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28-10-2011, 22:35
Ok, my other thread was shamelessly closed with no help offered at all. Since I still refuse to play the game in Russian (a CD I bought legally with a legal key) and no one wants to help me revert it back to English... Even if it is not possible out of the box, surely as a loyal customer I am entitled to a little bit more than just: "It ain't possible. Now bugger off". If you believe the myth that we Russians supposedly still get our games for much cheaper and should just shut up - don't. I paid 20 pounds for mine, it's 23 on Amazon. Not much of a difference, considering I can't play the game as I want to, and you can. Surely someone can privately help me, on a person by person basis. 99% of Russian customers are happy about the fact that FM has been finally translated, I'm probably one of the very few who isn't happy. There isn't going to be an influx of identical requests.

Anyway, having lost all hope, I have another question (two, actually, though one is far-fetched):
1) If I buy the game directly from Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/71270/
what will it be? Proper or Russian? If I reside in Russia, my account is Russian, what will the downloaded version be? I don't want to pay for the same game twice and get a second Russian version. Please be sure when you reply.
2) Is it even remotely possible to just pay the difference between the Russian version and the proper one, and get the proper one? Or sell my key back to Steam and pay for the English one?

Look, I just want to play the game in English. I couldn't even imagine it could be so hard. To play a game in the language it was created in. Am I really so wrong to ask for this? And not get any help? Not an email, not a phone number of someone who might just help me somehow?