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17-10-2011, 14:45
We’ve all played Football Manager for years and the majority of us played Championship manager for even longer before that. So ingrained into our lives is the game that at any social event the single word of “champo” can launch us into a discussion with people we’ve only just met that can last so long that our wives and girlfriend’s will go in a huff and not talk to us for days afterwards.

We’ll gladly devote hours every night to sitting in front of computer screens staring at figures despite having moaned at work all day about doing exactly the same thing.

Yet if anyone suggested we were geeks we take great offence. Geeks are the people who play world of warcraft for hours on end not champo. To the unenlightened the difference is non-existent but we no so so much better.

Some of the most important friendships in my life have been formed or strengthened by this one game and yet I find myself with a problem.

Over the years I’ve played in every major and selected minor European leagues. I’ve managed in both the USA and South America. I even took a spell in the far east to add some spice to the game. I’ve taken teams from the fourth tier of English football to the heights of European glory and managed countless international teams to success. I even once in a misplaced attempt to stop a fellow manager’s bragging claimed to have taken Liverpool to the title on the FM 2009 demo despite the demo only lasting six months.

In all I’ve pretty much played the game dry. And in recent years I’ve slipped into specialty leagues, these have included playing Manchester Utd and Barcelona but only with native English and Spanish players. And filling Tottenham with a full team of re-gens that could still challenge for the title.

So this year I have decided to set myself a challenge from the start. I aim to win continental silverware in each of the following federations;


To achieve my objective I have decided after several research leagues in FM 2011 to go with the following countries within those federations;

South Africa

These leagues are not all the power houses of their respective regions but I believe that I will be able to achieve my goals with teams from these leagues in due time.

To make the challenge more realistic I have also decided to not start at a Chelsea FC or Santos but to begin in the A-League with Sydney FC. I understand that they are one of the better teams in the league but having played the A-league I feel that this advantage is deserved given the challenge ahead.

And so the challenge is that.

If I can achieve continental success in Australia I will then try to gain a management position in South Africa. But obviously this may not be straight forward and I may indeed spend several seasons in the A-League after achieving my goal before I am able to move. Likewise when I am ready to move on to the Premier League I believe I would need to be incredibly lucky to land a job at Arsenal or Manchester straight away so a lower table team may be needed to get my foot into the English door. Perhaps even my own beloved Middlesbrough could be a port of call on my journey.

But that is the challenge I’ve set myself and here we go.

17-10-2011, 14:50
there is a challenge forum. link (http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/31-Challenges-Sign-Ups-amp-Experiments)

I see you have Brazil on the list.. *thumbs up* .. my favorite league.

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