wide open. A woeful second half from Ten Ton, and the dream is well and truly over. In quite spectacular fashion, I must say.

End of Season update to come shortly....

I must say, I've had one of my best ever FM seasons here with Ten Ton. I just didn't want it to end so prematurely. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

18-08-2008, 16:23
Gutted Nep mate.

But it looks like you've left me in a good position to push for promotion again.

Still though, a fantastic season.

18-08-2008, 16:56
Unlucky Nep! Thought you were going to do it!

Softies may still be the first team in the Premiership then, well if I can do it that is!

18-08-2008, 17:22
I'm off out.

So i'll download the save game and start probably tomorow night.

18-08-2008, 17:27
That's a horrible way to end a fantastic season, unlucky.

18-08-2008, 17:30
Is anyone else having trouble with Rapidshare?

I can't seem to download the file :(

18-08-2008, 17:32
Is anyone else having trouble with Rapidshare?

I can't seem to download the file :(

I'm getting an error as well and a message about too many people downloading from it and to try again in 2 minutes.

18-08-2008, 17:34
Yeah I keep getting that, then when I try again it says the same thing.

If Orient Martin could upload it somewhere else that would be better.

18-08-2008, 18:52
Nevermind, Rapishare is working now.

Will get started tomorrow or possibly later on tonight.

18-08-2008, 19:43
gutted for you Nep - so close but so far...

to be fair though, much credit to you. to get us so close in our first season is superb. a solid base is there for promotion next season.

18-08-2008, 20:44
Unlucky there NepentheZ, great season nonetheless.

Well done.

18-08-2008, 21:11
History so far and order of play

Making his debut for the Softies, OrientMartin secured a very respectable mid-table finish in their first ever season in the Championship in 2022/23. Up north, Monkeys veteran NepentheZ had an amazing season, also in the club’s first Championship season in 2023/24, guiding them to 5th place and into the play-offs, where they unluckily failed to make the final.

If anyone else would like to take part or if I’ve missed anyone who should be on the list, let me know. Newcomers are welcome.

Northern Monkeys - Paul Wallace

2007/8. bermybhoy - BS North - 7th
2008/9. aaberdeenn - BS South - 1st, promoted!
2009/10. NepentheZ - BS Prem - 21st, relegated!
2010/11. Gundo/rlipscombe - BS South - 17th
2011/12. bermybhoy - BS South - 2nd, promoted via play-offs!
2012/13. NepentheZ - BS Prem - 14th
2013/14. PaulHartman71 - BS Prem - 7th
2014/15. aaberdeenn - BS Prem - 13th
2015/16. NepentheZ - BS Prem - 13th
2016/17. Dava - BS Prem - 1st, promoted!
2017/18. PaulHartman71 - League 2 - 19th
2018/19. aaberdeenn - League 2 - 18th
2019/20. Frazza Pee - League 2 - 2nd, promoted!
2020/21. Rlipscombe - League 1 - 10th
2021/22. bermybhoy - League 1 - 6th, play off final runners-up
2022/23. Dava - League 1 - mid season
2023/24. NepentheZ - Championship - 5th, play off semi-finalists
2024/25. GazTheDoood - Championship - season starting soon
19. PaulHartman71
20. Frazza Pee
21. bermybhoy
22. Dava

Blue Square South - Champions: 2008/9 - aaberdeenn
Blue Square South - Promoted via play-offs: 2011/12 - bermybhoy
Blue Square Premier - Champions: 2016/17 - Dava
FA Trophy: 2016/17 - Dava
Setanta Shield: 2016/17 - Dava
League 2 – Promoted in 2nd place: 2019/20 - Frazza Pee
Johnstone’s Paint Trophy: 2022/23 – Dava
League 1 - Promoted in 3rd place: 2022/23 - Dava

Southern Softies - Danny Roberts

2007/8. Robert_296 - BS South - 1st, promoted!
2008/9. dafuge - BS Prem - 5th, play off semi-final!
2009/10. elf_30 - BS Prem - 17th
2010/11. Spc1485 - BS Prem - 11th
2011/12. Robert_296 - BS Prem - 17th
2012/13. PoopyPants - BS Prem - 15th
2013/14. dafuge - BS Prem - 5th, promoted!
2014/15. Spc1485 - League 2 - 11th
2015/16. Robert_296 - League 2 - 22nd
2016/17. dave safc - League 2 - 6th, play-off semis
2017/18. MikelLUFC - League 2 - 4th, promoted via play-offs!
2018/19. Ridleys - League 1 - 6th, play off final runners-up
2019/20. dafuge - League 1 - 5th, play off final runners-up
2020/21. Robert_296 - League 1 - 14th
2021/22. dave safc - League 1 - Champions, promoted!
2022/23. OrientMartin - Championship - 13th
2023/24. Ridleys - Championship - season starting soon
18. MikelLUFC
19. dafuge
20. dave safc

Blue Square South - Champions: 2007/8 - Robert_296
FA Trophy: 2008/9 - dafuge
Blue Square Premier - Promoted via play-offs: 2013/14 - dafuge
League 2 - Promoted via play-offs: 2017/18 - MikelLUFC
Johnstone's Paint Trophy: 2018/19 - Ridleys
League 1 - Champions: 2022/23 - dave safc

18-08-2008, 21:13
Unlucky on the play offs Nep. Fantastic season regardless. Here's hoping Gaz can put together another promotion push next season.

19-08-2008, 00:38
End of Season Update

Cup and League Winners.

English Premier Division : Liverpool
Coca Cola Championship : Leeds
Coca Cola League 1 : Norwich
Coca Cola League 2 : Watford
Blue Square Premier : Bournemouth
Blue Square North : Redditch
Blue Square South : Bristol Rovers

F.A Cup : Portsmouth
League Cup : Liverpool
Community Shield : Liverpool
Johnstone's Paint Trophy : Port Vale
Setanta Shield : Dagenham and Redbridge
F.A Trophy : Bristol Rovers

Club World Championship : River Plate

European Champions Cup : A.C Milan
EURO Cup : Liverpool
European Super Cup : Liverpool

Player Awards.

World Player of the Year : Christophe Tannai (Liverpool)
World Footballer of the Year : Manuel Jimienez (Sevilla)

European Footballer of the Year : Christophe Tannai (Liverpool)
European Goalkeeper of the Year : Elias Costa (Lyon)
European Defender of the Year : Oscar Andrada (Sevilla)
European Midfielder of the Year : Jose de Jesus Centeno (Internazionale)
European Striker of the Year : Christophe Tannai (Liverpool)

Golden Boot Winner : Martin de Roo (Fiorentina)

Top Scorer over all English Leagues : Nikolay Petrov of Ten Ton FC (Championship)

Squad Bonus for league position : £625,000
Revenue from final league position : £1,600,000

Final League Table (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/LeagueTable.jpg)
English Reserves, Group 6 (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/ERG6.jpg)
English U-18, Group 5 (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/EU18G5.jpg)

Player League Stats, Overview (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/PlayerStatsSnapshot.jpg)

Tactic - Overview (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/Tactic.jpg)
Tactic - Team Instructions (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/TeamInstructionsTactics.jpg)

Team Records (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/RecT.jpg)
Player Records (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/RecP.jpg)

Finances (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/Finances.jpg)

Transfers (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/Transfers.jpg)
Team Sheet (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/TeamSelection.jpg)
Club Info Screen (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/TeamInfo.jpg)
Club Staff (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/Staff.jpg)

Manager Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/ManPro.jpg)
Manager Overview (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/ManOver.jpg)
Manager Info

Ten Ton's Top Players....

Billy Palmer - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/Palmer.jpg)
Carlos Pedro - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/Pedro.jpg)
Nikolay Petrov - Profile (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/NepentheZ/TenTon/Season%204/End%20of%20Season/Petrov.jpg)

Save game file coming shortly.

19-08-2008, 01:06
The Softies - Pre-Season Update

Media Prediction: 16th
My Prediction: Promotion is a realistic promotion I think!
Odds: 33/1, mid table finish.

Pre season started with some good news as the board made plans to extend the Stadium (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/StadiumExpansion.jpg) and also improve the Youth and Training Facilities (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/YouthandTrainingFacilitiesUprage.jpg). Danny Roberts was trying to bring in a few new faces as well, but with many of the English players not good enough (or not interested) and many of the players that had been scouted in Eastern Europe not able to get a work permit, Roberts spread his search to Brazil! He was unable to send his scouts there, but could see the talent that was there.

The first signing I made was Pedro (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/Pedro.jpg), a 23 year old Brazilian who looked very good (from the stats that I could see!) I snapped him up for 1.4m which didn't seem to bad, seeing as I had around 5m to spend anyway. This (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/PedroReport.jpg) is what my coach thinks of him. Pedro was in good form during pre-season, playing 3 games and scoring 2 goals and getting an assist, with an average rating of 7.33.


Softies 3 - 1 Falkirk
Softies 5 - 3 Lyon
Garforth 0 - 2 Softies
Carmarthen 0 - 3 Softies
Hitchin 0 - 6 Softies
Milwall 2 - 3 Softies

Unbeaten in pre-season then, and an incredible result against Lyon! Hopefully we can carry this form in to the league!

19-08-2008, 01:08
Ten Ton FC Save Game File. (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P6HV9U40)

19-08-2008, 01:31
Another remarkable update Nep, WP. Good luck to GaztheDoooood

Ridleys (and everyone), it's a wee bit late now, but we had some recent discussions where it was decided to amend the rules by adding some as follows:

To sign a player, you must be able to scout them, this doesn't mean you have to, just he must be accessible to your scouts. If you have a foreign player on a free transfer who is willing to come on trial, you do not need to be able to scout them.
Please do not exploit flaws in the game by offering out players for free if the chairman accepts a bid that you're not happy with...chairman interference is part of the game and needs to be accepted. You may of course, try to offer them to clubs for more cash if you think that's appropriate.

...guess you didn't see it, so no worries.

19-08-2008, 01:58
Oh right.. I'm sure I read through the first post again and didn't see it in there. It must have been announced while I was on holiday :(

What should I do? Sell him?

19-08-2008, 02:06
Well, in fairness to you I hadn't got round to updating it until now, so you could easily have missed the discussion. Don't worry about it. If he's scored like 30 by the next transfer window I might change my mind though ;)

19-08-2008, 02:54
The Softies - August Update

More Signings:

Jonathon Turnbull (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/Turnbull.jpg) | Coach Report (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/TurnbullReport.jpg)

Signed on the last day of the transfer window for £3.3m and will probably go straight in to the first team. He has good experience at this level and has played in the Premiership for Wigan, which could make him good prospect for the season's to come (if we make the step up to the Premiership, that is)

Allan James (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/James.jpg) | Coach Report (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/JamesReport.jpg)

Signed 2 days before the end of the transfer window, in a desperate attempt to get a right back. He cost quite a lot at £3.8m but after making over 20 appearances in the Premiership (including 19 in one season for Arsenal) he could be a very good player for the club!

Mitch Jordan (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/Jordan.jpg) | Coach Report (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/JordanReport.jpg)

Mitch was signed right at the beginning of August on a season long loan from Manchester United. My coaches think he is a good signing for any Championship side, and he will go straight in to the first team, as we are without a decent right winger.

Players Sold:

Ricky Harris - St Mirren - Free
Attila Garamvolgyi - Kettering - Free
Moses Keeble - West Ham - 65k
Jon Mitchell - Sheff Utd - £100k
Jan Zeman - Crystal Palace - £975k
Vlad Neagu - West Ham - £1.4m

Total Spent: £8.5m
Total Income: £2.5m

Game 1 - Coca Cola Championship - Softies 4 - 0 Cardiff

Goalscorers: Popov (26, 41, 86), Laws (44)

Man of the Match: Popov.

Brilliant start to the season! It is always good to get a win at home in your first game of the season, but even better to win by such a great margin! All except one player got a rating of 8+ and Popov had an absolutely outstanding game!

League Position after game: 2nd.

Game 2 - League Cup 1st Round - Aldershot 1 - 2 Softies

Goalscorers: Pedro (13), Popov (33)

Goalscorers: Howes (87)

Man of the Match: Popov.

Not a very good performance by the team, but a win is a win. Aldershot filled their stadium and the fans watched them come pretty close to upsetting us. It was not to be for them though and we were through to the 2nd round.

Through to the 2nd round. Drawn against Newcastle at home.

Game 3 - Coca Cola Championship - Softies 2 - 1 West Ham

Goalscorers: Nyagolov (35), Pedro (37)

Goalscorers: Mitchell (61)

Man of the Match: Nyagolov.

Very good result against a good team. It was 2 quick goals which saw us through in the end and West Ham just did not have enough quality to get back in to the game.

League Position after the game: 2nd.

Game 4 - Coca Cola Championship - Burnley 3 - 1 Softies

Goalscorers: Pedro (31)

Goalscorers: Wood (7), Brennan (17), van der Zwan (83)

Man of the Match: Brennan.

Extremely poor performance from the Softies. Going in 2 - 1 at half time was not as bad as it looks and we were actually playing very well up until around the 70th minute. Their 3rd goal completely killed the game and we had no chance of getting back in to it after that.

League Position after the game: 7th.

Game 5 - League Cup 2nd Round (TV) - Softies 2 - 0 Newcastle

Goalscorers: Pedro (8), Iacob (62)

Man of the Match: Iacob.

What a fantastic performance. It was not as if it came as a surprise though, as I knew had enough talent and ability to beat them. This also proves that we are definately good enough to make the step up to the Premiership, if we can get promotion this year.

Through to the 3rd Round. Drawn against West Ham at home.

League Table:

Pos Team Pts

1st Colchester 9
5th Man City 7
6th Swindon 7
7th Softies 6
8th Bradford 6
9th Stoke 5
22nd Middlesbrough 1

19-08-2008, 02:56
Well, in fairness to you I hadn't got round to updating it until now, so you could easily have missed the discussion. Don't worry about it. If he's scored like 30 by the next transfer window I might change my mind though ;)

Well 4 goals in 5 games so far, and the fans love him :D

19-08-2008, 16:33
The Softies September Update

Game 1 Coca Cola Championship - West Brom 0 - 3 The Softies

Goalscorers: Nyagolov (14), Iacob (26), Giacomelli (65)

Man of the Match: Iacob.

Once again a magnificent performance from the team. With both Pedro and Popov out injured, we were struggling for attacking options, with Giacomelli having to play up front, instead of his favoured position of AMC. Iacob also played very well and deserved his Man of the Match performance.

League Position after the game: 5th

Game 2 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 1 - 1 Man City

Goalscorers: James (29)

Goalscorers: Stevens (68)

Man of the Match: James

With Popov and Pedro both still injured, once again Giacomelli had to play up front, and he didn't have a very good game. He had 6 very good chances and only got 2 of them on target, which were straight at the keeper. The game was very even though and a draw was a fair result in the end.

League Position after the game: 4th

Game 3 Coca Cola Championship - Swindon 3 - 1 The Softies

Goalscorers: James (18)

Goalscorers: Johansonn (13), Emerson (37, 45)

Man of the Match: Emerson

Completely played off the park. They defended very well and limited us to just 3 shots throughout the game. They are now top of the league and favourites to go up so I can't say I'm to dissapointed. We are still only 1 place off the playoffs as well.

League Position after the game: 7th

Game 3 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 4 - 0 Watford

Goalscorers: James (16), Pallesen (41), Popov (59), Giacomelli (90)

Man of the Match: Pallesen

Another good result which kept us in contention with the other playoff hopefulls. Allan James scored his 3rd header in as many games, which is astonishing for a defender with only 9 for heading! Popv made a good return after coming back from injury as well.

League Position after the game: 6th

Game 4 League Cup 3rd Round - The Softies 2 - 0 West Ham

Goalscorers: Kovarik (9), Giacomelli (15)

Man of the Match: Pallesen

The cup run continue after to early goals from Kovarik and Giacomelli. The game ws fairly even possesion wise, but We took our chances and they didn't. 4th round here we come :).

Through to the 4th Round. Drawn Against Leeds at home.

Game 5 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 0 - 1 Sheff Utd

Goalscorers: Smith (53)

Man of the Match: Smith

Very poor end to the month. This result has left us 3 points off the playoffs and right down to 10th position! We dominated the whole game and had many more chances but we just could not get the ball in to the back of the net.

League Position after the game: 10th.

League Table:

Pos Team Pts

1st Colchester 22
6th Ipswich 16
8th Burnley 14
9th West Brom 14
10th Softies 13
11th Sheff Wed 12
12th Crystal Palace 12
22nd Leyton Orient 5

dave safc
19-08-2008, 16:41
Good start Ridleys :thup:

I tried to sign James in my spell in charge, but he wouldn't come.

Keep it up mate :D

19-08-2008, 18:53
The Softies October Update

Game 1 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 1 - 1 Bristol Rovers

Goalscorers: Jordan (57)

Goalscorers: Beard (14)

Man of the Match: Jordan

Disappointing result. We could and should have one this game, despite them having more possesion than us. Our finishing was awful, and even Mitch Jordan's goal took a deflection off their defender before finding its way in to the back of the net.

League Position after the game: 8th

Game 2 Coca Cola Championship - Swansea 1 - 1 The Softies

Goalscorers: Pedro (76)

Goalscorers: Francis (52)

Man of the Match: Francis

2 games and 2 draws this month, which means we are still 3 points from the playoffs after 10 games. Swansea were 22nd in the league before the game and we really had to win this game. We couldn't though and it is a disappointing result in the end.

League Position after the game: 9th

Game 3 Coca Cola Championship - Colchester 3 - 3 The Softies

Goalscorers: Popov (46, 68, 84)

Goalscorers: Valdir (8), Young-Hoon (25, 33)

Man of the Match: Popov

Going down 3-0 at halftime is always an awful situation to be in and there was almost no chance of us rescuing any from the game. But an inspirational performance from the boys, Popov especially, meant that we did very well to draw against the league leaders. I do feel that with 10 more minutes we could have gone on and one the game, but it was not to be. 3 games and 3 draws so far this month, only 3 points from a possible 9. Not good enough really if we want to get promotion.

League Position after the game: 10th

Game 4 Coca Cola Championship - Leyton Orient 0 - 4 The Softies

Goalscorers: Popov (27, 34), Nyagolov (30), Turnbull (90)

Man of the Match: Popov

3 goals in 7 minutes sealed our first win of the month in this game. We outplayed them and possibly could have won by a much larger margin than we did. Popov had another good game as his league tally is now 9 goals in 9 league appearences.

League Position after the game: 10th

Game 5 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 1 - 0 Bradford

Goalscorers: Popov (44)

Man of the Match: Popov

2 wins in a row, continuing the unbeaten run to 5 games now. Popov played well again, notching up his 3rd Man of the Match award in the row, taking his total to 4, the most in the league.

League Position after the game: 7th

Game 6 Coca Cola Championship - Brighton 2 - 3 The Softies

Goalscorers: Pedro (15, 68), Turnbull (49)

Goalscorers: Nijs (38), Jones (59)

Man of the Match: Pedro

A deserved victory for us in this game, and the end to an unbeaten month. We are now back up in the playoff places and I feel there is a lot more to come from the team.

League Position after the game: 6th

League Table:

Pos Team Pts

1st Colchester 31
4th Swindon 28
5th Ipswich 26
6th Softies 25
7th Man City 24
8th West Brom 24
22nd Hull 9

19-08-2008, 20:14
How have 4th-8th got more points than 1st ? ;)

Well done on being in the play offs too. :(

19-08-2008, 20:23
How have 4th-8th got more points than 1st ? ;)

I don't know what you mean? ;)

19-08-2008, 20:33
The Softies November Update

Game 1 League Cup 4th Round - The Softies 4 - 3 Leeds

Goalscorers: Pedro (48, 68), Iacob (99), Giacomelli (114)

Goalscorers: Deckers (6), Yates (61), Vasilev (104)

Man of the Match: Pedro

Magnificent performance! 2 goals in extra time meant that we were through to the Quarter Final of the League Cup, for only the 2nd time in the clubs history (the last time being in 2020). Pedro played a massive part in the win as his 2 goals took us in to extra time.

Through to the 5th Round. Drawn against Arsenal at home.

Game 2 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 2 - 0 Stoke

Goalscorers: James (45), Lynch (79)

Man of the Match: James

4th league win in a row for us now as we steadily progress up the league table, towards the automatic promotion spots, which does not look out of reach at this early stage of the season.

League Position after the game: 5th

Game 3 Coca Cola Championship - Crystal Palace 2 - 2 The Softies

Goalscorers: James (38), Giacomelli (58)

Goalscorers: Carroll (28), Thomas (70)

Man of the Match: James

Fairly decent result for us I think. They were in good form coming in to this game, as were we and neither team deserved to win or lose I don't think, so in the end it was a good result for both sides.

League Position after the game: 5th

Game 4 Coca Cola Championship (TV) - The Softies 1 - 0 Middlesbrough

Goalscorers: Giacomelli (57)

Man of the Match: Rankine

Comfortable win in this game. We completely dominated and should have scored way more than 1 goal. Their keeper tried his best to keep his team in the game but Giacomelli's wonderful goal won us the game.

League Position after the game: 5th

Game 5 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 3 - 2 Hull

Goalscorers: Pedro (Pen 45), James (68), Lynch (80)

Goalscorers: Lovell (45), Blackhouse (90)

Man of the Match: Lovell

Another comfortable win, even though we conceded 2 goals. Allan James scored yet another header and Pedro took his penalty very well. We are still in the playoff positions and have been 10 games without losing.

League Position after the game: 5th

Game 6 Coca Cola Championship - Norwich 3 - 5 The Softies

Goalscorers: Pedro (7, 11, 22, 81), Giacomelli (70)

Goalscorers: Conway (13), Petit (68, 80)

Man of the Match: Pedro

Possibly the best result we have had this season, they were 2nd in the league and I think it was a game we had to get a result from, and we did not disappoint. Pedro had an absolute stormer, with 4 goals!

League Position after the game: 5th

League Table:

Pos Team Pts

1st Colchester 46
2nd West Ham 41
3rd Swindon 41
4th Norwich 40
5th Softies 38
6th Crystal Palace 34

19-08-2008, 23:05
Someone's enjoying the font colours a little too much ;)

Looks like a good season though :thup:

19-08-2008, 23:14
Thought the thread thread could do with a bit more colour, that's all :D

19-08-2008, 23:35
The Softies December Update

Game 1 Coca Cola Championship - Leicester 1 - 2 The Softies

Goalscorers: Popov (23), Pedro (72)

Goalscorers: Stubbs (17)

Man of the Match: Hardy

Pretty luck win to be honest. Goalkeeper, James Hardy played the best he's played all season and deserved his Man of the Match award. Quality finishing from Popov and Pedro won us the game as well. Good result.

League Position after the game: 4th

Game 2 League Cup Quarter Final - The Softies 0 - 1 Arsenal

Goalscorers: Weib

Man of the Match: Weib

Great effort against the holders of the Premiership. We played very well and were unlucky to come away from the game with a defeat. Pedro and Popov were very unlucky, both hitting the bar. This will definately keep the lads high on confidence as well after coming so close to an upset.

Knocked out in the League Cup Quarter Final.

Game 3 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 7 - 0 Ipswich

Goalscorers: James (3, 26), Hodgson own goal (8), Pedro (21), Popov (36), Jirousek (Pen 54), Nyagolov (63)

Man of the Match: James

Absolutely amazing result. 5 goals up before half time and we were cruising. This is now our 13th game unbeaten and it didn't prove to be an unlucky one. We are now also just 3 points off 2nd place, with a game in hand. Things are looking very good!

League Position after the game: 4th

Game 4 Coca Cola Championship - Dagenham & Redbridge 2- 2 The Softies

Goalscorers: Popov (45), James (73)

Goalscorers: Marshell (18), Jirousek own goal (83)

Man of the Match: Waite

Quite a poor result. We could have gone 2nd if we'd have won this game, but their keeper rescued them from losing. Once again Pedro hit the bar and with just a little bit more luck we would have won the game but it was not to be.

League Position after the game: 4th

Game 5 Coca Cola Championship - West Ham 2 - 0 The Softies

Goalscorers: Mitchell (20), Keeble (45)

Man of the Match: Mitchell

Unbeaten runs always have to come to an end someday, and ours came to an end in this game. We didn't play well and we have dropped down a position in the league (with West Ham overtaking us). I still think we can get in the top 2 though.

League Position after the game: 5th

Game 6 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 2 - 2 Burnley

Goalscorers: Popov (45, 54)

Goalscorers: Yeo (Pen 30), Spencer (80)

Man of the Match: Popov

Another draw. We haven't won in 3 games now and things aren't looking as good as they were this time last month. We are now 4 points behind West Ham in 4th position and Man City, 1 place behind us, are only 1 point behind us now.

League Position after the game: 5th

Game 7 Coca Cola Championship - Sheffield Wednesday 4 - 4 The Softies

Goalscorers: Jordan (11, 18), Popov (14, 82)

Goalscorers: Haynes (29, 90), Groves (53), Ander Saizar (60)

Man of the Match: Jordan

We just have no luck on our side anymore. 4 games without a win now. We were 3 goals up withing 20 minutes and then we just threw it away. We went back in front in the 82nd minute but they got extremely lucky and scored the luckiest goal ever in the 90th minute. Shocking.

League Position after the game: 6th

League Table:

Pos Team Pts

1st Colchester 64
2nd Swindon 56
3rd Norwich 53
4th West Ham 53
5th Man City 48
6th Softies 47

In other news, both the Stadium Expansion and the upgrade for the Training and Youth facilities has been complete. The stadium is now a 26,444 all-seater stadium.

20-08-2008, 08:57
Great up dates Ridleys. What is the bank balance at the Softies like? I would guess the big stadium makes all the difference for you guys?

20-08-2008, 09:02
having a good season Ridleys... just when i thought you were making a push for the top spot you have a wobble though.... unlucky ;)

20-08-2008, 12:35
Great up dates Ridleys. What is the bank balance at the Softies like? I would guess the big stadium makes all the difference for you guys?

I'll put a screenshot in at the end of the next update for you.

20-08-2008, 13:31
The Softies January + February Update

January started with one of the clubs best players, Frank Pallesen, leaving the club for £3.6m, after the board felt the offer was to good to turn down. This meant that I had to sign someone to replacce him as well. Then I cam across this guy:

Vasily Semenov (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/Semenov.jpg) | Coach Report (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/SemenovReport.jpg)

Semenov was recommended by my scouts, and despite failing his initial Work Permit application, he signed for us on his second time of trying. My coaches now think he is one of the best players at the club, with some of my coaches saying he is good enough for a premiership side.

Game 1 Coca Cola Championship - Cardiff 1 - 0 The Softies

Goalscorers: Perry

Man of the Match: Perry

Poor start to the month and our 5th game without a win. They were no more than an average team, but we still couldn't get the win. Not good enough.

League Position after the game: 6th

Game 2 FA Cup 3rd Round - Man City 0 - 1 The Softies

Goalscorers: Giacomelli

Man of the Match: Hardy

A much better performance in this game and our first win in an unbelievable 5 games! We thoroughly deserved our win against the team that sit one place above us in the league. This was the FA Cup though and anything can happen.

Through to the 4th Round. Drawn against Tottenham away.

Game 3 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 2 - 1 West Brom

Goalscorers: Popov (3, 37)

Goalscorers: France (9)

Man of the Match: Popov

Our first league win for 5 league games and once again it was thoroughly deserved. We dominated the first half and attacked well and in the second half we defended well and limited them to just 2 shots in the whole of the half.

League Position after the game: 6th

Game 4 Coca Cola Championship - Man City 2 - 1 The Softies

Goalscorers: Giacomelli (82)

Goalscorers: Stevens (30, 45)

Man of the Match: Stevens

We knew that we could get a result here after we did so well against them in the FA Cup, but it was not to be. They outplayed us in the first half and were 2 up at half time. Our goal came to late and we could not get anything from the game in the end.

League Position after the game: 6th

Game 5 FA Cup 4th Round - Tottenham 2 - 1 The Softies

Goalscorers: Popov (71)

Goalscorers: Medina (47, 54)

Man of the Match: Medina

Good effort from the whole team in this game. We were unlucky to concede their second goal, which looked offside from where I was sitting, but the Ref allowed the goal. We got one back in the 71st minute but once again it came too late.

Knocked out in the 4th Round.

Game 6 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 5 - 1 Swindon

Goalscorers: Pedro (13, 16, 42), Giacomelli (66, 77)

Goalscorers: Smith (10)

Man of the Match: Pedro

Absolutely fantastic result! After this result I can't believe that they were favourites to win the league. We completely outplayed them and they had no reply after we scored the 2nd goal to go in to the lead.

League Position after the game: 6th

Game 7 Coca Cola Championship - Watford 1 - 3 The Softies

Goalscorers: Giacomelli (61, 63, 72)

Goalscorers: Adriano (4)

Man of the Match: Giacomelli

Fantastic second half hattrick from Giacomelli helped us win this game comfortably. We cold have scored more than 3 goals, but we only had 5 shots on target out of a possible 17! I think we need to work on finishing.

League Position after the game: 6th

Game 8 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 3 - 2 Swansea

Goalscorers: James (8), Pedro (33, 40)

Goalscorers: Osman (23, 30)

Man of the Match: Osman

Another good result for The Softies as they get closer to the teams in front of them. All 5 goals came in a very exciting first half of the game, and we sat back and defended for the 2nd half.

League Position after the game: 6th

Game 9 Coca Cola Championship - The Softies 0 - 0 Colchester

Man of the Match: Jordan

Our first goal less draw of the season, and it wasn't actually a bad result. Colchester are top of the league by quite a margin and we couldn't really afford to lose this game. We had chances to win the game, as did they, but neither side could manage to get the ball in the back of the net by the end of the game.

League Position after the game: 5th

Game 10 Coca Cola Championship - Bristol Rovers 1 - 1 The Softies

Goalscorers: Pedro (49)

Goalscorers: Forster (17)

Man of the Match: Forster

How on earth did we not win this game, is what I want to know. We had much more posession than them and at least 10 more chances than them, but we could not get that crucial winning goal.

League Position after the game: 4th

Game 11 Coca Cola Championship - Sheff Utd 2 - 2 The Softies

Goalscorers: Popov (7), Jordan (68)

Goalscorers: Pellicer (5), Smith (18)

Man of the Match: Smith

The final game of an unbeaten month in February. This result leaves us one point behind Norwich in 4th, 5 points behind Man City in 3rd, but still 13 points behind Swindon in 2nd place. A playoff position looks the most realistic finish for us now.

League Position after the game: 5th

League Table:

Pos Team Pts

1st Colchester 84
2nd Swindon 75
3rd Man City 67
4th Norwich 63
5th Softies 62
6th Crystal Palace 61

Finances (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn238/Ridleys44/Finances.jpg)

Finances are looking pretty good, we were losing quit a bit of money before the stadium expansion was complete, but we are making money some months now. The balance was also boosted by the transfer money we got from Frank Pallesen's move to Coventry for £3.6m

20-08-2008, 14:03
solid couple of months Ridleys. play-offs wouldn't be a bad season really. Semenov looks like he could be aquality midfielder. scouts did well finding him!

20-08-2008, 14:19
The centre mid looks a very good signing.

Some chunky bank loans included in the finances there, I think the Monkeys are debt free, not 100% on that though.

I think you have been unlucky that two teams have ran away with the league as they have, but you've definitely had a great season and bought some impressive looking players.

dave safc
20-08-2008, 14:42
Quality updates ridleys :thup:

Having a great season there.

20-08-2008, 15:02
Great stuff ridleys, there seems to be goals coming from everywhere, KUTGW

20-08-2008, 15:04
Can Semenov play at either DM or AMC?

I'm up soon and I use a diamond formation that doesn't use MCs, it would be a shame to waste a player like that.

20-08-2008, 15:13
He can only play CM at the moment, dafuge.

However I can start re-training him to one of those positions for you if you like?

20-08-2008, 16:06
He can only play CM at the moment, dafuge.

However I can start re-training him to one of those positions for you if you like?

That would be great, which do you think he would be better at?

I initially thought DM with 19 for tackling, but he only has 5 for marking and jumping, perhaps AMC would be better? Creativity of 20 should be good for that.

20-08-2008, 16:08
I think DM would be better. We have plenty of attacking options already, whereas we are lacking defensive options.

20-08-2008, 16:10
When you select the new position does he have the same level for both DM and AMC?

20-08-2008, 16:21
That's a LOT of debt the Softies have taken on, but no doubt manageable if you fill the ground. I wondered how all those stadium increases were being funded - that explains it.

Their board must be much more ambitious than the Monkeys - the Softies stadium is now a full 20,000 bigger, despite us being at the same level.

I wonder if for next time (for there surely will be...), we should edit from scratch two identical teams with identical boards to keep things completely even.