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09-05-2011, 03:05
Hey everybody, sorry to make a new thread for this but was looking for somebody to put my mind at rest. I started a new game the other day with the intention of making it a journeyman/career save. I started unemployed with leagues down to Blue Square North/South selected in England and some other European leagues. I took the first job that I was offered at Blue Square South team Bromley, I have been really enjoying the game and doing quite well but just as all was going well I checked my manager profile and I have selected 'Automatic' instead of 'Sunday league footballer'. My reputation is now regional and I am aware that it would usually be unproven. I'm OCD about these things and was just wondering will me selecting 'Automatic' affect my career save (i.e get unrealistic job offers). Hopefully this won't be the case as I took a job in the BSS. Any advice would be great thanks.