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03-03-2011, 17:42
A couple of questions first off how reliable is the star rating for estimated game speed/performance can't remember exactly what it is called now?

I ran a holiday game with 3 leagues loaded England, Italy and Spain the star rating was 5 stars. The game is now in 2116 and there is little to no slow down so far. Now I loaded up a game with 12 countries and it is rated as 4 stars despite the extra leagues would this game like the other stay the same speed as it starts as for a long time like the 5 star one or does it not work like that?

03-03-2011, 17:49
i believe it will get progressively slower the further you advance through the years.

03-03-2011, 17:57
I always play with 12 leagues loaded with my games going to around 2030 and i can say i don't notice any slow down.

Fabio MVP
03-03-2011, 18:08
Star rating system is really flawed.

03-03-2011, 18:53
i believe it will get progressively slower the further you advance through the years.

I actually think its only the saving\loading speed of your game that changes as the years go by because the file size changes. I'm pretty sure its been mentioned by someone from the SI staff that the actuall game processing time doesn't alter all that much.

How fast the game is really depends on the spec of your computer and how many leagues your running. So if for instance you only have a machine with 1gb ram and are running something like 10 leagues and have other stuff running in the background then I think you'll find the game pretty slow very quickly indeed.

If people are finding that the game is slow to process and they have a reasonable spec of machine then I would suggest that you try downloading and running the free application gamebooster.

03-03-2011, 19:04
i have 2gb of ram and use gamebooster which runs it nicely. I had all the leagues loaded in Belgium, england,holland,Germany,france,spain,Scotland and argentina/brazil top leagues loaded and currently in 2021 and still the same speed i feel since i started the save.

03-03-2011, 19:24
I have 2gb ram and run between 10 to 15 leagues and have never noticed a slow down except for when saving the game it does take longer to save.

03-03-2011, 19:27
These are rough figures which may explain what I want to know a bit better than I originally did. On 5 stars I holidayed and for the first 50 seasons it took 30 minutes per season now in the 100th season it is starting to take around 40 minutes per season. If I start a game on 4 stars and it takes the first season 1 hour to process will it still be taking 1 hour in the 30th season like the 5 star game.