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05-03-2011, 14:30
I know this topic has been spoken of on numerous occasions..

but it truly does annoy me. I am Charlton, first season, and after 15 games was top, undefeated....until a bad run came, where I lost 5 out of the next 7!! I know people are going to say, it happened to Chelsea IRL, etc etc, BUT, it has happened to me on EVERY save I have played. And no, I havent had any injuries, etc.

I dont know whether its a bug or not, but I just hope SI can have a look at it :)

Just some constructive criticism

05-03-2011, 15:00
If you have gone 15 games undefeated you should be expecting at some stage of the season you'll have a bad patch.

If you look back on any season (FM or RL) you can highlight runs of good form & bad form.

As a manger within FM you need to do what you can to extend the good runs of form and recognise when it goes bad doing what you can as early as you can to make the bad runs as short as possible.

05-03-2011, 16:41
When is it always the case that a bad patch must always follow a run of 15 games unbeaten? Why can't I ever have Arsenal-type seasons where I go unbeaten and never have a bad patch? Even Man United this season have never really had a bad patch - they've been reasonably consistent, always picking up points in most games.

In real life this season, QPR have lost 3 in 34. Brighton have lost 5 in 31, including going completely unbeaten at home. Chesterfield have lost 5 in 34. AFC Wimbledon only lost 7 in 36, and Crawley have lost 3 in 30.

Season long good runs do last, especially if you're the best team in the league.

However, in FM, a bad patch will always follow a good run, no matter what team you are, and it happens save after save after save. Not randomly for 1 season, not even for 4 seasons in a row, but every season!

05-03-2011, 17:26
This is my problem Damian! Exactly that!!

Season expectations mid table. After good run to december we 2nd couple of draws odd loss but then BANG, I cant even buy a win.

Game after Game, Season after Season. I've never really settled in this version of FM compared to others where I have gone 20-30 seasons in a single game, this one its painful to go 1 season.

05-03-2011, 17:37
Even the worst "bad patch after a good run" in recent real life (Chelsea) wasn't that bad - they lost a few and drew a few. It definitely wasn't a case of them winning 10 in a row, and then losing 10 in a row. The FM bad patch is always ridiculously bad, and seemingly irrevisible (I'm sure there's a way but my assistant doesn't tell me).

05-03-2011, 17:43
Lol something to do with you/your team/tactics. I've had lots of long unbeaten streaks, longest 101. Unbeaten seasons also are more than possible. I've had 5 so far on this game, some people have had perfect seasons (all wins). It's far from impossible to recover from unexpected losses, I do it all the time.

05-03-2011, 17:47
Pompey's runs this year have been pretty weird. In the league they started with seven games without a win (five losses), then won 6-1 and went seven games unbeaten (six wins). Another four without a win (three losses), then four without defeat (two wins) then seven without a win (five defeats) and then six wins without conceding a goal.

Not quite ten wins followed by ten losses but still pretty weird.

Johnny Ace
05-03-2011, 17:52
Have you been keeping an eye on Player Motivation & making sure they're not looking complacent or nervous?

05-03-2011, 18:22
As usual in recent releases, it's all about morale...

You win a couple of games and BOOM morale is Superb and even your benchwarmers will be happy and overperforming... then after a long run overconfidence will creep in, you'll likely lose heavily one of those "0-2 after 15 minutes"/"0-1 despite 25-3 shots" matches, you'll have a negative team talk, morale will drop to Good and it's all downhill from there... You'll be lucky to steal a cheap win against relegation candidates or a draw against mid-table acts.
Until the cycle starts over...

I daresay it's easier having a 10 games undefeated streak than a more plausible string of up-and-downs...

It's a loop...

good results --> superb morale --> stellar results/performances --> winning streak --> complacency --> minor setback --> morale drop --> below average performances --> confidence rebuilding phase --> good results --> ad libitum

06-03-2011, 08:30
It's because your players are getting complacent. Good teams IRL go on good runs because their managers make sure they don't think they can go out and win every game just by turning up.

Possibly the worst thing you can do is keep praising your players after every win. Keep your players hungry and make sure they understand you will not settle for anything but 100% every game.

Basically, if every player in your squad has superb morale then you are doing it wrong.

If things don't go your way then have a look at whose fault it was.

Was it your fault for putting the team out in the wrong formation? Were you just unlucky? then theres no point screaming at the players.

But somtimes the team just go out and play like a a bunch of hippys playing hacky sack. This is when you need to kick some behind.

Usualy even in a poor performance there are some guys that played well, try to keep these players on your side. You will need them.

For the rest, try to target your more experienced players especialy. They should know better.

Try giving them a chance in the next game to prove themselves, if they keep playing poorly then drop them to the reserves for a couple of games.

06-03-2011, 09:28
I'm just impressed you can get Charlton top of the league. We suck.