View Full Version : Option to start the game earlier- incorporate WC/Euro's anyone?

Robert the Spud
08-10-2011, 14:37
Maybe this is a terrible idea- but, with FM11 for instance, I always wanted the chance to manage at the 2010 World Cup. Obviously the game starts after the tournament has finished, and therefore a 4 season wait is mandatory. Instead, how about we get the option to start the game 2 weeks before the tournament(WC/Euro's/Copa America etc) starts so that we can play through the summer with a national team? All transfers already updated etc.

Good, bad, indifferent?

08-10-2011, 15:38
not bothered, would you pick your squad then or would it be automatic?

08-10-2011, 15:46
IIRC you can travel back in time & start the game with one of the summer league nations, sure FM11 gave you get the option of the game date being Feb'10 or Feb'11.

The Welsh Lad
08-10-2011, 17:46
Unfortunately can't get back to the World Cup even if you go back to before the summer of 2010 because the qualifiers are not able to be played do to them started in 2007 because the qualification process for the African Nations also acted has qualification for the 2010 African Cup of Nations.

In FM12 the furthest you will be able to get back to (if nations in the game are the same as FM11) will be November 2010 by loading Malaysia which will miss the first 3 scheduled fixture dates of the European Qualifications.

15-04-2012, 16:25
Actually I prefer to start in game early and not accept offers from leagues will not starting in the winter season. This makes good challenge... But i usually prefer load all nations and not only summer leagues... And play as journeyman...

November 2010 - Malaysia
December 2010 - Brazil, Chile, Colombia and DR Congo*, Mali*, North Korea*, Iceland, Guinea* is few examples for FM2012

* denotes league is not out of the box...