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04-03-2011, 21:36
I'm forever getting sick and tired of players wanting transfer requests because i apparently don't fullfill my promise. I tell a player hes got to start playing well in training and another that im putting in the reserves coz hes so bad (promising if he plays well he can have first team football). After a week or so i put him back into the first team, he starts and plays every game, for 5 out of 6 matches, and he wants to leave because I apparently didn't give him first team football. Absolute rubbish, a good game thats now starting to bore me with stupid features gone wrong.

Also to add to this whine thread, another ridiculous part of the game is teams rivals. I took over oldham athletic in league 1 and ive got them into the premiership and kept them there for 3 seasons, managing them for 7 seasons, and theyre fierce rivals with man utd and man city. Every game I play against them teams i lose, which isnt suprising, why the hell are my fans so disappointed? what do they expect against man utd and man city...

To add to this, I got to the semi final of the carling cup and yes, I have to play man utd in 2 legs :o. 6 Games a season losing to firece rivals, not fun.

Äktsjon Männ
04-03-2011, 22:20
Yea, this also happens when you bring in new players who can play in a position where you already have a few players. I like versatile players so this is so this is something I constantly have to deal with. When I tell the whining little sods that I still consider them first team they will hand in a transfer request somewhere down the line even if I play them in every game in the meantime. Luckily though, when you reject the request it mostly only results in a morale drop instead of lasting unhappiness.