View Full Version : AI managers on favoured personnel/icons/legends

03-03-2011, 20:55
Just wondering if the only way an AI manager can get on any of the lists is to win stuff. I keep a close eye on Sunderland on my holiday save as I support them in 2027/28 season they were relegated from the EPL and never returned until now. A young manager took over when they were in league two 13 years ago it is now the 2121-2122 seasons and after 13 years at the club he has made it to the EPL as their manager for the first time in nearly a century they are in the top flight against yet he is not even on the favoured personnel list. Surely a manager at a team for that long that finally gets the team to the top league deserves to be at least liked by the fans doesn't he?

03-03-2011, 21:03
Don't think anyone knows how you really get on the list.