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zak bentley
15-06-2008, 02:20
I'm MK Dons in CCC 2010 and have Arsenal as parent club. Last year in L1 I had Kieran Gibbs on loan and at the end of the season he left with MK Dons as his favoured club.
Now in this season he's up for loan again and when I put in a bid he rejects. Why won't he move? It's a step up from last year?!

15-06-2008, 02:30
That happened to me with weston-super-mare. I think after a year playing in L1 Gibbs' reputaion have improved more than your club. Thats what I put it down to. Try again just before the start of the season you might have more luck then.

15-06-2008, 03:02
It's quite realistic. He might feel that he's on the fringe of arsenal's 1st team squad and wants lower EPL loan experience, for instance.

15-06-2008, 04:00
Anyway, and as FM BEAR suggests, keep this in mind for ANY kind of transfer, especially free agents and loans where the team accepts but the player doesn't:

31th August is the best date to sign them (if no other team has done so far, that is).

I've managed to sign even some of those players that claim "not to be interested in signing for your team" at all... but as days go by and they realize no one wants them, they begin changing their minds.

I had a couple of similar cases to yours. I was in Spanish Segunda B and I managed to get a couple of really good young guys on loan from Real Madrid. They were too good to play in Segunda B, but quite young as well.

Next year, they didn't want to come, but I insisted countless times and they finally accepted to come on loan again when the transfer window was about to end, because no better teams had made any bids.

Next year, I was promoted to Segunda, and they both finished their contracts, which were not renewed by Real Madrid. I insisted countless times offering them the best of my contracts, but they didn't want to come despite I was in Segunda and was one of his favoured clubs. However, their responses to my offers were taking longer to arrive each time (presumably, because they were slowly realizing that my team wasn't a bad option considering they had no other offers), and about 29th August they finally accepted my offer and signed for my team. They were then with me for like 3 years, til I sold them for good cash, lol.

Hope it helps.