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30-04-2011, 08:49
I was wondering if SI would consider using some of the concepts from it in FM12 or FM13. I played FML for a little while and I thought some of the features were really good and quite well executed. I think the following would work well

1. The Stadium customisation- creating your own stands and upgrading seating etc.- I thought that was a very clever addition and I enjoyed the ability to tailor my stadium to the clubs needs.
2. The Youth Academies- Again the ability to pick a country to build a youth academy was, in my view, a great way to customise your club.
3. The Managerial Skill Tree- this system (with its RPG elements) was more useful than having a bunch of superficial numbers saying how much you do one thing or another (domestic bias etc). By increasing the skills of your manager and thus the benfits to your club, there was a real sense of progression. Being able to develop your Manager within the game itself I think would be a real asset to the game allowing Players to specialise in areas of management they wanted to.

30-04-2011, 12:15
Not too sure how implimenting 1 or 3 into the game would make it feel as it might take away some of the realism I am however in favour of the Youth Academies being built in the nation of your choice, I used to change countries every couple of seasons in Sanchez and always looked forward to seeing the next big things coming through the youth system

30-04-2011, 16:55
It's #3 that most appeals to me.

30-04-2011, 22:37
i like 1 an 2 as i like customistation aspects but this would have to be optional as im sure lots of people wouldnt like it.

01-05-2011, 00:22
I like 3, can tie in nicely with past experience as well (starting xp)

01-05-2011, 00:33
Can imagine (random) Premier League manager demanding x many love seats, x many corporate boxes and x many whatever

Appreciate the FML link but this idea has no relevance in FM