View Full Version : Do players ever take a wage cut to join our teams?

06-03-2011, 10:34
I am playing as Sunderland and trying to sign Davide Santon from Man City. He is currently in their reserves and has played 10 games in 4 seasons his current contract is 115k a week. I don't expect him to go much below that but after having a 3 million offer accepted I entered negotiations and he wanted 170k a week. I have tried 3 times now and he will not accept lower than 155k a week, I know lots of players won't take pay cuts in real life but to want a rise seems a bit silly. Is this down to the personality of the player or agent maybe?

Aaron Lennon is transfer listed at Spurs for 10 million and listed as unwanted by the club. He is on 135k a week but wants 200k a week when negotiations start I got him down to 140k but no less on two attempts. Surely there must be a point in a players career when he wants to play football? Maybe I am just a bad negotiator but I have successfully got players wages down before. I suppose it could all be in the hidden stats.

Overall I guess its the fact that some players want a pay rise when they have hardly played any games in their career. Do these players ever ask the selling club to pay some of their wages to make a move possible? I have had that happen once on FM10 and never again.

John Smith
06-03-2011, 10:42
It's a good feature if done right but FM10 was wholly unrealistic with partial wage contributions. You can have a player on 50k/wk and asking for 48k/wk to leave the club. It just doesn't make sense most of the time.

For FM11, you can try offering higher signing on fees to get them to accept lower wages. Just factor in the signing-on fee throughout the duration of the contract e.g. 1m / 52wk / 5 years. If done correctly you'll even save in the long run. And if you are on good terms with the agent, they will ask for a lower agent fee too.

06-03-2011, 10:46
im sure irl if they were in the reserves and played so many games in so many seasons theyd no doubt take a pay cut for a chance of regular football.

06-03-2011, 14:15
Do we ever get players where their previous clubs pay a percentage of their wages? I've had a few occasions where I've had to pay players for years after, but never seen this when a player is leaving an AI club (whether for me or another AI club)

06-03-2011, 14:29
This is a minor problem area IMO, yes I know some players IRL do stay at a club in the reserves, turn up to training and collect thier pay packet (Winston Bogarde for Chelsea and Mark Bosnich for Man Utd come to mind). But the majority would happily take some sort of paycut to move, this could be improved IMO.

06-03-2011, 15:11
i think most players irl would happily take a lower wage if it meant reguler first team action ive had the same problem when trying to sign kolorov and boetang from man city in my game both want more than there curently being paid to rot in citys reservs irl i think the players would acept that a fair trade of would be a lower wage with first team action. or maybe its just citys oil money gone to there head loll :rolleyes:

06-03-2011, 19:15
ive never once seen it, they ALWAYS demand more or stay in the reserves then just die out without a club.