View Full Version : Football manager 2010 or football manager 2011

10-03-2011, 16:10
hey guys
Just wanted to know what game you prefer between those 2 after both released their last patch 11.3/10.3 and why?

10-03-2011, 16:23
I don't remember 10.3

10-03-2011, 16:27
I don't remember 10.3

So why bother answer? What was the point of you saying that? Are you paid on commision per post...

I prefer 11.3 - It feels a more rounded game that requires more detailed attention and 'man management' - I dont think its such a pick up and play game this year which i think is a good thing

10-03-2011, 16:32
It's a valid answer. I remember FM10, but I don't recall each individual patch.

10-03-2011, 16:33
11.3, but i, like swarfega cant remember much about 10.3 a year ago without playing since fm11 came out. im sure 10.3 was good though and i cant remember having complaints about it, much like 11.3. good in thier own right but i prefer the most up to date game features and what not.

10-03-2011, 20:27
for me, fm 10.3 was great and fm 11.3 is great! really enjoying 11.3 at the moment.

Master kool B
10-03-2011, 23:25
fm 2010 is the best so far

10-03-2011, 23:43
I had far better games on fm10, struggle to get one going this time, specially if I start at the top level seems way to easy on fm11, but havn't had any games with the new patch.