View Full Version : A success and a reminder

Pacman Jones
08-06-2011, 13:30
Hey all,

I made a thread a few years back about how I had never achieved any sort of EPL FA cup win, CL trophy, and how I had finished runners up multiple times. Now.... This year it has changed and I am so glad.


So I am an icon at Boston, been there 20 years (should be a legend) and have won a hat trick of EPL's and 3 League Cups as well as a CL. Now, I am delighted to announce that when I resigned for the England job I was applauded and remained an Icon. This makes me very happy that resigning doesn't mean you are hated.

08-06-2011, 13:45
Same here, just did a 'test' and left the club still holding onto my Icon status. Well done SI!

So then, since when has this been implemented?