View Full Version : A bug that freezes my PSP :(

30-07-2011, 14:54
So I have just found a bug that freezes my PSP, I have also been able to recreate it several times to make sure it wasn't a one off.

To do this:
1. Load up a save as any team.
2. When you have to choose your expectations for the season, click the bottom one but don't confirm it.
3. Then go back to the main menu.
4. Then click on your team name and go down to information.
5. Once in your information screen press the "O" button BUT don't adjust budjets.
6. Then press the "L" button 3 times so you are back at
your expectations screen.
7. Next I went to press confirm but i was on cancel, I then moved up back to confirm and then my PSP froze.

This has happened several times on saves.

How did you find this?

After reading expectations I usually got to check if we are over the wage budget and go back to confirm my expectations.

This is very frustrating and is stopping me start new saves as this occurs most times.

David Milmine
01-08-2011, 11:53
Hi there

When you say your PSP froze, do you mean it switched off or got stuck on a screen?

01-08-2011, 12:30
The screen freezes and you can't do anything, I have to turn of my PSP to reset it.

David Milmine
01-08-2011, 14:20
There are some existing navigation problems on the season expectations screen.

What seems to be happening is the cursor is getting stuck. My advice would be, when viewing the Finances or Adjust Budgets section, to navigate to the News screen by selecting the News button from the bottom left of the screen. Then you will be able to Respond to the board's expectations request from there.