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13-03-2011, 14:38
I've just been promoted into League 1. The problem is that I am currently 3 million in the red. My stadium (which we don't even own) has just a 2000 capacity, and my wage budget is 41k. We are currently losing money to the tune of 150-200k every month!

I managed to reduce the wage bill slightly, but the savings this produced are very small and we I already have a small squad as it is. I feel like I need to majorly restructure the club, but I just don't know how to...

13-03-2011, 14:52
TBH there is very little you can do and there are limits on how far you can take some clubs.

Other than keeping under the wage budget as much as you can and not spending money on transfers you need to leave it to the board to sort out.

You need more capacity to raise more income but if your not filling your current stadium its not going to help.

Other than that you hope for a takeover where you get a board/chairman will put some money into the club.

13-03-2011, 15:14
We get capacity crowds (of 2000) in almost every league game, but the board say they can't afford to buy the stadium even though they agree with my sentiments. I'm hoping for a good FA Cup run to build up some monies!

13-03-2011, 15:27
Focusing on the cups is a good first step; that will give you both prize money and high attendances(and season cards are invalid).

For a longer term solution, the best IMO is to build up a good recruitment system, which will enable you to sell your 3-4 best players every year without damaging the team. Work permit is a problem because you're in england, but Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic are good places to find moderately good and cheap 16-19 year olds.

13-03-2011, 15:40
Oh, and the French lower leagues have a lot of cheap players good enough to play in league 1&2 that you can sell for a profit as well.

Just hound the board to increase your scout range and get the maximum number of scouts, and then scout these countries all the time.

13-03-2011, 15:44
Keep looking for free transfers, and be a bit of a selling club.