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03-03-2011, 04:22
This is the second time my save game has done this. First time I thought it was maybe cause I downloaded face packs, but this time I have played it without FMRTE, no additions as in tactics facepacks or even training.

Its a steam version and my laptop is more than capable of handling this game so this is definitely some bug. For some odd reason, when I play and click on a player, it lags and raises PC usage to 100%. Last time this happened, I had just entered 2015 and its happened now again around the same time which is pretty annoying cause I was finally happy with a save.

Considering been playing this save since January with no lag what's so ever I once again mention its not my laptop, unless the game ages in time and gets slower, I cant explain why it does this all the time, last time round, I fragmented all my drives, deleted steam and every last folder which mentioned steam or FM. What makes this problem worse as well is if I start a new save, its still lags :/

Even if I dont load anything and I just search for a person, it lags. Anyone know how I can stop this, lastime someone said delete the cache folder and some other hidden one, which I did and it worked but now I cant find the other folder and deleting the cache one did nothing :/

03-03-2011, 04:52
As your save goes on it starts taking up more and more memory. You have to be careful with long term saves as it may start fine but a few seasons in it can start to slow down. It has happened to me many times.

Its a right pain when you get into a save then realise you started with 2 many leagues and stuff and have to start again.

03-03-2011, 05:38
Try clearing the cache. I had loaded insane amount of leagues in my current save and the game was crawling along. Read somewhere that clearing the cache helps and tried out and it worked quite well (My PC have Win7 btw).

03-03-2011, 13:40
Turns out what causes the lag is putting a load of players in your national pool. I had 4000 odd players in my spain national pool, removed most and left like 100 and its now back to being smooth