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05-03-2011, 12:57
Playing my Bayern Munich save and at the end of each season the board add an extra 1700 seats, now this doesnt expand my capacity (69901) just raising the seating section but does this give you any extra money

i know in RL people pay more for seating than they do standing but is this reflected in the game ?

07-03-2011, 22:33


07-03-2011, 22:57
'Season Ticket' and 'Single Ticket' prices appear to be fixed values; ie the same for seating/standing and they will only rise or fall with club reputation. I could be wrong, but i've never seen anyone prove that Seating tickets have a different in-game value than Standing only tickets. My Cup gate receipts and Season Ticket income more or less matches what the attendance * price sum is or season ticket holders * price sum is.

Also, it doesn't seem to have a dramatic impact on ST sales either, my Stadium at Mainz has 14,000 seats, yet i've sold 15,000 Season Tickets in the 2010-2011 season.

Only way to find out for sure is to edit the stadium, make it a majority standing stadium and observe the gate receipts over the season, compared to a normal season. You could run a quick save game, German league only, holiday until June 2011 and compare gate receipts with your current game :thup:

07-03-2011, 23:01
it says 'average' ticket prices so it doesnt give seperate for standing or seating in the info

07-03-2011, 23:37
Standing is allowed in German domestic fixtures but in European competition it's not, so it will boost your European crowds and therefore gate money.

08-03-2011, 00:11
Cheers for the info, might try the quick save game too compare at some point.

This part prehaps should be in the suggestion thread but does anyone think this should be added to the game so all seater grounds give you extra income compared to mainly seating/mostly standing grounds.

TBH i know its probly only a minor detail but i think as the game continues to represent RL this should be added