View Full Version : Player Of The Month

17-03-2011, 15:04
This must be a bug i have had a player of the month and he has not played a single game in the month plus also had a player of the month and he only played one game in the month and never got man of the match that game and only got a rating of a 7

David Milmine
17-03-2011, 15:28
We are aware of issues with player of the month awards. However, if you have a save game that is just before the award being given to someone in a similar situation to the above then it would be useful if you sent it to us. A guide on how to do that is here. (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/254587-How-to-extract-and-send-us-your-save-game-file)

Could you also let me know whether or not you have updated to 2.3 update and continued a save from prior to that or started a new game?