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05-03-2011, 09:56
One of the joys of FM is developing that worldclass player, buying a youngster and making him a formidable force

My Problem with this!!!!!

In reality not every yougster you have is even good enough to be a sub; it annoys me when you have a quality yougster, who is not apart of you first team plan, and you try to loan him out..........u get a loan offer from a club with a top trianing facilites and he will be a valuabile member of the first team; but the p**ck wont leave. We should be able to talk directly to yougster considering loan offers and be able to suggest clubs to them and reasons why they should go to that club.

Otherwise what could be would, never be :mad:

Whilst on the topic of loaning yougsters, anyone know if a yougster will still progress if you loaned him to a team in a league i have not open, but has top training facilites and will be a valuable member of the first team?

05-03-2011, 10:11
Sometimes players won't.

The two examples that spring to mind are Michael Johnson and Jack Wilshere, who both pointedly refused to be loaned out to a club in a lesser division. IIRC, Johnson refused to be loaned out at all.