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19-03-2011, 00:27
Im currently p;aying with Southampton doing the second season and currently in the championship and i had this 17 year old kid that generated from the youth system and was 4 stars as potential that could lead him to be a good premiership defender in the future.. He was valued at 170k...

I was monitoring his progress and looked like a pretty good prospect.. I thought maybe if i will be in the premiership until he will be considered to play for the first team and is not good i will get a decent sum for him if i decided to sell..

Loaned him out int BSP and he did pretty well and i was getting offers for him in the 200-250k region which i rejected until i got an offer of 325k and the chairman felt the offer was too good to turn down... :mad:

Obviously i couldnt do anything about it and he leaves with me being listed in his favourite personnel..

Seriously though the kid had potential and even though he wont be the next Maldini, surely i could get a much better offer in around a year or two.. I found this to be quite annoying to be honest and i hope it doesnt happen to often since i like to buy alot of youth but what is the point of it if they go for a ridicolous sum!!

19-03-2011, 00:36
325k doesn't sound like a huge sum if he was valued at 170k so I can see what you mean...personally I wouldn't have loaned him to BSQ Prem at 17, don't know if that woud'be hidden him away a bit?!

19-03-2011, 00:43
Well yeah i often like to loan out players when they are 18 years or older but his stats were pretty good for the BSP and thought it would be better for him to get some "real" games instead of playing reserve and youth football and infact it went well...

19-03-2011, 00:52
I generally don't like to loan players who are under 18 as I don't feel they will develop as much at a club where they are good enough to play in the first team at 17 as that kind of implies it's not a great club. Also if you are Southampton then your youth facilities are probably pretty good for league one. Maybe he still would've been poached, who knows, but hopefully you will think twice in future and be a little more protective of your youth talents and nurture them at your club.

19-03-2011, 12:44
you know Southampton's a superstar factory don't you?

Bale, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana, etc..