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jimi m
04-03-2011, 02:55
I have just finished reading Paul Mcgraths autobiography,great book by the way, but it got me thinking what if FM had player personalities in the game. Like things they done off the field affected their match performances and you had to manage it. You had to decide was it a step too far or is it forgiveable.

Just picture trying to control a player like Mcgrath, amazing on the field but an alcoholic off it going missing from training and even matches but you couldnt sell him because hes your best player or even your players getting involved in sex scandals just like Wayne Rooney and their form takes a huge dip to go along with it. Your team getting a bad rep for being in trouble all the time, having a Beckham like player who was a media God and maybe things started getting to his head.

Id love if future FMs had stuff like this because this is actually a big part in modern day management.

04-03-2011, 05:13
It happens for regens already where you get a news item that they wont be able to play in the next game after being spotted out clubbing late into the night, it can't be implemented for real players though due to legal reasons.