View Full Version : Few German players want to play for FC Bayern on 11.3

28-07-2011, 01:28
I've just started a new game on 11.3 patch with FC Bayern in Bundesliga. In real life FCBM is known for buying best German players from Bundesliga, it's a part of club philosophy. But under new patch, it's hardly possible to contract decent Bundesliga player for Bayern. Even an average players from mid-table teams doesn't want to change to rekordmeister :( Christian Träsch is not interested, Per Mertesacker is not interested, Marko Marin is not interested, Marco Reus is not interested, Benedikt Höwedes is not interested, Arturo Vidal is not interested AT ALL, just to name a few... I can sign Cesc Fabregas, Giorgio Chiellini, Gianluigi Buffon, Thomas Vermaelen, Carlos Tevez, Gareth Bale, foreign world class players, the scouts say they would be very interested joining the team, but for some reason 90% of national players does not want to play for biggest German club at all.

28-07-2011, 02:25
Might be because of rivalries(doesn't everyone hate Bayern in Germany?) i think people were having this issue on Italy as well.

28-07-2011, 02:31
The rivalry thing is just ridiculous and needs to be looked at seriously!

28-07-2011, 02:34
You will also experience trouble in the future when trying to sign youth from other German clubs. I often found they wouldn't even be interested in wanting to discuss terms with me, sure I only got 4 seasons in with Bayern but I saw a trend setting, I was a consistent Bundesliga + German Cup winner and had obtained the Champions League on an occasion. I figured they'd be slightly interested..

The problem is the rivalries as Bayern have loads, even foreign teams are a problem.

28-07-2011, 03:46
Might be because of rivalries(doesn't everyone hate Bayern in Germany?) i think people were having this issue on Italy as well.

They do. But to be a supporter is one thing, and to be a profi player is quite another. There are many former rival players who switched to Bayern. Gomez, Klose, Altintop, Neuer - just to name a few. The aspect of rivalry in Bundesliga is quite specific. No one can truly compete with the Bavarians, but everyone want to beat them at least once in the season. It is not the same rivalry as City and United in EPL. Game against Bayern is always spacial event for every bundesliga team -to beat FC Bayern is always a big thing. But if one player or another has chance to play for the Bundesliga giants, he change. Neuer is good example of Schalke youth, and Schalke ultra fanclub member, who play in FCBM now. Bayern is just above all, this is the reason why every team rivalize with them. And this is the same reason, why every German player want to play for them. On 11.2 and older patches it was quite realistic though. 11.3 makes Bundesliga unplayable in my opinion.

28-07-2011, 05:10
The game always assume players playing for a team are actually a fan of that said team, wich more often than not is not true. You can count on your fingers how many professional players actually play in teams they cheer for. Its a job for them just like any other, and if a better offer comes by, of course they would consider.

I agree the rivalry thing is a tad silly at times. Sometimes i wanna offer a wage thats 5 times higher just to convince a player to come and he doesnt even want to listen to my offer. Now tell me how many real players would do that.

Eles Gergo
28-07-2011, 05:46
Currently the rivalry settings prohibit transfers sometimes. But the players that you mentioned might have other clubs listed as favourites, hence the refusals. Try this:

- offer a very good contract to a rival teams player (offer ridiculous transfer money for him so the club accepts - P.S> save and reload, save and reload, etc.....)

- offer the same for a player who is not at your rival club.

Do this to see what amount of money do you need to get the likes of say Manuel Friedrich (from Bayern Leverkusen, or anybody else this is just an example)