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04-03-2011, 14:47
I am using steam to play football manager, and when i just opened up the game there was an error with my one and only save which i am currently in my 6th season of. The game did not come up with a load last game option nor would it let my load it up from the load game screen. Is there anything i can do seeing as this is the only game i have played since i bough fm11 i dont really want to start all over again

04-03-2011, 15:03
Hi Zondeki,

Check the FM 2011 folder in your personal/my documents at your computer , probably you can find your save game there.

Just do a new installation of FM 2011 on your pc, and you will find the save game available again.


04-03-2011, 17:36
How do i re-install, can't find the option anywhere, im using steam

05-03-2011, 13:31
First of all did you find your save game in the folder?

Secondly go in steam to the games section, and select clean local content.

Good luck